5 Amazing Frozen Onion Rings To Try Right Now

We can’t deny the importance of onions in our cooking, but fried onion rings have a special place in our hearts that nothing else can take. This is a treat that everyone from the crowd will love because of the perfect crisp and savory taste. The best part about these onion rings is that they are not just available at your favorite fast-food restaurant, but you can also find them in frozen form in the grocery store near your house. This way, you can enjoy this deliciousness anywhere anytime. They are surrounded by a crunchy crust with a mild sweet taste of the onions and the inside is soft and moist. 

Well, if you are having guests, or just looking for a tasty midnight snack, you can buy a pack of these rings from the frozen aisle of the grocery store near your house. There is a vast variety present in the stores but you can’t buy all of them to find the best frozen onion rings out of all. To save you from having a bad onion ring experience, we have collected some of the best frozen onion rings that will not just taste great, but fill your fast food cravings at night time. You can easily cook best frozen onion rings in fryer

While making the list, we have made sure that we keep everything in mind including the ingredients, taste, quality, and packaging. So get ready for a yummy onion ring list.




Alexia Foods Crispy Golden Onion Rings

Alexia is a famous brand known for its high quality frozen food. Not just onion rings, all of their frozen items will turn out to be the perfect golden and crispy after frying. The flavoring of these rings is so addictive that you can’t stop yourself until you completely finish the whole pack. 

The ingredients for the bread are also chosen carefully to make sure that the cooked product comes out to be perfectly crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside. This brand has taken their fried foods game to the next level and all of the public loves it. The easy and smooth cooking process makes them a fast and easy way to satisfy your cravings. 

Talking about the flavors, this product comes with the best taste due to the sea salt and this is what makes it better than other products in the market. The cooking of the product is done so carefully with the right amount of each ingredient to make sure that our mouth gets a burst of flavors. It isn’t easy to leave some for the next time as it gives you the utter desire to eat it all up right now. 

The great taste comes from the sweet Spanish onions that are used in this product. These chopped onions are covered with all-natural fine bread crumbs called the Panko breading. These high-quality ingredients make them a premium choice. You can easily cook them in this  fryer or oven in minutes. If you give them enough time in the sizzling oil, it gets crispier than ever. Just make sure you don’t overcook it.


  • You get an 11 oz. packet of crispy frozen onion rings with sea salt seasonings and panko breading. 
  • They are delicately crunchy with sweet onion taste that seems to be cooked by a chef. 
  • Spanish onion and Japanese breading are combined in this product and give you perfect balance.
  • This product has a crispy and light texture.
  • The health benefits that come with this product are that it doesn’t have a hint of GMO ingredients. Also, the trans fat percentage is 0. 
  • The cooking is quick and simple: preheat your oven to 400°F and pop them in for 15 minutes. 

French's Crisp Fried Onion Rings

In case you are an onion ring lover, these  French’s crisp fried Onion Rings are worth a try. Nothing lacks in these frozen onion rings, the taste, as well as the crisp of the outer crust, is on point. If you are a party host, we suggest you get these as your appetizer. You can even use it as a dinner dish with your family, or as a midnight snack. 

The cooking process takes nothing more than a few minutes and you don’t have to be a chef or something to cook these. If you are aware of how to open the lid of your oven, you are good to go.  You can also dip them in honey mustard sauce or just plain melted cheese to improve the taste. 

If you compare these frozen onion rings with others in the market, you can surely say that Heinz has produced some high-quality products at affordable rates so that everyone can enjoy this goodness. We think every onion ring lover should try these at least once because they are really worth a try. We guarantee you would not stop after that. 


  • 24-ounce onion rings
  • Great for an appetizer as well as dinner
  • Go perfectly with tomato ketchup, melted cheese, or honey mustard sauce.

McCain Crispy Battered Onion Rings

If you have a tight pocket, we suggest you get McCain onion rings as they come in a very reasonable way and give the perfect crunch if you give them proper cook time. It is the best snacking option as it takes minutes to cook them. You can easily use a fryer, check the temperature, and drop them in to be cooked from both sides. 

The seasoning is perfect, not too mild or very overpowering, just the right amount of salt so we can feel the real taste of the onions without feeling bland. A great thing is that your cooking doesn’t need to be good in order to make them good, you will do just fine with these easy to cook frozen onion rings

You can actually enjoy this yummy food even if you don’t have any know-how of cooking. If you are an onion ring lover, we are sure that this product will please you. You will use it all your life as the addictive taste won’t leave you. 

