Best Calphalon Skillets Review: Cook and fry good effortlessly now

Calphalon skillets are famous for having long-lasting and superior non-stick layers that deliver impressive performance for years to come. As per a general survey, these skillers last 40% longer than the regular ones due to their better build,structure, and hard-anodized nonstick layers. You can cook food effortlessly using the skillet and wash it easily without having to rub the metal to clean the food from the surface. Sometimes when you cook food in a skillet it sticks to the base- you will never experience anything like this when you use Calphalon skillets as they are designed with three non-stick layers which are tough in the structure to last for a long time period. Lets do calphalon skillet review 

Today I will be going to review the best Calphalon non-stick skillers which most customers and chefs are raving about. 

Calphalon Non-stick Skillet with Hard-anodized Layers Review

Calphalon premier non-stick skillet is 13 inches deep and it comes with a nice cover. If you love shallow frying your steaks or vegetables, you would definitely like to cover the food so it can cook at a low heat. 

Better than Calphalon Classic: The Calphalon Premier hard-anodized Non-stick skillet lasts longer than the Calphalon classic. 

You can use it for frying eggs and making omelettes. 

Fry or cook food: If you have never used a skillet for frying before, use Calphalon to fry some steaks, potatoes and vegetables. You won’t be disappointed. The coating is so durable that your food will never stick to the base. 

Hard-anodized aluminum: The interior layers are made up with a hard-anodized aluminum. You can use a metal utensil with it, but we suggest that you use a wooden spatula or spoon when cooking food to keep the non-stick layer in good condition. 

Calphalon Premier hard-anodized Non-stick skillet also comes with a nice handle that supports your cooking. Use the handle to put the skillet on the stovetop. You can also move the skillet around easily using the handle without burning your hands. 

Glass cover: The cover or lid is made with tempered glass. If you fry out your peanuts after making them tender in the crockpot, you will be able to see the texture of the peanuts while they are being fried in the Calphalon skillet.  Or you can keep track of the food to know how much more cooking is required.

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Oven and stovetop safe: This non-stick calphalon skillet is completely oven safe, you can cook the food in it up to the 450 degrees F. However, the skillet is always fine for cooking food on the traditional stovetop regardless of the power whether it runs by gas or electricity. 

Lifetime guarantee: You get lifetime warranty once you buy this non-stick Calphalon skillet with hard-anodized 3 layers of coating.

Dishwasher safe: The exterior of the skillet is dishwashing safe, you can wash it comfortably and put aside until it gets dry. 

Excellent performance: The layers are completely non-stick to provide impressive durability, besides, they deliver long lasting performance when it comes to cooking.

This 13 inches skillet is large enough to cook food for the whole family or for a crowd of friends who are attending a party or ceremony in your home

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Calphalon Cast Iron Skillet Review

Some chefs and people are fond of black Calphalon skillet because it is easy to carry around, looks great in the kitchen. Moreover, it delivers excellent performance, has a handle for comfortable cooking, and is 12 inches deep.

Soothe and cooking: This Calphalon 12 inches non-stick skillet is excellent for traditional style cooking wherein you soothe vegetables at a low heat. Use it for cooking even frozen potatoes, steaks and bacon. Make yummy omelette, scramble eggs and fry eggs for morning to serve with the hashbrowns.

Handle for cooking: The handles of this non-stick Calphalon skillet is very comfortable when you cook food in the kitchen. You can stir the food using it or move the skillet around by using it. The handle is neither very large nor very short in the size, it is just the right size for lifting the pan during cooking. You will love cooking omelets and flipping your eggs on the skillet using its nice handle.

Oven and stove top: Whatever the mode of heat you use, this Calphalon skillet can be used on it for cooking food.Cook food by putting the skillet on the stovetop run by gas or electricity. Or put the food in the skillet and then place it in the oven for cooking slowly. You can sear vegetables, corn, broccoli , steaks, and make breaks as well as many tasty frittatas in the skillet. 

Lifetime guarantee:  Since the company makes their Calphalon skillets using high quality metals, the layers are never eroded during cooking. You get a lifetime guarantee when you buy the skillet, and what else more could you wish for. 

