Ninja Foodie Blender Review: The Perfect Cuisine Maker

In the scorching heat of summer, everyone wants a delicious cold shake. In the different food outlets, there are many options available. However, not everyone has the means to buy junk food on daily basis. But not now! With the availability of a good blender, you can easily extract multiple dishes. Here, you might be thinking from where can I get this type of blender?

In the marketplace, there are multiple options for kitchen devices. Yet, it’s difficult to find the best available product from the market. In this regard, by doing independent research we have found the best product for you. In this article, we will do a ninja foodie blender review. The only question now left is.

Why choose the ninja foodie blender above other products?

The ninja foodie blender is not just a typical product. This machine delivers the perfect crushing power you expect. Along with that, this blender can also cook different ingredients. Furthermore, multiple modes are embedded in this blender technology. So, whether you are thinking about making smoothies or hot soups this ninja foodie blender will get the job done for you.

Ninja Foodie Hot and Cold Blender Review


The ninja foodie blender cuts through anything whether you put ice cubes in it. This blending of hard ingredients is only possible due to the 1400-peak-watt motor and the presence of a stainless-steel blade. You can also heat different foods as a precision heating element is installed. That boils things in minutes with ease.

For ease of using 12 Auto-IQ programs are built-in. Moreover, you can use the automated pulse, and pausing mode in this regard. The blender also provides the access to set the different varying temperatures at the mere touch of a button.

In many blenders, it’s pretty difficult to clean the inside of the juicer. However, this is not the case with this product. A Premium non-stick glass pitcher is used in this juicer. That aids in more efficient cleaning. In case, you are not in the mode of cleaning the juicer by yourself. It’s fine! You can enable the heated clean program for this purpose. For cleaning the blades use a brush safely doing. Also, to make sure the ingredients are completed blended a tamper also comes with the ninja foodie.

Now, let’s check some of the dishes that you can make in this blender.

Frozen Drinks:

For example, if you want to make margaritas. For that, this blender will crush the ice into snow. For making smoothies the ninja foodie easily blends the fruit, vegetables, and ice. Furthermore, you can also blend vegetables and fruits for nutritional extractions.

Cooking hearty dishes:

Why making some dish on the stove when you can easily do that on this blender? Yes, you heard me right! By enabling the heating mode, you can cook protein and vegetables. Also, try to make soups, sauces, and dips. You can also melt cheese and chocolates for making fondue. You can also consider using a Gramercy kitchen co-sous vide cooker for making cuisines.

Alcoholic beverages:

You can make different alcoholic beverages in this blender. For making them set the right temperature and infuse flavors.



Buying Guide:

Capacity: When you are looking for a blender first of all consider the capacity of the jar. It’s important to note that as it varies a lot. For example, if you have a family gathering a large size jar will easily cope with it. However, a smaller one will not go along and you have to prepare food on multiple small portions. Therefore, check the jar capacity. A jar that has a one-liter capacity is completely useless. A blender at least must have a 2-liter capacity.

Along with the capacity check out with which material the jar is been made. It’s highly noted when you add a solid substance in a destitute quality jar, there’s a greater chance of exploding.

Additional Features: Nowadays, blenders are used besides making drinks and juices. Therefore, must look for some additional features. For example, in many advanced models’ multiple programs are built-in that enable the person to manage different dishes. Also, you can select temperature from lower to higher grading. Some advanced blender models come with a heated clean program. Thus, by enabling them the blender will get clean by himself. A tamper also comes to easily push the ingredients in the jar.

Control Panel: In a simple blender, the control panel is plain and has minimum buttons to engage with. That makes the person quite irritable sometimes. Therefore, check if the control panel has a timer of some kind that indicates the person about the procedure. Besides, the panel should be water-resistant so that it can remain safe when made contact with water. The availability of the display panel can vary the price factor yet it’s completely worth investing in it.

Power: Once you are done looking for other factors. In the end, must check the power that’s required. When a more powerful battery is provided it can easily blend vegetables and fruits. For blending such foods, a 300-watt power is enough. However, for crushing and blending hard ingredients more power is required. Otherwise, your blender will stop working when you are in the middle of sometimes. In the long run, it can result in the damaging to your blades.

Therefore, the more power, the better it will be.


Why the ninja foodie blender is so expensive?

Many people’s when they look at the price tag, say the same thing. On the contrary, look at the function this blender is providing. Along crushing the ice into snow, you can also boil things in this blender. Moreover, the jar is non-stick in nature that makes the cleaning easier. A person can also engage in the automatic cleaning mode. So, when we look at this blender, it’s not expensive it’s saving you a lot of money from buying some other appliances.

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How to select a superb blender for your home?

  • Consider the mentioned below factors for selecting the best food blender;
  • Check the capacity and quality of the jar
  • Look for a control panel that supports multiple keys
  • Make sure the power is enough to do your tasks
  • For your convenience look for some additional features


Cooking is the key component of every household. Yet, for making delicious cuisines the availability of kitchen utensils is necessary. Just like that, a blender is one of those things. The ninja foodie blender we review is the best option to choose. As you can easily make multiple cuisines. Moreover, multiple modes are set up in this blender for efficient cooking.

So, if you are thinking about buying a blender then this is the best option present in the market. To further clear your doubts, we have written a buying guide for you. After reading the guidelines you will know what factors to look at while shopping for the best blender.

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