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Wancle sous vide precision cooker review with pros and cons

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The wancle precision cooker is one of the lowest rates and more selling. Many have offered to a sous vide of low prices as it is used. Everyone in the design feels like one. So a design is not possible to enjoy everyone. So someone designs it well, some will be bad. But it’s good to have everything together.  If anyone wants to get a better sous vide than this and prepare to pay, I recover Chefsteps. If you want cheap price than this, then Anova and Anova Nano.

Wancle precision cooker's full review

Design by Wancle precision cooker

The wancle precision cooker is made by stainless steel who will make your kitchen beautiful and attractive. Anyone who enters your kitchen and sees it, they will look very surprised and will say what it looked like. It looks so beautiful. Compared with the other best immersion circulation in the market, the circulation is no less than them. It’s nice to see its handle design and LCD display. It has a clip with four heads. 

The four teeth of the clip that can be easily locked safely by which it is not afraid to open. this device is designed in such a way that any polycarbonate sous vide container can be used. Its size has been informed that you will be able to keep a drawer easily. can be carried easily.  


The wancle sous vide machine’s display is straightforward and easy to read.  With this device, the current temperature can be seen and required to set time and temperature. There are two small toggle buttons to control the temperature and time. Which can be used to control time and temperature by clicking, then use the scroll that is beside the display. There is also a button to start or stop at the bottom. 

So the other parts of this device’s display are very good and easy to use. Here, if you want to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, you understand that it will be displayed. 


The clipper is very important for all sous vide. Because, when you cook with ‍sous vide in your best container, it cannot be cooked properly if it is not stuck tightly. And if it moves away from the specified place, the temperature will not be well. Cooking time will be needed more. Not only this, the quality of cooking will not be good.

In all these thoughts, the wancle sous vide company has added the clip to their immersion circulation so that there is no hassle in the setting. There are 4 teeth that can be used in any polycarbonate container for tightly stuck. 

Heating Quality

Wancle sous vide cooker heating power is 850w and 120v.  This device maximum temperature range is 25°C-99.9°C or 77°F-211.8°F and maximum time controls 99hours minutes.  By this water all the way up to the 360°-angel heat by which the keeping container around the proper heat. 

And the foods are properly cooked. The result is not less or more perfect. The wancle can be used to heat water quickly. And Perfect cooked every dish.  


There is no guarantee of electronics products. Because the product can be destroyed at any time due to the downfall of electricity. If new electronics is wasted before it can be used for 1 month, it doesn’t take any better. Then I thought I went to cheat. Money was lost. Thinking about this, the companies arrange warranty.

The company will make the most of its repairs when it is wasted in a certain period of time. And if you can’t repair it will provide another new offer without conditions. The ‍sous vide devices typically offer a 12-month warranty. However, for the wancle precision cooker, the 24-month warranty has been arranged without any conditions. If you consider it from the warranty side, it will be above all.  

Certified and Listed

When creating an electronics product, there are a few things to be carefully considered. They are, environmentally friendly, beneficial for consumers, whether harmful any material has been used, modernized, tested for proper examination, safe for consumers, safe for all and legal complications. 

 We should buy the product knowing these things. There are some dishonest companies who want to earn more profits and do not comply with the above-mentioned issues. Which are harmful to us. 

So how do we know that the product is the right quality and worthy of our use? To understand this, you should see that some organizations have been certified and listed with whom. Wancle ‍sous vide machine is certified and listed in RoHs, TüV, GS, and ETL.   RoHs measure dangerous conditions of products. TüV measures the issue of consumer protection, digital transformation, permanent development, and urbanization. GS controls safe, legal and high-quality issues.   ETL controls whether the product has been independently tested.   If the above points are the logo, you should purchase the product.

Associees Included 

There is no separate Associate with the wancle sous vide. But there is a cooking book with it. However, there is a need for a variety of different types of accessories to cook in the sous vide, which will improve your kitchen and reduce some waste. For reducing the loss of water, use the lid on the sous vide container. Instead of the lid can use the sous vide water ball. 
You can also use vacuum seals to vacuum pack the food that you keep the food. Plastic can also use vacuum seal to vacuum the food that you keep.  But if you do not want to use vacuum seals, you will also be able to buy a plastic with Ziplock. Buying vacuum seals are not compulsory, but if used, vacuumed foods can be preserved for a long time. Wancle sous vide cook book download here. Then we realized if there were a few ingredients for a good healthy sous vide cook. For example, the sous vide container with the lid, including vacuum packs, vacuum sealer, sous vide water balls etc.

Wancle Sous Vide Pros and Cons


  • Connecting with 24 months warranty  ;

  • The reasonable price that you buy will not be cheated ;  

  • There is no sound pollution, it is cooked without sound, and the ability to water circulation is also good;  

  • Easy to use, no need wifi, Bluetooth and internet ; 

  • It can be easily cleaned ; 

  • There are alerting -alerts will be made by beep sound when the water is heating up or cooked ;  

  • It is easy to set up in any design container ;  

  • There are 4 teeth in this clip so easily and tightly locked with keeping the container ;  

  • Clear and Touchscreen display- easy to control temperature and set time ; 

  • Clip Automatic Builders is not a hassle to buy or set clips ;  

  • There is a security system – if more water or drops, then the emergency switch will stop or beep sound.  


  • The clamp may not fit with thick end plates because its protected lever is not too wide ; 

  • The scroll wheel needs better calibration ;

  • There are 4 controls – it is difficult to understand the new situation ;

  • Alarms need to give more clear ideas about more ;

  • Some people have suggested that the temperature difference between the temperature of the sous vide machine display vide and on the container temperature ; 

  • There are no alarming about next settings.

We saw the full review with the advantages and disadvantages of the Wankel Preparation Cooker. If this sounds right for you then you can take it. However, if it is not accurate then we have a few more best sous vide machine review here.

You can see this review. Do not buy but you will have a good idea when reading the reviews. So that you can easily buy the necessary sous vide machines.

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