Pyrex 8 Piece Mixing Bowl To Ease Home Chef

Pyrex 8 pieace mixing bowl is your classic, trusted glassware brand.

When it involves glassware and kitchen accessories, Pyrex has seriously got you covered. We’re talking baking dishes, measuring cups, mixing bowls, storage containers, replacement lids, and other nifty kitchen gadgets.

On top of that, Pyrex 8 pieace mixing bowl products are 100% safe to be used within the microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and even the oven!

Mix, blend and store within the same dishes with this set of glass mixing bowls and color- coded lids.

During a versatile range of nesting, stackable sizes, the ribbed bowls have smooth interiors for straightforward stirring.


  • Set includes: Pyrex 8 pieace mixing bowl includes 1 each 3-cup (750 mL), 6-cup (1.5 L), 10-cup (2.5 L), 4.5 qt (4.5 L) with purple, green, blue & red lids, respectively
  • Design: Glass bowls with ribbed design
  • Safe: Microwave, fridge, freezer & dishwasher safe
  • Made: Made in the USA
  • Edition: Pyrex 8 pieace mixing bowl is 100 years limited edition


  • Pyrex mixing bowls vintage is Ribbed bowls have smooth interiors for straightforward stirring 7
  • It has Convenient sizes nest to save lots of space
  • Durable high-quality tempered glass
  • Bowls resist stains and don’t absorb food odors or flavors
  • Color-coded pyrex mixing bowls vintage are secure-fit lids help keep contents fresh
  • BPA free


  • 2-year warranty, microwave and oven safe
  • Easy to wash T
  • hey are made up of durable glass and straightforward to wash
  • They are good for uncooked (raw) foods also , especially left-over items from opened cans of food
  • It is very easy to store these.
  • Simply put the lids on each bowl and put them inside one another.


  • Heavy, the lids could also be hard to use

Shape and Depth:

Pyrex mixing bowls vintage is a good bowl should have a height and radius that are within an in.

Or two of every other. Deeper mixing bowls make it easier to stay all the ingredients within the bowl, especially if you’re mixing batter or dough.

Wide, shallow bowls work best for whisking dressing, light whipping cream , and similar tasks.

Food Safer

Each of the Pyrex friendship mixing bowls within the pack has lids to form them far more versatile. They will be utilized in an oven, with a microwave, during a fridge or freezer, and in fact , for mixing.

Each lid features a different color to feature some life to the combination and permit for easier sorting. Once done, top rack dishwasher safe, cleaning up may be a breeze.

Food’s hygenics and is safe from in this Pyrex friendship mixing bowls when kept for a time period.

It keeps no bacteria and is not harmful in use for any food type.


Pyrex friendship mixing bowls has Glass doesn’t affect the chemistry, color, or texture of food. Besides, a number of the toughened, heat resistant toughened glass bowls are often utilized in ovens, microwaves or freezers.

You’ll choose glass Pyrex friendship mixing bowls having measuring lines, lids, and dispensers. However, if you drop a glass bowl, even the tempered glass can break.

Also, hydrographic materials could also be sensitive to changes in temperature.

The sides of the glass bowl are very slippery, making it difficult to whip the albumen .


Perfect for virtually every kitchen task—from cooking to serving to storing—this set of Pyrex friendship mixing bowls can go from the freezer to oven then straight to the dining table .

Made from durable, impact-resistant glass with colorful, tight-fitting lids that lock in freshness.

Impression of the sturdiness of the Pyrex containers and their lids, which survived drop after drop onto a wood board placed over a cement floor.

At one point, a container missed the board entirely and bounced off the cement without breaking.

The containers also passed our thermal stress tests: they were unfazed after transferring them directly from a 350 °F oven to the freezer and the other way around.

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The quality of this glass mixing Pyrex friendship mixing bowls is very good and is made from best material as we. Is safe to use when hot material is poured or the coldest.

It has the capacity to bear all the temperatures. Food can be kept it in fridge, oven as well. And it is kept for long time period too.

Why choose glass?

Choose glass:

  • If you don’t mind heavier containers which will shatter
  • If you’re using the containers mostly for storage reception
  • If you store foods that tend to stain or smell
  • If you favor oven-safe containers

Easy to use and safe dishwasher

The Pyrex friendship mixing bowls are easier to seal than Anchor Hocking’s similar press-on lids and Glasslock’s press-on ones. The lids on the round containers are tested and watertight, but it is found that the oblong containers leak from the corners.

However, because you’re more likely to store soups and stews within the round containers.

To forgive this minor drawback. In tests, it is detected a small tomato aroma after running the Pyrex lids though the dishwasher, but the smell wasn’t as strong because the one left behind on a number of the opposite containers tested.

Pyrex’s plastic lids are obviously oven safe, and if you’re employing a dishwasher to wash the lids, they ought to be placed only on the highest rack.

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