Vpcok Sous Vide Cooker Review: Making your life Easier

Everybody loves to cook food, especially at this time. Yet, some people don’t cook in fear of creating a mess as some dishes take a lot of time to cook. Getting not the perfect results made the person dishearten. To get rid of this problem, we have found a solution for you. This remedy comes in the form of an immersion cooker. A unit that is attractive, easy to use and cleaning takes no time. Just put it under the water tap and consider it done. Moreover, this cooker doesn’t need any maintenance of any kind. Use a knife sharpener to get the finest meat cuts.

In the marketplace, you can approach a lot of these devices. Yet, we consider this machine at the top. We have to consider your priority first. So, we have written a Vpcok Sous Vide Cooker Review for you. In this, you will get to know every single aspect of this amazing machine. At the end of this blog, I’m sure you will perfectly replicate the tender, juicy meat and other stuff you want to cook. However, before we start our journey, try to understand every step with complete attention. To achieve the maximum results that you are looking for.

Vpcok Sous Vide Cooker Review


  • Technical Parameters– This cooker requires 1000w of operating power along with the 60Hz voltage—this ensures to provide maximum results while cooking.
  • Digital Control Panel-Allows the user to regulate certain time and temperature. Also, you can use the adjusted time for various dishes.
  • Warranty Policy-In case the device doesn’t meet your expectation or else some problematic issue arises. In such exceptional cases, contact the company. You can negotiate for a new one. Moreover, you can go for a full refund.
  • Vibrant Features-To make the chef life easier. They have added a ring lamp that indicates different cooking stages. Also, to get a consistent workflow, the adjustable fixed clip makes sure of that. Along with that, the alarm will notify you through a bell when your foods got cooked.


VPCOK is quite a famous brand for making innovative electric devices. Moreover, to cook sous vide and other dishes, they introduce this Sous vide immersion cooker. When we talk about power, it requires 1000w of it along with the 120V voltage. Also, it comes with a wide range of temperature setting varying from 25-92.5C. This sleek design cooker has a dimension of 3.8*3.8*14.8 inches. Also, unlike the other cookers, cleaning this device is basic. Just put it under the water tap and dry it with a cloth before storing it.

A digital touch panel is installed at the top of this cooker. Therefore, just with few clicks, the machine will start working. Also, a ring lamp shows the different stages of the machine. Firstly, a pink light will indicate when you are setting temperature. Secondly, a green light will tell you that you have successfully reached a setting. At last, the blue one indicates when the machine has done cooking. Along the indicator lamp ring, it has an adjustable fixed clap. Therefore, you didn’t need to buy an additional one from the market.

Also, the tube is made with premium quality stainless steel. On that, it is permanently written about the maximum and minimum water limit. Also, when the immersion cooker has done with preparing food, the alarm will make sure to notify you. Suppose you are a newbie and doesn’t know how to make a dish with this cooker. They provide a sous vide VPCOK recipe book, which makes it immensely easy to operate. Also, for supreme seal packaging of food, consider using a vacuum sealer. It will give a more exquisite taste.

Now, let’s see how good the food will be. While cooking with a sous vide cooker, you will maintain more nutrient substance in your dish—more than the traditional way of making. Also, low temperature and oxygen-deficient environment make the ingredients entirely permeate into the food. That results in a decrease in harmful substances.

How to Use the Immersion Cooker:

Practicing this cooker in real life is as basic as written in the description. At first, put all your ingredients in the vacuum bag. Yet, make sure you cut fine pieces of meat. For that, use a Sharp Knife Set. Now, exhaust every cm of air from it and then sealed it airtight. Now, with the help of the adjustable clip, fixed it in the cooking container. After that, from the touch panel, choose the settings. You can preheat the water; however, it is best to do with this device.

Once reached a fixed temperature, put the sealed package in it. Once done with the machine, put your food in the microwave. Not only you get it roasted, but you will also get the texture and crispiness of the meat. Accurate temperature setting is the key to achieving the best results. While using, check the food recipe for some more details regarding the dish.

Warranty Policy

Moreover, if the product doesn’t match your expectation or a technical error arose in the device. For that, you can contact them. They will help you get a new one. You can also go for the refund amount feature. However, it is one of the best immersion cooker present in the market. We highly recommend you consider this machine while shopping.

Buying Guide

In this guide, we have written the main factors that vary in a good cooker. So, while buying, consider these to find the best product in the market place.

Control Panel: The existence of a control panel lessens the workload in half as these panels provide touch functionality. The device is ready to be working in no time. Therefore, you must consider a control panel in your cooker. Otherwise, you can face quite a lot of problems, setting it manually.

Adjustable Clip: It seems like a normal thing, yet it can cause you a headache. Because to fix the cooker, a clip is crucially needed. So, make sure the product in which you are investing comes with it. Otherwise, you have to buy them separately. That’s going to cost you some money. Also, the quality and size vary a lot in different machines. Therefore, it is best to buy the original company made.

Durability: To make sure the device spends a long-lasting time. They must be made with good quality material. Consider looking for a stainless-steel tube. Moreover, they are coated with different chemicals to avoid reaction on their metallic surfaces.

Additional Features: The more, the better. I hope you are quite familiar with this statement. Once you get a cooker that supports all your cooking requirements, it will be good if they have some more features as this will help a lot in lessening the timing. A ring lamp will help you indicate the different cooking process. Also, an alarm with help to notify when the machine’s done with cooking.


These are the questions that are most frequently asked about the Vpcok Sous Vide Cooker Review.

Why does the immersion cooker say E3 on the screen?

When the water limit reaches the minimum point, then you see e3 on the panel. The sensor triggers the device to stop for anti-dry protection. Thus, an Error code E3 become visible on the touch screen.

How much energy do these devices consume?

A sous vide cooker can consume 1000w of power. However, it doesn’t consume it all the time. It works on full power for 20 minutes to achieve a certain water temperature. After that, it reduces the power consumption to 100 watts or less for cooking. That’s maintaining the food at a certain temperature.

What’s the procedure to use on a frozen piece of meat?

While using an immersion cooker, you didn’t need to stress Yourself. Just put the meat in the sealed vacuum. It will melt rapidly in the scolding water.

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