Can You Freeze Mushrooms? [Easy Way To Store & Cook]

Freezing mushrooms or any kind of food is a great way you can avoid waste and now you can preserve the nutrients they have if you want to get through them. Always freeze them at the peak of the freshness. as we have defined them all the required fields are as follows.

There are few ways you can freeze mushrooms such as balancing the steak preserving the nutrients a sauting them (which is also called preserving nutrients) having a high content of water they can turn soggy and defrosted on cleaning them thoroughly. So freeze them up and it’s best to cook them frozen. Now scrub and brush them up for removing dirt (avoid washing them as they become soggy). Now pop them in the tray and freeze them until it gets solid, now label the freezer bag about expelling any kind of excess air. So, just use them in a few months.

Freezing Raw mushrooms

And for you freeze raw mushrooms you can freeze them always but this is going to alter their nutritional value.

Mushrooms one of the best food of all the time and has been around since quite a time. To consume them and to make the best out of them you must use them fresh but one thing that we often feel is that right after plucking they start getting rot and can taste bad if not used in a little time.

Is it possible to freeze mushrooms? After studying this topic for way long time we have concluded the fact that you can store and freeze them which means you can now use them at any time you want. But there are a few ways you can freeze mushrooms now such as that. 

The only best way you can freeze mushrooms is when you freeze them so that you can keep their smell pleasant and it should not rot. Mushrooms are made of water mostly so when you try to freeze them raw their texture would be watery and can be used in some watery things say soups, stews etc.

But if you want to use them in food then you should cut them and then freeze them, this way you can preserve them like their smell would be pleasant and It would not rot. Not just this but you can also use some machine-like for increasing the taste two folds.

Following are few steps on how you can freeze the mushrooms so that they remain fresh and some steps on how you can do it.

Preparing mushrooms: Before you think of preserving them, the first thing one should do is chop them into the pieces on how you want to use them. Slightly cut and dice them, you can cut them in any shape you want for suppose if you want to cut them so that you can cook them later than avoid washing them with water.

Clean them all: Before you freeze them although raw or even cooked what you have to do is clean them wipe off all the visible dirt with some kind of paper towel or any means of cleaning you can use. Don’t try to soal them because if you soal them they can get mushy. 

Freezing mushrooms: Place all the mushrooms in the paper in a single kind of layer. And do not overlap them with this you can freeze them for two hours. And can cook or eat them as per your needs.

The best vacuum sous vide machine can be held accountable for freezing the mushroom that can be juicy and this is very delicious like you would love to cook them and they taste great.

Transferring into the freezer bag: Once you freeze them for like two hours of mushrooms transfer all these mushrooms into the locker bag for further use.

Another way of freezing mushrooms

There is another way to freeze mushroom in a very simple and tricky way:

  • Another kind of way you can freeze mushrooms is the one simple and efficient way.
  • Chop and slice the mushrooms the way you want to cook them
  • Do not wash them all but clean them slightly with the cloth dipped in the cold water, or just with the damp cloth.
  • Now put them in the freezer lock bag or maybe with the cookie shit do it the way you want but cover them properly.

What are the effects of freezing mushrooms?

Is it possible to freeze mushrooms? When you keep mushrooms frozen for a long time in the freezer this will give you negative effects on the taste and quality. But when you freeze it for a longer time you would say that this will lose the taste and many nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin D, and potassium, copper etc. 

But the calories, minerals and fibres are not lost when frozen.

The physical texture of the raw mushrooms is affected and because they contain a high amount of water so when you wash them off they will turn out to be mushy but can be only used in different things like soups, stews but you can’t properly cook them.

You would freeze the mushrooms in the sus vide for many and different flavours and tastes. But for them, you can use or saute them for a flavour of any kind you want.

Sous Vide Mushroom recipe

You can make freeze mushrooms in sous vide for a different flavor and taste. There you can use sauté for a flavor of anything you want to.

Sous vide mushroom with balsamic vinegar


  • Almost 6 ounces of mushrooms (can be anything like button, cremini, shiitake or porcini etc)
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  • 1 tablespoon shoyu.
  • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme.
  • 1 tablespoon butter.
  • 3 cloves minced garlic.
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar.
  • 1 tablespoon butter or olive oil.


  • At first heath, the sous vide bath up to 185 degrees.
  • After that, you freeze the mushrooms in the sauce? After that chop mushrooms in the stems and put them in the plastic bag or any kind of bag you use for freezing things along with the sous and vide weights if you want to use them. Also, season them with the required salts and peppers and also the olive oil, shoyu or thyme. After that vacuum them with the sealer. 
  • When the water used for both temperatures and place the bags and after that cook for about 30 minutes.
  • Soon after 30 minutes remove all these bags from the bath. If you are preparing this in advance for a longer time you should serve it at a later time. Place the bag in the towel of about ice water for about ten minutes so that it can cool down. Once done remove the ice water and then wipe it down and then store it in the fridge for more than 5 days.
  • For that you want to freeze mushrooms, but if you are thinking of serving this right after cooking immediately. Now melt the required butter in the frying pan on medium flame and then heat it saute it for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Now stir it so that the garlic should not burn. Drain the contents out of the bag in the pan. Now add the balsamic vinegar and then bring it to a boil. Reduce the liquid until it gets thick and reduces to half of the original volume. Turn off the temperature and add the mushrooms to the pan stir until all the mushrooms coated with the sauce. Now remove and adjust the seasoning.


Can we freeze mushrooms? The answer to this question has been stated decently in the above key points. But you can’ not wash them thoroughly as they are not washable and very gentle and soft so they can get mushy and you won’t be able to get the best out of them. So, cleaning mushrooms with some kind of cloth damped you can freeze them in the zipper bag if not available you can parchment or cookie sheets. The above methods are so easy and safe ways to keep your mushrooms frozen for many days. Without them causing any weird smell or inconsistency.

in this field we have described all the required fields you want to know about all the possible ways of seasoning and the right possible things you should do, we have defined you here.


Q1: When you freeze mushrooms the taste would affect or it will remain the same?

Ans: if you want to freeze the mushrooms the best and the only way is to saute them and after that, you keep them for freezing.

Q2: Can we freeze mushrooms without cooking them?

Ans: The best way to freeze mushrooms is to cook them a slight way or at least saute them and maybe cook them before you can freeze them.

 Q3: do we need to add any kind of vinegar in the mushrooms so that they can stay up dry all the time and can be preserved?

Ans: no when you think of preserving mushrooms you don’t have to add any kind of vinegar for preserving them but instead season them with some kind of salt. You are no longer required to add spoonfuls of vinegar for preserving them. 

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