Portable Electric Hob For Saving Energy: Heating Unit for Traveling trips and off-grid Food Cooking

With the increasing accidents happening around due to gas cooking stoves, the portable electric hob witnesses an increase in demand. The mini ones are portable electric hob and can be used wherever you have electricity supply available. If you live in small apartments or have small cooking spaces, these electric hobs are ideal for you. 

You will find plenty of options to choose based on design, ease of usage, specifications, and many more in the market. Choosing the best one that suits you might be challenging to make if you don’t know where to start. So here is a guide for you to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

# 01

Climax Ceramic Double Electric Hob

Are you looking for a simple yet trendy design? Are you tired of mini hobs that are difficult to clean? Here is the best option for you. 


This hot plate is a combination of quality with style. When you look at it, you would want to try new recipes with additional cleaning headaches. 

Do you know some perks of sous vide circulators? You can cook food just the way you want; full of nutrients and deliciousness.  If you follow any recipe from your sous vide cookbook, make sure to set the temperature right for cooking. You surely don’t want to have an overcooked steak for dinner. 

Sous vide  cooking is all about understanding different temperature levels for ingredients. For instance, sous vide meat steaks would take more time than chicken stake. However if you use a meat tenderizer you will never have to wait extra minutes for your food to be perfectly cooked. 

# 02

Duronic HP2BK Hot Plate

Another portable hot on our list is Duronic HP2BK Hot Plate. If you often have guests at home and your usual stove is not enough to cook large quantities of food, this electric hob is the best thing to have. When not in use, you can store it in your storage.

You can take this portable hot plate hub with you whenever you travel to the mountains. Or whenever you decide to live off-grid, in a cozy cabin, far away from the hustled lifestyle of the cities. 


This hot plate is the best option if you frequently move the electric plate here and there. The handles are a real comfort while in use. With the plate’s ability to heat quickly, you don’t have to wait long before you start cooking. 

You might also want to read a review on best vegetable steamers. They are making a big buzz around these days because you need not to cook everything in the same cooker anymore. The steamer would allow you to cook different vegetables to serve as a side dish with rice, steaks and curries.

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