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The SousVide Supreme Demi is the world’s first water oven designed to bring the famous sous-vide cooking technique to home kitchens. This will give you unexpected cooking facilities. Demi giving hand-off cooking facilities. Demi makes cooking easier by cooking a few minutes at the end of the day. Everyone from old to young can easily cook their favorite dish.

There is no possibility of any type of food overcooking in it. Although the price is higher, it can cook the whole family’s food together. You can easily create several recipes at different types of domestic occasions. The taste of cooked foods will be the taste of the whole restaurant.  

Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven Parcentage
94 / 100 94%
90 / 100 90%
92 / 100 92%
Uses Ability
96 / 100 96%
93/100 93%

Sous vide supreme demi is an all-in-one water oven. It’s not like Anova, Chefsteps or Wancle. Because they require more different types of accessories. But it does not need so much. So the price is a little higher than the others. But overall price is low. 

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Sous Vide Supreme Demi's full review


It is made by a modern design. The design has been done in such a way that it can be used easily. Its integrated design has a simple interface. It has two colors- red and black. All other circulars require separate utensils to hold water. But there is no need for a separate vessel for this device. 

It will start pouring water on it. But we need to know what is happening with our cooking. Need to know is enough use of time and temperature. For each button, there is clearly. Each button will brighten bright light when the sauce side is turned on. And the display will burn properly.

Its design is so beautiful and compact that you will be attracted to making sous vide recipes easily. It is not for Anova, ChefstepsWancle etc.  But it is also sous vide supreme demi. If you like restaurant quality food, you can cook with it.  

Display ‍and Control Panel 

It has a world-class waterproof LED display. The display has been added to the modern touch bar. With touch, you can easily change the way you like. A picture of the display and some numbers were ordered. So that I can easily understand what works in the door. 

  1. Power button on/off
  2. Switchbutton  C/F  
  3. Mode Indicator lights
    a) Temperature indicator light for water
    b) indicatorlight  for set water temperature
    c) Timer countdown light
    d) element active indicator light for heating
    e) indicatorlight  timer active   
  4. buttonsetup  temperature 
  5. button for timer setup
  6. Increase/decrease value toggle (+/-) arrows
  7. Start button


There is more feature in sous vide supreme demi.  These features make it more beautiful and attractive. It is has a lid. The lid is spreading properly around the outside without leaving the temperature. As a result, you will get more benefits at low temperatures. It is connected with sous vide. 

It has a water bath of about 9 liters capacity. Through which you can easily complete your cooking. There is no need to separate sous vide container for this.

There is a grill for keeping the food parcel separately and the sous vide rack to keep each vacuum pack separate. Both of them are adjusted to this.  Sous Vide Supreme Demi is designed to convey easily and it has a strong handle to easily empty the water. 

Heating Quality

Sous vide supreme demi water oven heating power is 850w and  110v to 120v. Its maximum temperature range is 86 °F to 210 °F (30 °C to 99 ° C) and the maximum time is 0 to 99 hours. It is an all-in-one dressing vide machine, so its temperature spreads all the way around. Cooking is done by maintaining proper taste and nutrition. 

There is no substitute for sous vide supreme demi for good results and intricate cooking. Water can be heated very quickly with it. You can get the perfect taste and nutrition in each dish. 


Sous Vide Supreme offers 12 months warranty. Lifetime services are also available. After the warranty is over, you will get this service for pay.

There are some conditions for the warranty. For example, If there is any damage done due to any use other than commercial and personal use, damage to falls burns due to electronic use, or burning with any other harmful vessel. 

Certified and Listed

There are many nonprofit organizations in the world who offer certificates on the merits of different products. We do not know whether our product is environmentally friendly or not. And I have never seen it healthier. It is not possible to examine us.

So we noticed that the product has permissions and certificates. Sous vide supreme demi is approved in UL.

Accessories Included 

If you buy the sous vide supreme demi, you can get more accessories for better cooking. It has included detachable power cord for power connected. Included user manual, recipe books, time chart, DVD and Universal Pouch Rack in separate food  for hassle free cooking. 

Sous Vide Supreme Demi Pros and Cons



Why SousVide Supreme Demi is the best?

There are many reasons to be the best of the Sous Vide Supreme Demi. But it is not possible to mention all. Among them, the most notable causes are:

Best cooking method in sous vide supreme demi

When cooking on a new machine, its cooking method is different. As can be cooked in the sous vide machine or pressure cooker as it cannot be cooked in a common stove. So there are some basic rules for easy cooking. If these rules are properly cooked, cooking flavors and nutrition levels are correct. Here are some basic things to cook in your sous vide supreme demi:

Here are all the things that we have to keep in mind to purchase a sous vide machine. The details of each subject have been given. If you think.

Sous Vide Supreme Demi is suitable for you, then click the button. And if you think that best quality but low prices, then see the best sous vide machine reviews.

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  • What is a sous vide supreme?

    Sous vide supreme is the world's first and finest water oven to bring a top quality restaurants like taste to the home kitchen and small restaurants.  Sous vide supreme helps in retaining the perfect taste and texture the sous vide dishes. It is well re known for its unique features and amazing results.

  • How do you use a sous vide supreme?

    Using sous vide supreme is super easy.

    • Plug in the sous vide supreme.
    • Add ample amount of water to the Fill line.
    • Add your food sealed in sous vide bag
    • Press and hold power button for 3 seconds.
    • Adjust the temperature.
    • Adjust the timer.
    • Press the Start button to begin sous vide process.
    • When water will reach to its maximum temperature, the light will turn green.
    • Your food is ready.

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