Top 3 HEPA Vacuums for Cleaner and Healthier Home

We are well aware of the fact that everyone hates dirt and debris in their home. Nobody is a fan, but there are some people with asthma and allergies who have extra issues. The problematic thing is that if you use a wrong vacuum cleaner, all the allergens will be released back into the air of your house instead of having a clean environment, you will have allergens dispersed all over. To deal with that, a vacuum with HEPA filters can really help.

A HEPA filter vacuum will block all the allergens in the machine and not return them into your house again. There are some incredible advantages of having a HEPA vacuum, but considering the market, there are a lot of options there. If you search top HEPA vacuums on Amazon, you will get tons of results but how would you know if that is the ideal vacuum for you or not. 

Today, we have picked the top 3 HEPA vacuums that will change the cleaning of your house into a much healthier way. 

Shark Navigator Upright HEPA Vacuum

So our first pick is the Shark Clean Navigator vacuum that comes with a HEPA filter and the best part is that it allows you to clean not just carpets, but also hard floors, this way you can use one HEPA vacuum for all of your houses if you have a combination of carpeting and bare floors. Talking about the HEPA filter that comes with this vacuum, it is handheld and can be lifted away, this way you get a completely healthy environment.

Not just that, it even has an anti-allergy seal that will block all the allergens inside so your house is all fresh, clean, and allergens free. This upright model is not an ordinary vacuum cleaner, because it comes with DuoClean technology. This technology means that you get double-brushed rolls to deeply clean off all the dirt and dust from the surface. If you have a wooden or hard floor, it will leave it polished and clean, or if you have carpeting on your floors, it will take out all of the allergens and dirt and deep clean your carpets.

To make sure that it reaches all the small places, you can even detach the canister and go beneath the furniture and into small crevasses. If you have pets, you’ll know the problem of having their hair stuck in all the carpets and furniture, this HEPA vacuum will also clean that off with the self-cleaning brush roll. There isn’t anything in this vacuum that you’ll not like. This easy to use HEPA vacuum comes with a lot of accessories like the upholstery tools and pet power brush.

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Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

This Hoover WindTunnel HEPA vacuum has powerful suction to deep clean all the carpets and removes the pet hair. In case you can’t buy the Shark Navigator due to the high price, this option is great for you if you are on a lower budget. This model is not just available at an incredible price but also features great WindTunnel technology. This technology gives it a powerful suction so it can lift up all the dirt and debris including all the allergens in your home.

The high-quality HEPA filter vacuum trap 99% of all the allergens and dirt from the surface so you get a clean environment and a healthy lifestyle. To make sure that you can clean different surfaces at different levels, there is a height adjustment option. You can set it to your preferred height from the 5 available options. This way, you don’t just have to use it on carpets, but also on hard floors, rugs and fluffy carpets and tiles too. 

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APOSEN Cordless 4 in 1 HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

This battery-operated HEPA filter vacuum gives you 35 minutes of usage time. The wand can be extended and detached so you can use the machine conveniently. The best part is that it allows 99.99% protection against all the allergens and traps all of them.

There is a small stainless steel filter with holes to make sure that all the dust, dirt, and allergens are out of the way. The motorized head of the HEPA vacuum has a strong suction capacity to deep clean all the dense carpets and rugs. The 4 in 1 style allows you to clean any surface with ease.

Pros and Cons

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John Smith