Sous Vide Recipe: Chocolate and Bananas Bars with Walnuts || Recipe’s Benefit

Chocolate and Bananas Bars with Walnuts

We love to eat chocolate and bananas. But have we ever made chocolate and banana together with a recipe? If you do not, then look at this recipe carefully. And create your own home. Enjoy everyone. So lets start sous vide recipe…

sous Vide Recipe: Chocolate and Bananas Bars with Walnuts

Cooking Time: 40 minutes
Serve: 06 people
Cooking Equipment

How to nutrition's of this recipe in per serving?         

Calories: 277        

Sugar: 13.90g

Fat: 18.80g

Carb: 26.50g

Protein: 3g


  • Sliced banana 1 pound
  • Walnut butter 1/4 cup
  • Semi-sweet chocolate 4 ounces
  • Chopped walnuts 1/3 cup
  • One pinch of fried nutmeg

Short Way Cooked Chocolate and Bananas Bars with Walnuts

  1. First put a sous vide, a water bath, a plastic pack, and a vacuum sealer in front of the hand.
  2. In the recipe components has an of cooking, put all the ingredients in a plastic except walnuts.
  3. Keep the vacuum seal properly after keeping the plastic. After vacuum, keep it water bath and cook the sous vide at 138° F.
  4. After cooking for 35 minutes you can finish the work you need. Come around to keep the body healthy from outside. Let’s play chess.
  5. Put it in a container after just 35 minutes. Pour the chocolate mixture on it like candy models.
  6. Now put the walnuts on it until the freeze. To get the maximum taste, you must wait until the freeze.
There are more new recipes here. The whole recipe is maked with sous vide. So the best sous vide is here.

The best benefit of Chocolate and Bananas Sous Vide Recipe

Everyone likes to eat chocolate and bananas. But many people do not know how they benefit us. Below we will read the details of these.

The best 5 benefit of Chocolate
Chocolate and Bananas Bars with Walnuts chocolate

There are no people who do not like to eat chocolate on earth. But they do not know how much benefits there are. The best five were analyzed from them.

>>Reduces the risk of Stroke

Chocolate reduces the risk of stroke in humans. 2012 Surrey is a test with Swedish. There was a survey of 37,000 Swedish men aged between 45 and 79 years. Chocolate is eaten with their daily food. After 10 years, it was found that the level of the stroke of 1995 came in them. If one-third of a teacup consumes chocolate every day, then the risk of stroke falls below 17%. 

>>Improved Heart Health

Black chocolate contains flavonoid. According to the Cleveland Clinic, it has been shown that reducing high blood pressure in the brain and controlling the heart health. Flavonoid has a positive effect on heart diseases control by controlling the flow of blood in the brain. So chocolate is the very positive food for the patients. 

>>Control the blood sugar label

This is an ideal diet for those who have diabetes. Chocolate contains lots of polyphenols. In 2015, type-2 diabetics were given eight weeks of black chocolate to eat. But surprisingly, chocolate diabetics kept the sugar levels under control. However, fasting keeps blood sugar under control. It should be taken care of every day to eat chocolate, not more than 0.88 ounces. 

>>Helps to lose weight

Chocolate helps reduce weight. The amount of food we eat every day contains lots of cholesterol. Which can be both good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. But diet fat increases our body weight. Black chocolate reduces the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the cholesterol levels well. As a result, the weight does not increase. Rather the body is fit. 

>>Rich Antioxidant

A study conducted by Hershey Co showed that the quantity of antioxidant in chocolate is less than just pulses. But there are more antioxidants in Chocolate than the high antioxidant-rich fruits. But a little less than the juice of cinnamon. Antioxidants increase the immunity of our body. Therefore, to increase body immunity, regular black chocolate should be eaten. 

The awesome 5 benefit of Banana
Chocolate and Bananas Bars with Walnuts

If the high nutritional value is any fruit, the banana is the best in it. There are a lot of carbohydrates, vitamins etc. The best 5 benefits are given below.

>>Save the heart

The banana contains a lot of high fiber. Any high fiber food is considered as balanced for the heart. The study of Leeds University of the United Kingdom found that the risk of cardiovascular (CVD) disease decreased at a rate due to the regular eating of fiber-rich foods (bananas). Not only that, the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) decreases too. So keep the bananas on the daily diet list to keep the heart healthy.  

>>Contain powerful antioxidant

Among the many fruits available in high antioxidants, banana is one of the most important. Ancestors also said to eat the bananas of every person. The antioxidant with banana is the safest. Art dopamine does not exceed the blood-brain barrier. However, it’s a powerful antioxidant for human’s hormones or mood swings. 

>>Improved Kidney Health

Bananas contain high-quality potassium. Bananas control blood pressure and keep kidney healthy. Because potassium is essential for blood pressure control and keeping kidney healthy. One study found that at least 4-5 times a week, those who do not eat bananas at bananas will reduce 50% of kidney disease. 

>>House of Nutrients

The bananas contain potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, folate, niacin, riboflavin and B6. These are high-quality nutrients. So banana helps keep our body healthy and refreshed. Strongly helpful to do any work. There is no comparison between bananas for healthy and refreshing human health. 

>>Moderate Blood Sugar Levels

The banana is rich in pectin, and these fishes give their spontaneous ventilation form to the meat. Pectin and resistant starch can control blood sugar levels after both foods and help to empty the stomach. However, arts for type-2 diabetics do not apply. Because it is better to avoid blood sugar to care for it. 

So we saw chocolate and bananas sous vide recipe. It was understood that this sous vide recipe is very healthy. This recipe is made with sous vide machine. Vacuum seal has been used to seal the packet.

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