Sous Vide Recipe: Buttered Brussels Sprouts

Butter Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Benefits

BRUSSELS SPROUTS is a delicious vegetable for our health. Many of us like this and many dislikes. But those who do not like them say, “Did we think that it was benefited for us?If you think about it, you can eat more regularly.”

Today, we will learn how to cook easily with a sous vide machine, with its benefits. Let’s first understand its main advantages.

Five main benefits of eating Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts has many benefits. However, a brief description of the top five benefits is given. I hope everyone will be interested in eating it. And everyone will be healthy. Lets go…

01. High in Nutrients 

In Brussels sprouts, the amount of calories is low. But Fiber has high quality. There are high-quality vitamins and minerals.  Cooked halt cup / 78 grams of Brussels sprouts have a lot of nutrients. Among the nutrients are the following (1) :

02. Rich in Antioxidants

Brussels has many benefits for our health. Antioxidants are the most notable among them. Antioxidants reduce the pressure of oxidative in our cells. Protects our body from chronic disease and reduces the risk.  

Brussels sprouts contain kaempferol. It is the rich level antioxidants It can reduce cancer growth. Reduces any inflammation and makes the heart stronger. One study found that some people were given about 2 cups / 300 grams of brussels sprouts daily. After a few days, it was found that they reduced their cells by 28% from oxidative stress (2).

03. High in Fiber 

Fiber is one of the most important components of health. One study shows that increasing the dietary fiber stool frequency. And it can easily relieve constipation (3).  Just cooked a half cup / 78 grams of Brussels sprouts contain 2 grams of fiber. Which is able to meet the needs of an adult 8% fiber (4 ).  

Brussels Sprouts is a meal with high fiber. Which improves digestive health. It also helps reduce the risk of diabetes and hypertension. 

04. Rich in Vitamin K 

Vitamin K is a nutrient that plays an important role in the human body. It is essential to fast blood clot when it is cut off in the body (5). Vitamin also plays a major role in bone growth. It can protect against osteoporosis.  

Only cooked half cup / 78 grams of Brussels spout supplies 137% of our daily Vitamin K required (6). Vitamin K of Brussels sprouts can control high blood pressure. And proven to be an important nutrient for bone metabolism. 

05. High in Vitamin C

There is no alternative to Vitamin C for the growth and repair of body tissues. It also works as an antioxidant. It can increase immunity (7).  Brussels sprouts, cooked half cup / 78 grams fulfill our body’s Vitamin C 81% deficiency (8).  

A review of Vitamin C was reviewed by more than 11,000 participants. After a few days, vitamin C has decreased the intensity of the common cold. Compared with others, the average 8% reduction in time has decreased among them (9).  

Feeling the read about  Brussels sprouts, do I need to eat it? If you think, then surely worried how can I cook? There is no thought. We have come up with a new recipe for your benefit.

The recipe is Butter Brussels Sprouts. This is very tasty and nutritious. Of course it has been cooked with sous vide machine. If you do not have any sous vide immersion circulation , then you can collect one from the best sous vide machine. Lets go for butter Brussels sprouts recipe..

Make Butter Brussels Sprouts

Cooking Time: 50 minutes
Serve: 04 people
Cooking Equipment

How to nutrition's of this recipe in per serving

Calories: 296       

Sugar: 5.30g

Fat: 23.5g


Protein: 6.6g


  • Brussels sprouts 1 1/2 pounds
  • sliced 1 leek
  • 2 garlic cloves, smashed
  • Celery salt needs to be like
  • Black pepper cracks as needed
  • 1 stick Butter 

Short Way Cooked Butter Brussels Sprouts

  1. First take a sous vide, sous vide container, a plastic pack, and a vacuum sealer in front of the hand.
  2. In the recipe components has an of cooking, put the Brussels sprouts, leek, garlic, celery salt, and black pepper in the plastic bag .
  3. Keep the vacuum seal properly after keeping the plastic. After vacuum, keep it water bath and cook the sous vide at 183° F.
  4. After cooking for 40 minutes you can finish the work you need. Come around to keep the body healthy from outside. Let’s play chess.
  5. Melt the butter in a large pan. Stir vegetables and stir for 5 minutes and make a cover with melted butter.
  6. Serve it for your right way.
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John Smith