Ziploc Freezer Bags Come In A Range Of Sizes

Ziploc freezer bags come in a range of sizes.  The Range of sizes of Ziploc freezer bags makes it convenient for the customer to store items of their choice. With everything from Pint, Quart, Gallon or 2 gallons, to find a convenient size for your storage needs. All sizes consistently top the bestsellers list. Strength, durability, reliability and the ability to create an airtight seal are the qualities that have always been appreciated by customers.




# 01

Pint Size

The measurements of the Pint-Sized bags are  7″ x 5″ that makes them ideal for freezing meats, fish, poultry, veggies, fruit, cheeses, baked items and other left overs. The Pint-Sized bags would be the smallest freezer bags produced by Johnson Wax beneath the Ziploc brand.

Pros and cons

Since these bags are heavy duty, they will certainly protect your food from freezer burn. It’s more than a bag. From meal time to snack time to house organization storage demands are not the same. These bags are great for keeping food fresh for an extended period and at the same time keeping it full of flavor. These tough and durable bags are best to safeguard food, meat of any kind and vegetables. The Benefits of the bags are related to its durability, strength, reliability and the ability to make an airtight seal. It can be used for a long-term period and had a stronger seal that will remove air and make food fresh and maintain its taste. It is free from any toxic chemicals and is able to store any kind of food without any chemical harm to food. It is safe quality a container that is BPA free.

All these (literally) pint-sized bags are best for freezing small portions. And they include a write-on area that makes it easy to label and date items.

# 02

Quart Size

They can find in sufficient capacity to store portions for a meal of two people.

And for great value of money, make sure to check out the Ziploc Double Guard Freezer Bags. Each bag includes both inner and outer layers. The inner coating clings to the meals, effectively locking out the atmosphere and preventing freezer burn.


That is not all. A slider makes it easy to open and close these totes. Plus, because every bag has a flat base, this keeps it from getting squelched. In actuality, stuffed bags can stand upright not simply in the freezer but at the refrigerator, pantry and kitchen cabinets, too. Just make sure you open the bag about 3″ to let it vent. If you don’t this, the hot air may develop and cause the bag to burst, scattering your meals and making a mess in your microwave. Plus, do not overheat the food because this might cause the bag to melt.

# 03

Gallon Freezer Bags

They are a terrific choice if you prefer to hold your meats in household meal size portions.  So, in the event you don’t need to trash your meals (and the money you spent on it), it is a fantastic idea to get an established brand of freezer bags such as Ziploc. The dual zipper freezer bags give double assurance your food’s freshness is locked in. Yet they do not cost twice as much as the single zipper ones. If you’re searching for a quart-gallon combo, make sure you check this value-pack out.

# 04

Gallon Ziploc Freezer Bags

The two-gallon freezer bags will be the biggest in the market today. They’re a terrific choice for those who have a large family or if you do freezer cooking to be able to save time. The Ziploc bags are tough enough to take a great quantity of food without buckling or exposing the food to freezer burn. And they include a “smart” zip so you can listen to the bag final from edge to edge, giving you assurance that your food will be safely suspended.


They are usually better at sealing out air and moisture. They are better suited for cold freezing temperatures of freezers. They are less likely to puncture or tear, and also slower to break down after long periods of time in freezer. They have a good quality, a strong grip, with a standard industry thickness. One bag weighs 4 pounds. They are non-toxic and are safe to use. They comply with applicable quality and safety regulations. Plastic that is used for freezing can be reused as it completely drains. The bags seal air to prevent air circulation and to make food fresh and keep its taste secure for a long time. Although these bags often look and feel pretty similar to other plastic storage bags, they are slightly thicker than regular zip-top bags. This advantage makes these bags the best option to be selected by the customers.

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