Something that differentiates McCain from other brands is that they don’t use chopped onion for the inside, but whole onion rings are used to give you that real homemade taste and texture. When you put them in the dish, they won’t crumble apart like others as there are whole onion rings inside. If you compare these to other onion rings, we think there is extra crisp and crunch in these. 


  • 2.75 pounds weight 
  • 4 pieces per pack
  • Best to be used within 12 months of manufacture date
  • Store at 0°F or below. 

Fishery Natural Batter Onion Rings

The brand of these onion rings is High Liner Foods who are known for their tasty fish products. To your surprise, they also make frozen onion rings, but with a twist. These onion rings use real fish in the production so we can expect a fish-like taste as well. If you love eating fish, we suggest you try these out as they will please your taste buds.  

The batter to onion ratio in these rings is just perfect and the unique taste of fish makes it different from others. Just cook them properly and you’ll get some perfectly crunchy and crispy onion rings like your favorite fast food. You can use these versatile onion rings for different dining styles. Fish without the breading can be a good addition to your main dishes at dinner, you can take the clams to a picnic and crab cakes will be great for your lunch. 

The quality of these onion rings is unquestionable because the products are frozen hard and the fast shipping makes sure that you get these in good form. 


  • 10-pound bag 
  • 1 piece each
  • Great products for a variety of dining styles.

Simplot Bent Arm Ale Onion Rings

If you are a fan of mild-flavored onion rings, this will be the best option for you. The taste might be bland, but the health component is great in these frozen onion rings. As they don’t need much oil for deep frying, we recommend these for old people as they are healthier as well. Fresh onions are used with just the right batter ratio. 

A small amount of salt and pepper would enhance the flavors so you can add that if you like. You can top these on your sandwich, salad, or soup or creatively make your own dishes with them. You can choose your favourite sauce to dip these in and so that the flavours are enhanced. You can easily store these in your freezer at 0°F, but don’t forget to consume them within 12 months of manufacturing date. 


  • 2.5 pounds
  • 6 pieces per pack
  • Made of Vaquero Spanish Onions
  • Beer batter used for perfect crunch

Q1: How do you make frozen onion rings taste better?

Ans: There are so many ways to make frozen onion rings taste better. One of them is using cooking spray instead of cooking oil . Cooking oil may not be good for heart patients, also you can add cheese. It is also a tasty way of serving onion rings. Luckily cheese can make anything taste better. 

You may prepare a side dip with mayonnaise and mustard as well. Add some chopped cilantro and jalapenos in the drip before serving with the sauce. 

Frozen onion rings always taste better when you fry them at a medium heat. Make sure to check the oil temperature before frying. Too much hot oil will burn the coating of the onion rings. You won’t want to end up with burnt onion rings. Shallow fry them at a low or medium heat until they are crispy enough to be served.

Q2: Can you buy frozen onion rings?

Ans: Making onion rings at home can be a very long process and time-consuming. Also you are not sure that after all these they will taste better or not .So you should always opt for frozen onion rings. Buying them directly from the market saves your time and effort that you might put into preparing them.

Q3: Does Ore Ida still make onion rings?

Ans: Yes call it a fortune or what but  ORE-IDA makes such delicious onion rings and it is considered as one of the best onion rings. Even today you can buy ORE-IDA onion rings from any market or local shops. 

Q4: How do you cook frozen onion rings?

Ans: There are two ways of cooking frozen onion rings one of them is using the oven.Preheat the oven and put all the frozen onion rings on the slide and let them heat for a few minutes, turn off the oven and check if they turned golden. It means they are ready to be served.

You can also air fry frozen onion rings, however, the cooking time will be longer than usual. Therefore , it is recommended that you fry them in a pre-heat oil to serve quickly with a side-dip or sauce. 

Use Fry Pan

The second one is using the fry pan.Add a lot of oil in the frypan. Preheat the oil at a high temperature.Once the oil is hot enough add the onion rings, once they turn the golden switch off the stove.

Note: If the packs of frozen onion rings have been lying in the freezer or refrigerator for so long, make sure to defrost first. Put the pack aside until the ice melts down. If you  put the frosted onion rings in the heated oil they turn out to be hard in texture, not crispy as you want them to be.

Types of onion rings

There are various types of onion rings some of them are: 

  • Spinach onion rings
  • Barbecued onion rings
  • Cheese onion rings
  • Chicken onion rings

Q5: What are the best-frozen onion rings?

We have presented you with the reviews of the top 5 best Onion rings. As per our review, Alexia Food Crispy Golden Onion Rings is the best Onion Rings.

Q6: How long do I deep fry frozen onion rings for?

It is recommended that You should deep fry frozen onion rings for almost five minutes. Five minutes time is the best and optimal time for deep frying onion rings.

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