12 Inches skillet: The skillet is 12 inches, meaning that you can cook enough food for your family members, and friends. And it’s too without having to cook the same dish or recipe in two or three sessions because you can simply do it just once. 

Calphalon 10 skillet review

A lot of customers are raving about the Calphalon 10” skillet because it has a distinct style wherein the skillet is black but the handle is made with the metal. It is versatile, classy and edgy all together. 

Pan and Skillet: The Calphalon 10 skillet is also usable as a pan for frying out eggs and omelets. Not only can you use it for making breakfast for the family but also use it for traditional style cooking, stirring vegetables and searing frozen steaks. 

Three layers: Just like all the best cookware designed by Calphalon, this one skillet is no exception for having multiple layers for a better performance. It has a heavy gauge aluminum structure for improved cooking and frying activities. Moreover, it contains hard-anodized layers for durability so you can use the Calphalon 10 skillet for years to come. The coat of the layers will stay intact. 

The first two layers are for providing durability whereas the last one is for easy release performance.All together three layers make the Calphalon 10 skillet very durable and handy.

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Steel handle: This calphalon skillet features a very durable and long stainless steel handle that will support you during the cooking procedures. Lift the skillet easily if you feel like you need to put the food aside for further preparations. Use the handle for stirring the vegetables or flipping the omelettes. The handle does not get overheated so you can cook your food very comfortably. Toss and roll your food in the skillet and cook it just the way you want.

Non-stick surfaceThe non-stick surface allows you to cook food by using less amount of oil or fat. Besides, it keeps the nutrients of food intact so you can eat healthy without adding too much in your food. To taste your recipe you can use the spices and include as little oil as possible. For instance, if you are to fry your steaks, you will barely need one tablespoon of fresh butter or oil and your food will cook itself on the non-stick surface for minutes without losing its tenderness.

Food to cook in Calphalon non-stick Skillet

If you are a regular cook you might already have a clear idea of what to cook in a frying pan or non-stick skillet. Although you cannot cook everything in it, you can cook almost anything. Since the Calphalon skillets are usually non-stick, you can make several recipes in them as the heat is usually distributed equally for even cooking. You will be able to cook delicious food on even heat and in the end there is not extensive clean-up to do as well. It’s because the skillets are dishwasher safe, just use a dish soap and do the clean-up in minutes. 

  • You can make omelettes, egg recipes, scrabble eggs and hashbrowns in the skillet.
  • Use it for grilling fish, chicken and potatoes. You can grill your vegetables to keep them moist and tender as well. 
  • If your family loves eating sizzling steaks, you will love to use the skillet for frying them on a low heat. The meat usually cooks in its natural juices, feel free to add some oil to speed up the process.
  • Who does not love to have some pancakes for breakfast right? I must say that I personally use a Calphalon 10 skillet for making yummy pancakes for my kiddos and they always turn out to be soft. 
  • Moreover, you can make delicate fish, crepes, soft breads, and sear veggies or meat or stir fry onion. There are endless options for you when it comes to using the skillet for cooking activities. I use Calphalon skillet for preparing hot sauces to serve with the pastas and sandwiches as well. You can try the same to make your feast festive for the family.


How long should a skillet last?

Since the Calphalon company is giving lifetime guarantee you can expect their skillets to last for at least 10 years. The regular skillets usually last for five years because with regular use they become warped and scratched. If you want to extend the lifespan of skillets, always use wooden spoons and never scratch them with metal utensils or spoons.

How long does a cast iron skillet last?

Compared to a regular skillet, a cast iron skillet can last for up to 1000 years because it is built differently with heavy gauge metal and material. It does not warp or get scratches on the surface.  Since it can last centuries you can pass it to your next generation and never forget to take care of it by doing proper cleaning because it is your asset. 

Can I use a metal spoon with a skillet?

Whenever you use a skillet or non-stick frying pan, you should avoid using metal spoons as they can cause scratches on the layers. Instead using wooden spatula or wooden spoon they don’t cause erosion on the pan.

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