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Cooking dinner is a regular routine every home chef has to follow. Some people bake for fun or learning to cook delicious food. Whatever the purpose of your cooking you will always be needing some equipment that can really help you in your job. Having Digital Multifunction kitchen and food scale with you while cooking might be good idea as it will help you in many ways. These kitchen scales not only perform precise measurement of ingredients but also cuts down on prep and clean-up time.

We have enlisted top Digital Multi function kitchen and food scales along with their features that will really help you decide what scale will really suits you in cooking.





Talking about Digital Multifunction Kitchen and food scale the pronto comes up with latest tech installed in it with high quality sensors that ensures quick results. It has large platform with an option to attach bowl for liquid ingredients. For professional chefs this Pronto Kitchen scale is the best companion and allows you to change units with button-push with ease.

While working quickly its Large LCD Brightened screen shows clear readings at different angles. For accurate measurement it also featured with tare button to subtract the weight of the bowl placed on scale. Talking about kitchen decoration it comes up with many fancy colors that will really enhances beauty of kitchen. It has many other features given here



USABILITYIt’s easy to Kitchen Scale that can weigh up to 5.1kg with accuracy of 1g. You will definitely find it best for your large and small cooking projects. Also its Elegant design makes you want it for your kitchen.
UNITSWhen it comes to measurements it will measure weight in 5 different units and will display readings on bright High Quality LCD Screen.
TARE BUTTONThis product also featured with tare function button that will measure net weight of the items you placed on the scale and will automatically subtract weight of the bowl from combined reading.
PLATFORMThis kitchen scale comes up with newly designed large platform with chrome finished. It also have two large buttons that with click confirmation. Its portability allows us to store and clean it with ease.
ENERGY SAVINGThis kitchen scale runs on battery that will be preserved with automatic switching off after 2 minutes of not using it. You can easily access batteries without any screwdriver


Etekcity has been playing its role in developing unique technology for kitchen products since few past years. This digital Kitchen scale is manufactured with stainless steel that is easy to clean and wash and helps in cooking with greater accuracy. Features of multi-units makes it very useful in cooking. This scale can weight up to 0.1 g accuracy. This scale comes up with an option of attaching and removing bowl for any specific use.

ETEKCITY Digital Scale comes up with high quality LCD screen that will show its measurement at many different angles clearly with different units. This kitchen scale can prepare your meal accurately and allow you to track your meal proportion. Knowing this you will be able to plan your diet plan.




Its amongst the favorite kitchen scale list of chefs. It is able to weigh up to 5kg with 5 different units (oz, lb, g, fl: oz, and mL). it can smartly identify density difference between milk and water.


ETEKCITY kitchen scale comes up bright high quality LCD Screen of dimensions 6. 3 x 2. 5 cm. Its bluish lit backlight clearly shows results.


As usual ETEKCITY also installed tare functionality to measure exact net weight of the ingredient. Its flat platform also increase its functionality.


This EK9000 model is a good choice that not only décor your kitchen but also easy to handle and store. Its slim and stylish design allow you to store it in small drawer.


This purposely designed kitchen scale runs on battery and there is auto function allow you to save battery life and save energy. It can auto shut-off when not in use after 2 minutes.


Looking in market for accurate measuring kitchen scale you will find many of them. But having advanced buttons and stronger glassy surface AW-KS001BB DIGITAL KITCHEN SCALE is leading the market in its category. This product featured with black surface and high quality four latest generation sensors that will provide quick and accurate result.

All these high quality features are embedded in one AW-KS001BB kitchen scale with slim design and multifunctionality. This can be your show piece of modern kitchen styles. It comes up with many other premium features given here




For accuracy is results it is installed with 4 Gforce precision sensors that will also perform quickly. It can measure between 5g to 5kg with different units of the choice (oz, lb, g, fl: oz, and mL)


ETEKCITY kitchen scale comes up bright high quality LCD Screen of dimensions 6. 3 x 2. 5 cm. Its bluish lit backlight clearly shows results.


When working with this scale it can indicate battery level and overloading on the platform. Its Tare function allow you to measure accurate net weight also. When it comes to battery savings its auto OFF function can do that. Also this device require 2 AAA batteries to work as kitchen scale.


This kitchen scale can be useful in many ways. You can use it to measure weight of ingredients when cooking and also your kids can learn about weighing through this equipment easily. Also This scale can be your partner in lab measurements.


This device comes up with stainless glassy platform with blackish background that can be easily cleaned. Its compact design also allow you to store it in small spaced drawer.


Looking for a scale that outweighs the competition? FRAMAR presents to you a multifunctional scale that will be your best companion. Its accuracy and power saving option with large measuring capacity makes it most wanted digital scale. You can even effortlessly jump from one unit to another.


This Multifunctional is not only a scale but also beautifully designed that will also décor your kitchen. Also it is compact in design and ca be stored in less space. You can even weigh hair colors food ingredients and beans also.




Its compact and fancy glassy surface looks beautiful and very easy to clean and store. This scale is one purpose designed. You can use it for measuring different ingredients either for kitchen or for salon. Its slim design allows you to hang alongside the wall as decoration.


Its built-in Tare button allows you to calculate net weight of the ingredients by automatically subtracting bowl or any other container weights. It’s an excellent kitchen scale one must have I in kitchen.


Its user friendly in use that runs on 2 AAA batteries and also featured with power saving functionality. This scale can auto shut off when not in use after 2 minutes of not using it. Its accurate calculation and improved battery life with multifunctionality makes it most demanding in its category that is also very easy to store and handle.


When working on a large project definitely requires high capacity scale for measurement. FRAMAR Digital scale is not only accurate but also useful for large and small projects equally. It can also measure 5kg of weight with the accuracy of 1 g very quickly. Thanks to its high quality sensors.


While using it its unit conversion allows the flexibility for changing unit with single press (g, oz, lb). The result will be displayed on high quality bright LCD wide screen. You can easily visualize the result from distant location even at different angle.

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