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Super easy to work

Super easy to work with, great company.
by: Kyle K.

Fantastic Sous Vide

Fantastic, simple product to use. Better than the...
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Not Up-N-Coming....

Been following ChefSteps for years; love their....
by: Steve Form FL

I love Joules and ....

Been following ChefSteps for years; love their....
by: Catberrytails

Chefsteps Joule Space

1. Waterproof Design
Joule is that the solely immersion circulator fully sealed against accidental water intrusion.
2. Seamless plastic housing
Extruded from impact-resistant, food-safe plastic that’s easily wiped clean.
3. Interchangeable clip system
Our standard clip will fit nearly any pot while accessory clips fit cambros and coolers for unmatched versatility.
4. 360-degree inlet flute
Draws the coolest water in from the bottom of the vessel, eliminating the risk of uneven cooking. Vessel Water depth minimum 1.5 inches to maximum 8 inches.
5.Neodymium magnetic mount
Encased within the stainless steel foot is a rare-earth magnet that clings securely to cast iron, steel, and other induction-ready pots with up to 6 lbs of force.
8. Brushless DC motor

Highly reliable and efficient, the motor spins a silent-running impeller that eliminates cavitation for powerful-yet-quiet water circulation. 

6.Solid 316L Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a timeless culinary metal. The alloy used in Joule’s cap and foot are unmatched in its balance of strength, beauty, corrosion resistance and durability. its size 11.0×1.85 inches and weight 1.28 lbs (580 g)

7. Bluetooth and WiFi

Seamless pairing, Secure connection, Remote control, new features and services via over-the-air updates-Joule keeps getting better with time. Bluetooth Smart 4.0 wireless technology and IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi compatible (2.4Ghz only). its app required iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.4 or letter.

9. The heart of Joule

Invented by ChefSteps using thick-film technology and water-cooled power switching, Joule’s 1100 watt heater is the most compact, powerful, and durable sous vide heater-period. Its temperature accurancy 0.2° F (0.1° C)to 208° F (98° C).

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