Can You Cooking Sous Vide Egg?

Can you cooking sous vide eggs?

Nowadays many people do not eat eggs. Someone is afraid to increase weight, someone to keep the blood fat low in the blood, someone is afraid of heart disease again. But what really increases the egg? Rather, the doctors said nowadays the opposite is the word. They said, in the morning breakfast can reduce the weight of up to 3 pounds of an egg! Egg is called balanced food. There are also, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Iron, Zink, Phosphorus, Protein etc. Sous Vide egg are very helpful four our health. Because all the nutrients keep up.

Come on, now we’ll see how the eggs can be cooked by keeping all Nutritional quality.

Time To Complete: 45 minutes ( 5 minutes in hand)

There are many way to cook egg. But I can cook 5 way to sous vide egg. There are, 

1. Set up your sous vide

Decide the number of eggs you want to cook. Select a container to which the eggs are fitted. Take the right amount of water. After giving the egg so that you don’t have water. However, the best service will be available if using containers in the sous vide its contained capacity.

2. Selection you perfect egg

How to eat eggs is the personal matter of any person. But I usually prefer eggs in four ways. For example, runny, soft, thick and spreadable.

3. Put egg the water bath

The egg is actually the shell itself. So to prepare sous vide eggs, it will not have any separate shell. But then it is good. When the eggs are boiled, move the eggs gently with a spoon, so that the egg can not burst.

4. 45 minitues cooked

Temperatures have already been set according to your preferences. Now it’s time to 45 minutes to get the eggs perfect. Now you’ve got some time to think about something. Can not you see a puzzle answer?
Say so,  two words of eight letters are the phrase that can be cooked in a perfect way.

5. Remove, Rinse & Serve

Remove the eggs from the bath with a tongs or a salt spoon. Put the eggs in cold water for a few seconds so that they can be caught in hand. If you are cool to hold hands, open the shell of eggs. Serve completely cooked sous vide eggs in your required containers.


Easy to cook with sous vide machine. With this you will get the taste of the five star restaurant, sitting in the house. This will save both time and money. If you want to know something about sous vide  machine, then you can come here to see the best sous vide  machine.

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