Best Sous Vide Chicken Thighs Recipe to Try In 2020

Sous vide chicken thighs are a flat out distinctive advantage. Cooking sous vide permits you to make fully tender and delicate thighs, each and every time. Time to say bye to the times of dry chicken, and hi to delicious thighs cooked just how you need it.

In this recipe, we will walk you through all you require to know to make the best chicken thighs of your life. From picking an ideal time and temperature, to whether you should apply bone-in or boneless chicken thighs, this recipe has it all.

Bone in or Boneless Chicken Thighs?

The initial step is deciding if you should buy bone in or boneless chicken thighs for this recipe. The snappy answer, either cut will cause delicate, delicious meat. Likewise, either can be applied equally for most sous vide plans.

That being stated, we lean toward utilizing sous vide chicken thighs. They will in general be juicer and more delightful, and the meat around the bone is beyond words.


A basic section of cooking sous vide is placing constituents in an impenetrable bag or compartment. The two most normal strategies to bundle your components are vacuum fixing and utilizing the water-transfer strategy.

A vacuum sealer rejects all the air and seals the material of a plastic bag through a vacuum. This cycle guarantees the food is water/air proof and appropriately fixed, and keeps the bag from fluctuating which can bring about lopsided cooking. On the off chance that you are on the lookout for a vacuum sealer, I’d suggest the Anova sealer.

The displacing strategy is where you first put your food and soaks in sous vide bag, lower the bag in a compartment of water, and permit the pressure to make all the air get out of the bag.

Either strategy works for sous vide chicken thighs. Note that on the off chance that you are adding a marinade clinched, if you don’t mind ensure your vacuum sealer is equipped for sealing fluids. If not, kindly go for the displacement strategy.

Time and Temperature

The time and temperature – given below – is the result of long periods of extensive testing, and will remove the mystery from cooking sous vide. Just select a temperature needed for your ideal doneness, at that point decide the length of the cook, dependent on the thickness of the protein.

  • Sous Vide Chicken Thigh Temperature: 160 – 167F/71 – 75C
  • Sous Vide Chicken Thighs Cooking Time: 1 to 4 hours

Our unquestionable top choice is cooking chicken thighs at 74C/165F for 1/2 hours. Cooking the meat for this length brings about a delicate, delicious chicken that Thomas Keller would be glad for. Besides, cooking them at a temperature of 165F guarantees that the chicken is completely cooked deep down.

Simply ensure you have a trusty sous vide that precisely guides the temperature of the bath or your outcomes may alter (look at the Anova or Joule).

In spite of the fact that this balance of time and temperature is our top choice, we prescribe you investigate various combinations to discover your own top choice. Our cooking aide can most likely help you uncover your ideal time and temperature.

Suggested Searing Methods for Chicken Thighs

Searing is by a good margin the main stage in cooking sous vide. In the event that need your food to seem as all the same it is Michelin star quality, you must get a rich Sear on it. Avoiding to do so will make your evening meal visitors can’t help thinking about why they let you cook once more.

If you need a stunning singe, you must:

  1. Pat the meat fully dry with a paper dishtowel
  2. Season freely with salt or seasoning of your choice
  3. Sear at very high temperatures.

Now you need to decide the best Sear technique. For sous vide chicken thighs, we propose skillet sear, flame broiling or utilizing a Sear torch. The trick is getting the container, flame broil or torch very hot, at that point searing for 1 to 2 minutes on each side. This outcomes in a prompt, great Sear without drying out the thighs.

Sous Vide Chicken Thigh Recipes

Chicken Piccata – A sous vide on a classic work of art – chicken piccata. In this recipe, we needed to emphasis on making two things extraordinary – the sauce and the chicken. We kept the sauce direct with just new constituents. Anyhow, the kinds of the sauce combine in the sous vide to make a wonderful, tart sauce.

Pollo Asado – This recipe utilizes a tasty marinade of citrus juices and a combination of spices constantly. We chose to kick it up an indent by applying sous vide chicken thighs, which are very delicate cooked sous vide.

Chicken Paprikash – In this dish the excellent sauce is velvety and abundant with flavor. The chicken is succulent and gentle. It is the ideal comfortable dinner.

Special Equipment

Sous Vide Machine – This one is self-evident. To cook sous vide, you will require a gadget to accurately manage the temperature of the bath. The two best sous vide machines in the game currently are the Anova Precision Cooker and the Breville Joule.

The fundamental distinction between the two is that with the Anova you can control the gadget both physically and with a cell phone, and with the Joule you can just control the gadget by utilizing your cell phone. In any case, the two sous vide machines are top notch and you can’t turn out badly with one or the other decision.

12-quart Container – Although you can utilize an needed stockpot for your sous vide cooking essentials, I strongly suggest purchasing a huge plastic holder. They are cheap and roomy, so you won’t need to stress over cooking a major meal in a little pot. I suggest a 12 quart Rubbermaid container, as it is BPA free, durable, and huge enough for pretty much anything you will cook.

Compartment Lid – If you will purchase a plastic holder, I profoundly recommend purchasing a realistic cover for it. At the point when you sous vide for a long span, the warmth of the water causes evaporation. With a top, it disposes of a larger part of the vanishing so you can cook for quite a long time happy.

Roasting Pan and Rack – Having a quality roasting pan for gold formula can help accomplish a magnificent sear in the stove. Made In offers high quality and value, which is the reason it is our #1 skillet brand.

Next Level Sous Vide – Looking to take your sous vide abilities to the next level? The Next Level Sous Vide eCookbook will thrust your culinary limits with 65 heavenly recipes that are similarly pleasant and delicious. With professional tips and a final clarification of the sous vide measure, you will be headed to amplify your sous vide abilities.

John Smith