Presto Salad Shooter Review: Chop, Slice, and Shred Vegetables

Say welcome to Presto salad shooters and goodbye to old style handheld grater!!  Gone are the days when you had to spend hours on a handheld grater whenever you needed to make healthy and nutritious salad for your family. Now there are top-notch Presto salad shooters that make the chopping, slicing and shredding an easy task for you.

Bye bye Handheld Slicers and Grates

You need not to use extra power on any manual grater at all. As you can save a good deal of your time as well. The time that you will spend on shredding the vegetables on a grater can be used in doing other household chores.

Preparing a perfect salad takes a lot of time and effort. Even if you consider slicing the carrots, capsicum, onions, and broccoli on a chopping board, it will still consume your energy. Moreover, you may not be able to chop the vegetables in the same size.

A salad shooter is a quick, easy and comfortable way of making salad at a blink of an eye. There are tons of great salad chopping machines already at your disposal but the ones that come with the additional bowls and tools are too messy to use.

More components of the machine simply mean more cleaning and more mess to clean. Therefore, you need to find the best chopper or slicer, I would suggest you to try any one of these two Presto Salad shooters, they are popular for their functionality, performance and very little machine components.

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Presto Salad Shooter: Electric 02910 Shredder

Comfortable chopping:

Presto 02910 shredder works really impressively on even nuts, chocolates and any other material that requires slicing. You will never have to put in manual struggle to make the slices. However, if you intend to slice the chocolate make sure to thaw it first. The frozen chocolate is likely to get stuck in the blade and might damage the machine as well.

Although, this Presto salad shooter is good enough to handle all kinds of ingredients, you still need to try it yourself. You can chop tomatoes, green chilies, reddish and anything that needs shredding. Easily shred Zucchini using salad shooter and make a quick salad for your diet.

Durable Design:

Whereas the most vegetable slicers come with fragile and weak designs, Presto 02910 salad shredder is a durable design. It requires very little maintenance at all, furthermore it is lightweight and portable. You will never have to rinse the machine when cutting different vegetables or fruits through it.  The design is somewhat compact and portable.

The best feature of the machine is that it does not get clogged. For example, if you have shredded some tomatoes after cutting down the carrots, the machine would not stop working. It does not require rinsing at any point as well.

Fuss Free Salad Shooter:

You can change the vegetables during the shooting process. The shredder will slice all the vegetables with an appropriate speed in a blink of an eye. Since, Presto 02010 salad shooter does not come with bowls, you need to use your own. When the machine shoots the salad simply put the bowl under the machine so it can be topped itself.

This Presto shooter is known to work on a wide range of ingredients so all you need to do is just do the slicing without worrying about anything. So, just put the vegetables or fruits in, let it do its job, and have your dish full of salad.

Quick Chopping and slicing:

You can slice, cut, and chop vegetables on the go without having to do anything manually. For instance if you are making Pizza, you can use Presto salad shooter to grate the cheese instantly. You won’t have to use a cheese grater. Moreover, you can slice down the ingredients for toppings such as red bell paper, green peppers, mushrooms, and even onions. Just change the cones to do slicing of different styles.  Make tacos, fillings and chopping for the recipes quickly and efficiently. This machine is such a time saver for the working mothers and chef.



  • Compact, simple, ultra-portable and lightweight.
  • Moreover, it works on all ingredients like vegetables, fruits and even nuts.
  • Different slicing cones for different styles of cutting and slicing.
  • Quickly shoots the salad for  pizza, tacos, fillings and recipes.
  • Requires little to no maintenance.
  • Additionally, Fuss free design with mess free delivery.
  • Uses only 125-watt for operation


  • If not cleaned after use may get clogged.


Although there are tons of famous salad shooters and slicers, they stop working after a certain time period.  Presto 02910 is the best affordable salad shooter out there that can make the job easy.  There are no complicated components to attach or assemble to put the machine to work. All you have to do is use the slicing cone in order to initiate the cutting, slicing and shredding procedure. However, keep in mind that the machine sometimes clogs when you do slicing vertically, other than this,  it’s a magical electric salad shooter for making quick salads.

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