Review of Sous Vide Machine and Sous Vide Whole Turkey Recipe

Cooking is the necessity of life that is a must part of our daily routine. The need to learn this craft is very important. As without it, we will only live on raw vegetables and dried ingredients, which is not very likable for our taste profiles. “Cookery is an art and science of preparing food by setting different temperature ranges”.  

Learning to cook helps you to interpret world cultures and traditions in a better way. Moreover, eating at restaurants, three times a day is not very budget-friendly. It can be expensive and also inconvenient for you. Instead of this, cooking in your home is much more profitable and fun. It let you choose your favorite ingredients and techniques. It takes a lot of burden off your shoulders.

We people often tend to do things which are more interesting and enjoyable for us. With time, the procedures and techniques of cooking are changing and getting more advanced on a minute basis. A lot of fun products are on market to make your cookery experience more enhanced and joyful. Sous vide machines are one of those products that really catches people attention. 

Introduction of sous vide machine

Sous vide machine refers to slow cooking at a very precise temperature in an air-tight sealing bag. Sous vide means “under vacuum” in the French dictionary. It is a type of cooking method in which you place the food in a sealed plastic bag, and cook it in a water bath for a longer time than routinely at a regulated temperature that you set. 

The purpose behind this whole technique is to acquire such a particular temperature to provide you with a restaurant-style meal. It delivers the food with great quality and taste. The sous vide machine has been used in the finest restaurants for years. The chefs get the exact type of doneness most desirable for the food.


The sous vide machine is a very successful product very well-reviewed on Amazon. The features of this epic cookery product are as follow: 


The dimensions are 4.1 x 2.2 x 12.8 inches and the weightage is 2 pounds, it has a voltage of 120 and the wattage is 750. The maximum time limit that it can cook continuously is up to 2500 hours. The clamps are fixed and detachable. The connectivity is through Bluetooth, you can control the device by connecting it with your mobile phone’s Bluetooth. The flow rate of water is 5 liters/min or more depending on the sous vide machine you purchase. 

These ranges can vary slightly according to the product you choose. This description accommodates the average standard specs. 


The sous vide machine is constructed around a long tube design. The sous vide has a clamp that attaches it to the cooking pot or container. The building material is durable plastic which is very easy to clean. At the top, there is the control panel with the temperature ranges, and on/off settings. You either control these settings manually or from your phone. 

 It comes with a wire cable switch. That you plugged into power this device. You placed this tube into a water bath in a plastic or glass container. The food will get cooked inside an air-tight plastic bag. 


The sous vide machine now has additional accessories for a better working circumstance. Now you can buy a vacuum sealer tool that you can use to seal the bags very precisely to avoid any kind of air leakage. Another tool is a plastic or glass container with a measurement scale on it. So, you can measure the water very easily. 


The sous vide machine is a very effective product. The customers are fully satisfied by using a sous vide machine. It makes their cooking more professional and precise.

The advantages of the sous vide machine are as follow: 

Precise cooking: We often heard from Michelin chefs that the best foods are either cooked very fast or very slow. Slowing cooking was very common in old times. The people liked it very much as the food flavors and taste were very rich and blended. But now people tend towards fast cooking as the world is getting quicker.  

However, the sous vide machine is bringing back those amazing slow cooking trends. It features a very précised cooking style. The temperature range is very specific which cooks the food to the perfect doneness with consistency. 

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Improving food taste:  The biggest advantage is the enrichment of taste. By cooking with the sous vide, the food has the changes of:

  • Preserved aromas and juices. 
  • It highlights the natural flavors of the food. 
  • It maintains the color and integrity of the cooked meal. 
  • All the nutrients and vitamins stayed conserved  
  • A healthy way of cooking.  

Easy application:  The application of this machine is very easy. You simply have to set the machine inside a container and plug in the switch to get it working. The control panel is accessible from your mobile phone.  

Safer method:  For a beginner, it is a very simplified method to perform. As there is no need for a stove or major preparations. It is a very good way of learning and also not to get afraid of fire or long procedures.


Turkey recipes with sous vide machine

Turkey is a very common meat that is cooked all over the world and it is a tradition to cook a turkey on thanksgiving occasions. The sous vide machine is giving the turkey recipes an evaluated and fun outlook. 

Whole turkey recipe: 

The cooking of a whole turkey is a tradition on thanksgiving. The following recipe is a very common and simple one that you can follow for cooking a juicy and flavorful turkey. 


  1. Whole turkey meat. 
  2. Salt and pepper or your favorite spice mixture.
  3.  Chicken stock. 


Turkey breast recipe

A whole turkey can be a little intimidating for a beginner. So, they can cook a turkey breast for getting the same flavor profile. The resultant cooked turkey will be juicy, succulent, and full of taste. 


  1.  A turkey breast. Salt and pepper. 
  2. Lemon. 
  3. Butter. 
  4. Rosemary or any herb of your choice. 


Turkey leg recipe


  1. 3 turkey legs. 
  2.  1 tbsp of olive oil. 
  3. 1 tbsp of garlic.
  4.  1 tsp. of pepper and salt to taste. 
  5. 4 fresh thyme sprigs. 



The sous vide machine is a great tool to use in your kitchen. It will give your food the taste of luxury as high-end restaurants deliver. It is a very authentic and nostalgic way of cooking. You will never regret cooking your food with it. You will enjoy this machine very much.

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