The Best Electric Blanket 2021: Stay Warm in Chilly Winters

Looking for the best electric blanket of 2021? Wondering which ones offer a great shred of warmth during the freezing nights of winter? We have got you covered by reviewing the best ones based on the high ratings from the people who have used them. We have figured out the best electric blankets for keeping you snuggled and cozy during winter with completely washable built.

Electric blankets can be your best bet whether you want to spend a chilly evening with your partner or give your bed a warm winter look. This can be the most effective way to reduce the icy winter chills. It can be the perfect addition to any room, being comfortable and secure by all protocols. Some of these blankets are specifically designed to offer a sufficient amount of heat on cool autumn days or snowy winter nights. One of the most exciting things about these blankets is that you can control the overall temperature per your preference and prevent different heat transmission by directing proper heat flow within your room.




Best Electric Blankets of 2021

We have compiled the list of the best electric blanket styles that can complete the overall look of your home, which are as follows

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Review

One of the best companies for the utility of electronics is Sunbeam. They have joined the industry with their trusted electrically heated blankets.  If you read a sunbeam electric blanket review, you will notice how people love the softness of its fabrics in addition to its amazing performance.

All over the world, customers have shared their coziest experience with Sunbeam blankets that have been tried and tested for its comfort and softness. It has an accessible remote control, having more than 10 heat settings, among which you can find your desired one quite easily. For avoiding any sort of mishap, the heat circulation within the blanket is restricted to be shut off automatically after 10 hours of constant supply. 


The technology used to provide sound sleep to the user and maintain even heat level is ThermoFine with a pre-heat setting to warm up your sheets before going into bed. 


  • Auto shut-off after 10 hours
  • 10 major heat settings
  • ThermoFine technology


  • Consumers can feel wires within the fabric.

Sunbeam Heated Fleece Throw Electric Blanket

Another amazing electric blanket by Sunbeam is the heated fleece throw, which is quite easy to use but very efficient. It has gained its popularity on Amazon after gaining almost 1,500 five stars offering three major settings with cozy fleece fabric used to make infant clothing. Like every Sunbeam equipment it also has shock or heat resistance feature and automatic shutoff availability which can stop the heat supply after three hours.


This can not only save your energy but also helps you get a sound sleep on cozy winter nights. The best thing loved by consumers is the fabric available in all the assorted colors, which makes it extra marketable.


  • Three major settings
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Assorted colors


  • Three hours durability

SoftHeat King Size Electric Blanket by Perfect Fit

Reviewers rave about this blanket, praising it for having great material quality. For a full-sized bed or queen size bed, the blanket offers a lot of heating options. In other words, if you purchase this blanket, you can customize the setting with different temperatures.  No need to keep an eye on the thermostat anymore. Moreover, the blanket features nice heat controlled by the wires, which are only a few inches apart from each other. They distribute the heat equally within the blanket.  The blanket shuts off itself after 10 hours without having the need to press any manual switch. 

giving especially high marks for material quality (4.4 stars). In full, queen, and king


  • Divided into two zones with dual controls
  • 10 hour auto shut-off
  • Machine washable and dryer safe


  • Has heat reflective layer that can be noisy

Beautyrest Foot Pocket Electric Blanket

If your feet always have this cold fever, regardless of wearing warm or stuffed socks you wear or how warm you try to keep them, then this exceptional electric blanket can be your major option. Beautyrest Foot Pocket is the ideal solution to keep you and especially your feet. It is equipped with a specifically designed foot pocket at the bottom, which lets you snuggle up completely during cold winter nights. It is a two-in-one blanket having a foot warmer too. It also comes with three special heat settings with two hours of auto-shutoff. This blanket is said to be the best for watching a movie or getting warm during a fresh sleep


  • Special pocket warmer for feet
  • Ideal for couches and sofas
  • Perfect for movies
  • Auto-shutoff after 2 hours.


  • Can’t recommend to use during sleep

Biddeford Electric Blanket Review

One of the most trusted heated blankets by the reviewers around the world is the Biddeford Electric Blanket. It has an ultra-plush and soft velvet texture, which gives you a cozy feel during cold winter nights.  In this Biddford electric blanket review we would share our opinion as how its heating components are better than those blankets that are more high-end and pricey. 


The material used for the top layer for making it extra soft is high usage of polyester with a hint of loftmink polyester on the lower side. Regardless of the layers, the two sides are perfectly attached, having ten different heat settings keeping your bed extra cozy with the preheat setting before your bedtime. The component used for heating is ideally designed to distribute the heat evenly, being extra thin and flexible, avoiding any wires disturbance through soft fabric.


  • Even heat distribution through Intellisense
  • Flexible wires
  • Dual controllers
  • 10 heat settings


  • Poor layer connections

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What to look for in an electric blanket?

A durable and high end electric heated blanket can be your ultimate cuddle partner during winter nights. It will be the best to keep your warm all around the movie marathons on your favourite couch, regardless of how low the thermometer scale went. 

Is it safe to sleep with an electric blanket on?

The most cozy electric blankets can warm up your bed being as soft as features that you would not ever want to get up from your bed. It doesn’t matter what size of bed you have, whether a queen, king, small, or twin sized, these electric blankets can be ideal suiting all your comfort needs.

Do electric blankets use a lot of electricity?

No electric blankets don’t consume a lot of energy, in fact, they are more power saving the electric heater. A blanket only consumes an energy that costs four cents per hour compared to a heater that uses the energy of costing around 15 cents per hour. 

If you are asking what else to look for in an electric heated blanket, read this guide. You will learn what else to look for when buying one for special chilly winter months when even the heaters fail to produce enough heat to make you comfy.

Before you buy a blanket for yourself, check some of these points to make sure it is the best one to use in a long run.

  • It should be soft and cuddly. Anything with rough texture and fabric may not feel cozy on the skin.
  • The blanket must have an auto-shut feature so the temperature can balance up as you are in a deep sleep.
  • Another feature to look for is how easily that electric blanket is washable. If it’s not easy to wash, you need to pick the one that can be washed and dried easily. After all, there will be a time when you will have to have it cleaned and rinsed.
  • The blanket must not have more than 50 minutes to heat up. In other words, it should be built with perfect temperature settings, allowing you to get warm as soon as you cover yourself with it. 
  • More importantly, the blanket should not consume more energy as it will end up with a heavy electricity bill at the end of the month.
  • There are a few things you need to know before buying an electric blanket. Get yourself familiar with its functionality, feature and performance before you buy it.

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Choosing the best electric blanket is a piece of cake if you know all the necessities to search before heading towards one. Every piece has different heat settings and various additional features, making it better than others. However, you always have to go for the one suiting your ultimate needs and requirements.

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