Presto Heat Dish Plus 120V Parabolic Electric Heater: Efficient Heating Unit for Indoor and Outdoor

When the winter is approaching, everyone wants to cozy up in their room, may it be an office or home. But the warmth is never enough. So, what should you do? 

The easiest option is to look for a device that can give enough warmth. Suddenly, the winter does not seem as lonely and boring. While working in your room at night in the dead of winter, a portable heater is all you need. But among all the heaters available in the market, it becomes challenging to choose the right one. Here you will get information about a portable heater that will warm up your winters for the years to come.

Are you looking for a heater to adjust in a small space? It may look like a fan, but it is nothing like that. Instead of a cool breeze, you will get smooth and engulfing warmness coming from it. When it comes to heat dishes and portable heaters, Presto does not need any introduction.


Design: Its design is like a parabolic satellite dish, but the heat dish reflects heat instead of radio waves. It consumes 120V of voltage and 1000 watt of power and can be considered one of the most powerful but energy-friendly heating dishes.

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Powerful heat focus: Due to its design, the heat coming from it seems three times more stronger than any other heater of the wattage it will produce. It has a focused heat system that directs the warms where it is required.

Safety of use: It may look dangerous, but as you use it, you will see it is the safest option due to its integrated switch to turn off when the heater is tipped or jolted. Moreover, you will also hear a buzzer sound in that situation while the heating element is hot.

Multiple heat settings: On the presto heat dish, you will find multiple heat options to choose from. You can have both high or low settings according to the extent of warmth you want. 

Just in case you feel that you just need to warm up the room to make it comfy, adjust the heating level according to your liking to create your own comfort zone. Those chilling winter nights when the temperature is freezing you definitely need a heater that can produce more heat at low cost. This one is just the solution. 

You need not to turn the heater room to adjust the temperature of the room. As soon as you turn on The Presto Heatdish plus parabolic electric heater it starts working quickly to heat up the room. The best trait of this electric heater is that it only uses 1000 watt of power, so you get the option of saving a lot of money on your monthly bill.  

You may need one popcorn popper for those cold nights when you’’ll sit by a heater with your family to watch your favorite horror series on Netflix. Make popcorn bowls for your movies and special shows nights to have fun at home. 

presto heat dish

Strong grills: The heating element is protected with sturdy grills of steel. But the downside is the heated steel grills will be dangerous for the kids if they are around. 

Most people wonder if the Presto Heat dish parabolic heater works effectively outdoors, the answer is yes. It is based on computer focused design and reflector to focus heat. In winter when the cold is bone-chilling outdoors and you seek comfort within your home, you can rely on this heater.

It used third less energy while making your room warmer than a 1,500-watt indoor heating unit ever could. So it’s a nice deal for the money. It is energy efficient as well, you can run it for long hours either indoor and outdoor. 

Final thoughts

When shopping, finding the right product that satisfies all your requirements and specifications is a tricky task, but it can become effortless with research to buy a presto heat dish. This review will help you when you are looking for a portal heater. With this size, the electric heater is enough to warm a small room in approximately 15 minutes. You can easily rely on this product because of the quality of the build and its performance. The heater comes with a one-year warranty and supper portable due to its less weight of approximately four pounds.
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John Smith