Sharpen Scissors With Foil – Bring Your Blades Back to Life

When you use your scissors for a long time they lose the sharp edges and become really dull for further usage. As compared to the time when you first bought them, you can see a lot of difference in the performance now. No one likes dull scissors that don’t give you a sharp and precise cut and they try to sharpen scissors with foil. 

In case you have a few scissors with dull cutting, we have a lot of sharpening scissors hacks for you to go for. This guide will give you detailed information about inexpensive ways to get sharp scissors that can be done with your household items as well. Just a little practice on the tricks will make your cutting game strong and know how to sharpen scissors.

Sharpen Scissors with Foil

We usually come across this question that says how to sharpen hair scissors with aluminum foil and we have a complete detailed answer for you. You will be amazed to see how your scissors will work like the best electrical carving knives. Here you will find out different ways to sharpen your scissors.

Steps to Follow

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to perform the task like a pro. 

  1. Take a small piece of aluminum foil that can be 10 to 12 inches long. Now start folding the foil multiple times in order to get a long strip with a few lengthwise folds. 
  2. These folded layers of aluminum foil will help the scissors to get sharp and the blades will be refined with every cut. 
  3. This step is the fun part. You need to start cutting your folded, thick strip of aluminum foil. Make sure you cut throughout the length of your scissors so it gets the full stroke and the blade gets refined. 
  4. Start from the bottom of your strip and get to the top. This way the whole blade will be involved. 
  5. You can sharpen as much as you like by cutting a lot of skinny strips going for thicker stripes and a few cuts.
  6. Use a damp towel or tissue paper to wipe down the blades so that any debris of the aluminum is removed.

This is the ultimate way to sharpen your scissors with foil. After doing this quite a few times, you will get sharp scissors like new ones and enjoy some sharp cutting experience. 

Use Wamery Scissor Sharpener 

This type of scissor sharpening tool works as well as the result you get when you sharpen scissors with foil. This sharpener comes with 4 stages to get the perfect results. This is not a hack or house remedy, instead, it is a professional way to get your scissors sharpened. 

If you have a lot of dull scissors at home, this might be a good investment as it will give you a bunch of sharp new cutting equipment. It also works great for other sharp tools like Zwilling Ja Henkels knife set and blades. 

Ergonomic Handle

It comes with a slip-free ergonomic handle to make sure you get a strong grip on the device while working with sharp items. This feature makes it really safe and protected equipment to use in this way. 

Safe Pads

The anti-slip safe pads that come along with the scissors sharpener also makes sure you get a completely safe experience and nobody gets hurt during the process. You can get your best kitchen knife set and make it all new with this one.

Restores all Cooking Blades

There is no exception that only professionals can use it because anyone who cooks can sharp his blades too. This is the best answer to the question that says how to sharpen kitchen scissors and the Wusthof Kitchen Knife Set. You can perform the task easily.

4 Sharpening Stages 

There are 4 stages to sharpen your scissors in a perfect way. It provides you a choice and a range to play with in order to get the perfect result. The more dull your scissors are, the higher level would be required to get them sharp. 

  • Level 1: Scissors
  • Level 2: Coarse 
  • Level 3: Fine
  • Level 4: Ceramic

Complete Safety

The practical design of this scissors sharpener makes it a safe and reliable option. This kitchen utensil will work for everyone and you will enjoy this manual scissor sharpener even if you are a professional. 

Professional Level

This is a professional tool that can be used for different stainless steel kitchen equipment like slicers, butcher’s axes, paring knife, best meat cleavers, and in fact anything that is not serrated

Saves Money

Instead of buying all new knives and scissors and throwing the blunt ones away, you just need to invest in one of these and bring your blades back to life. You can easily grip it and make your blades good as new. Your best Bushcraft knives will stay new if you get this device. 

How to sharpen fabric scissors? 

This is a really common query where people want to know how to sharpen sewing scissors. Well, we have provided a few ways to get your fabric scissors sharp so you can either sharpen scissors with foil or use sandpaper. Otherwise, a professional scissors sharpener tool can go. 

How to sharpen scissors with a sharpener?

In case you are wondering how to sharpen scissors with a sharpener, we have the best option for you that is a Wamery scissors sharpener. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Get your scissor sharpening tool and keep it on a safety pad to avoid any slipping.
  2. Wide-open your scissors and work on one blade at a time. 
  3. Pull through the blade throughout its length on stage 1 of the sharpener three to five times.
  4. Get the second blade and rub it too.
  5. Increase the level of sharpness depending on the level you are looking for.

How to sharpen scissors with sandpaper?

In case you are wondering how to sharpen hair scissors with sandpaper, here is the complete stepwise answer to it. If you don’t already know, sandpaper is a rough piece of fabric and grit that allows you to find things out. 

You will need sandpaper with around 200 grits or even more fine if you like. 

  1. Cut a small square of your sandpaper.
  2. Fold it in half and keep the rough side facing outwards.
  3. This way when you cut the sandpaper, both the blades will be getting refined.
  4. Now start cutting through the paper around 20 times and you will see a visible difference in the blade. 
  5. Make complete strokes of your scissors to make the cut so it gets the effect all through the length of your blade. 
  6. You will need some touch-up sharpening afterward that you can perform with the Senzu knife sharpener.
  7. You can also cut other materials like steel wool or emery cloth to get the same effect if sandpaper is not available.
  8. Clean the blades of your scissors with a damp tissue or towel and get finely sharp scissors as a result. 

What is the best angle to sharpen scissors?

In case you have to sharpen scissors with foil and you want to know the perfect angle, you should go for 75° to 80°. At this angle, the blade is just about right to get refined by the foil or the sandpaper. 

How to sharpen scissors with a file?

This sharpens scissors hack will work perfectly fine for you if you have to sharpen curved scissors. In this method you will have to take a file, it should be really fine so the refinement it delivers is minute. 

You can file the blade just like you do your nails in order to get a really nice and sharp effect. If it is a glass file, you can try to cut it with long strokes so the whole length of the blade gets neat. This is a really fun and easy way to tackle your blades and say goodbye to the old and dull ones. 

John Smith