Toshiba EM925AA: A Small But Effective Family Oven

Toshiba EM925AA BS is not that good when considering overall features and performances, but offers a lot of good balance between features in the very reasonable price range. And it comes out to be perfect in our some critical analyses.

The consistency in its performance scored highest out of all the ovens we brought for analysis. They will be uniformly heated from all sides. That is a better option instead of microwaves that still left some cold spots in the frozen items and other food materials.

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 19.2 x 16.1 x 11.5 inches | Item Weight: 27.3 pounds | Color: Silver and Black Mix | Material: Stainless Steel

What Makes It Best?

This Toshiba EM925A5A model categories as 900 watts microwave oven. The stainless steel structure with a black finish can enhance your kitchen beauty. If you are looking for some modernly equipped device, then its timeless look can do the job for you.

It comes up with many uniquely offered features like defrosting, 6 preset menus, microwave cooking with 10 different power levels, and many more. This device can be all in one package for you if you have a small family and need it for home use only.

Its LED featured cavity, ECO mode, mute buttons, clock, and kitchen timer comes handy when you are cooking tasty food. When it comes to user experience, it is designed to perform best. The high quality LED display screen, Control panel, and safe handle to grip allow you to have an excellent user experience.

If you have the compact kitchen in your apartment, then this Toshiba EM925A5A can be the perfect fit for you. You can even contact their customer support if there is any problem you are facing. They offer an excellent user experience with a good warranty.

Features it offers

Compact Size & Larger Capacity: the interior capacity of this Toshiba EM925A5A should not be confused with its compact design. It has a larger capacity but still have a more compact design than its previous model. Its compact design is best for small apartment kitchen, vacation homes, offices, and dorm. It will still provide you a good amount of cooking capacity for regular dishes.

Bright LED Light: the cooking cavity of this best performing microwave oven is installed with LED light. This LED lighting will be a durable solution and power efficient. You will be having a clear interior view while cooking, you can then monitor your dish cooking.

Mute Option: Now there is no need to awake your loved ones when the microwave is cooking. You can easily turn off the completed cooking beep sound with a single press button and can turn it on with a single button push.

Energy Saving Mode: the ECO mode it comes up with helps you to save 50% of the standby power. The ECO mode of energy saving will contribute towards the planet green environment.

Easy to Operate: the black stainless steel finish increases the beauty of your kitchen. Its practical functionalities will satisfy your cooking needs. It’s easy to read control panel and other features like a shockproof bar and child safety really increase the excellent experience.


  • Toshiba EM925A5A performs best with hot pocket and small frozen items. It will effectively heat up the food evenly. The presetting will do most of the job for you, you just need to watch if it is going in the right direction
  • For heating up the water, it did a marvelous job. Toshiba EM925A5A took 45 seconds to attain 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Its one-touch buttons and an auto-start +30 seconds button comes in handy when you need to warm the canned soup or other edibles.


  • Some users reported that it sometimes heat up the food to the burning. And sometimes small portions remain uncooked
  • The central part of wide food like pizza does not effectively get heat and will remain as it is
  • Hard frozen chicken or turkey sometimes is unable to get defrosted with it.

Final Verdict

The Toshiba EM925A5A didn’t convey especially noteworthy or motivating outcomes in general, acquiring it a genuinely dull by and large score. This item did very well in our solidified nourishments metric and is advantageous to work however did inadeqaute job when it came to defrosting.

Warming results were differed also, adding to this current item’s not terrible, but not great either of the result. It isn’t excessively costly and takes care of business, however, we feel it is a long way from being best as well as can be expected item to go with

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