Inkbird Stainless Steel Immersion Circulator Review and Round Steak recipe

When we talk about cooking a steak so many things come to mind and finding a good machine for cooking a steak can be hard sometimes. You have to look for several things going from temperature settings to preserving the organic juices of the steaks. All about it, you decide and finally go for a machine that can serve you in multiple ways. In this article, we have covered you for both choosing a good machine for steak and a delicious recipe you can follow. We have got you covered for both things so just read along. Lets see round steak recipe.


Special features

Wifi connectivity: The wifi sous vide machine will support about 2.4 GHz of wifi. So when you connect this machine with the router through an app like inkbird pro. So you can check it and also control it anywhere you want.

Temperature control: This precision cooker will keep the homogeneous temperature for like up to 20 litres of water or when you use it at the full output which is about 1000W. you can use it with about less than 40Db of the noise around 1m.

The intelligent design: This cooker provides you with a wide range of temperature which is around (25 to 99-degree centigrade) which is inside 0.1 degrees of centigrade. This sets the accuracy and the timer which is about 99 hours. The LCD touch also controls and allows adjustments and tracking which is also effortless.

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Cook like a chef: With this, you can achieve the quality of the meals which is easy and can preserve the juice, moisture and flavours for that you can thank the temperature control. You can take up all the nutrients and all the benefits that are very difficult to achieve from the normal way of cooking. Also include the recipes that are easy to follow and a book is included for you to follow.

The cooking partner is reliable: An exciting and advanced function is added to this precise cooker which will keep the temperature accurate at any given time. The range varies from 10F to 10F.

Protection and temperature: This is a specially designed thermal cooker that will stop working and will always alarm you when your water level is below the minimum. Not just this but it will also alarm you when your temperature reaches the optimum setting you have provided to it. This is made up of stainless steel which means you can clean it easily. Also, this unit is not waterproof, so you take care this water level should not exceed the maximum line.

The way of cooking: As this cooks the food at a low temperature so the raw materials will remain the same fresh and juicy and also healthy. If you like to spice things up in a smoky way you should add some barbecues on the top of it and a new feeling will be born. This will multiply your feelings and taste.

Can operate: The design it offers is very easy and ergonomic because you can operate it with one hand. You can also set it with different readings and precautions.

Warranty: It gives you a warranty of about 12 months which is around a year. Also, you can get multiple free and easy recipes.

Tested recipes: The app which comes with it offers a great series of recipes for various delicious dishes. When you start cooking and following these recipes you will not only find new means of life but also a healthy approach towards your way of living. Keep your loved ones happy and safe.

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Free yourself: This cooker helps you connect with your best quality wifi which is around 2.4Ghz of wifi. Once you connect yourself with it you can check for the controlled temperature anywhere you want. Not just this but it will help you get more time and play with your friends and family.

Save every bite: When you start cooking your food slowly and gradually your food will start soaking in its juices which ultimately adds the flavours of all your seasonings and marinades. As a result, the food is much tender and flavoured which you can say is rich in nutrients.

The water circulation is faster: The circulator cooker will heat the water evenly through a water flow called 3D. it holds the pot at a constant temperature which does not cause any kind of noise or disturbance.

The watermarks: This machine called the sous to vide machine has two watermarks minimum and maximum. So, when water is higher than the max mark or lower than the minimum mark in both of these conditions it will not work. Also using ultra-silent things which will twist the water will reduce the water pressure.

The timing is about 100 hours: This slow cooker allows you a long cooking time which is 99 hours and the minute count is 59.

Set recipes: This will not only set your device but your cell phone also. And this delivers various recipes that can be used for free. These recipes are very popular and easy to use.



Frequently asked question

Q1: What are the dimensions of this unit and how do you measure them?

Ans: if we have to talk about the dimensions I would say that the circumference is much bigger, also it is about 2.75 inches. Also, the inside container is too big for the hole provided in the body. Pretty much larger than the above.

Q2: How to set up the wifi for it? Many people face difficulty while connecting it to the app?

Ans: well we have provided a little booklet with the parcel so when you feel difficulty in setting up the machine with the help of wifi just read the instructions from the book.

Q3: what if you broke the plastic or any other part can we order it online? Is it possible to order such parts separately?

Ans: no unfortunately it is not possible to order such spare or broken parts separately. Even if you need it like anyhow you can order online or reach us through amazon messages.

The Steak Recipe

steak is considered one of the delicious meat dishes to ever exist a slice of tender meat and yummy juices will increase your cravings and it will give you a good bon appetite but for a  good steak to have in dinner you need to follow a good steak recipe. A recipe that will give you a good blend of ingredients that will fit right into your pocket. The steak will melt right after you take the first bite.


  • Oil
  • Onions 
  • Steak 
  • Thyme salt
  • All-purpose flour
  • red wine
  • beef consomme 
  • sausages 
  • palsy

We will kick start our steak preparation with heating oil on medium to high heat, after that add onion. Cook onions until they become brown and more tender. Wait until five minutes. Now remove these onions with any kind of spoon and keep them aside. Now take the steak season with salts that can be thyme salt. Now dust this steak with the powder in little quantity and give a good fry to the steak on both sides for like five minutes until it gets brown.

Now the liquid part starts, in this, you have to add red wine and the beef consommé to the steak. Now again add the onions you have fried already. Now cook it on medium to high heat so that the aroma of wine dissipates do this for like three minutes. Reduce the flame, cover the steak for like an hour and let it simmer. Now at the end serve the steak with the sausages of your choice and the green vegetables.


In this article we have described a good steak machine you can trust for cooking a steak and not just this but what parameters you should look for while making a purchase, what are dos and don’ts in a steak recipe and how you should cook one good steak. so, just follow along with the article and you will get a good idea of how to deal with cetain things and what to avoid and what not to avoid.

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