Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer Unbiased Review- Is It Worth It?

Reaching the top spot in the list of best vacuum sealers in the market at a very affordable price, Nutrichef vacuum sealer steals the show. This product has proved to be distinguished as the best one among all and we agree with it. 

Nutrichef provides a lot of control to the user and makes vacuuming a really easy job. The best feature about this vacuum sealer is that it will take care of delicate food items in the best way possible. 

You will not have to deal with rotten food or spend a lot of bucks at restaurants to eat fresh food. In fact, you can save your leftovers and use them anytime. 

This type of product helps in sealing your plastic sous vide packets before putting them in the best sous vide cooker

User-Friendly Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer

This factor really makes a difference when it comes to vacuum sealers because some of the products in the market are so complex to use that you will have to look for a technical expert to just turn it on. 

On the other hand, Nutrichef vacuum sealer has a simple interface and self-explanatory process. Even if you are using it for the first time, the instruction label has it all in simple words. So overall, it’s a pretty user-friendly device.

Solid Sealing Performance 

When it comes to the performance of a vacuum sealer, all we care about is the way it seals your food or delicate items into plastic bags. It will be a great choice for your sous vide beef tenderloin cooking as it will help you seal the product in. 

There is a strong vacuuming power in this device that allows it to perform well in the long run. It does an absolutely phenomenal job and that is the reason why it is distinguished from the competitors. 

Is It Worthy?

We can say that it is definitely a worthy product as it is available at a very affordable rate and gives the best performance. You save the buck and enjoy absolutely the best sealing. 


  • There is a sensitive mode that helps you seal delicate food items.
  • They deliver a complete starter kit so you can use it right away.
  • You can reuse the packs.
  • The whole device is straightforward to operate, as it has simple instructions.


  • It is not very quiet.
  • Not the best product for sealing liquids.

Comparison With Competitors 

We have compared a lot of models in order to understand the working and get to know about this one. This one wins the top spot due to the heavy suction and sealing score. 

How well the sealer keeps the food fresh is what we pay for. The main purpose of the Nutrichef vacuum cleaner for fresh food is to keep everything sealed from any bacterias and dirt in the air and keep your leftovers safe. Before your food goes into the sous vide container, the sealer will help in many ways.

Re-Sealer Attachment

There is a resealing attachment along with the machine so that way you can avoid any space or spoiling of your liquid like milk and other juices. Any excessive air will be removed from the packet and that makes it a no-brainer but at such an incredible price tag. 

You can try all your sous vide recipes and store your food for later use.

Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer Suction

The suction power of the vacuum sealer is the most important factor while selecting the best product. We performed the test of its suction power using a vacuum gauge in order to give you the most accurate results and help you find the best choice. 

This vacuum sealer has a capacity to perform suction of around 18 in. Hg, that is pretty high. This way you get a very strong suction and enjoy the perfect sealing. This device delivers a fantastic value and each penny is paid back with it. 

You should call it an investment as it allows you to get the best quality performance at a significantly lower cost. 

Benefits of Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer

There are tons of reasons why we should buy the vacuum sealer but here are the top ones.

Preserves Wine

We can’t name any better device to see and preserve any type of wine. This is a very handy feature that allows you to seal your wine easily because wine bottles can break. You can also see other liquid items like vinegar, oil, and juices. 

Preserves Herbs

Storing herbs in the fridge only allow you to use them over a very short period of time. On the other hand, this device allows you to chop some cilantro and preserve it in your vacuum-sealed sous vide bag for a longer time. 

You will not have to give extra space to your leftovers because it will compress them into a very small bag that will not have any air in it. You will not have to use the slimy herbs again.

Fresh Pre-Packaged Food

Eating healthy is really beneficial for us but cooking, again and again, can be hard at times. But the Nutrichef vacuum sealer Will be a game-changer in your meal preparation

Instead of cooking every Sunday you can just make a lot of healthy dishes and store them in vacuum-sealed bags in portion size. This way the food will stay fresh five times longer. 

Easy Marination

Marinating your meat and making sure that all the seasoning gets deep into it is really hard. With regular, you will not have to deal with any contaminated meat. 

Using the regular Ziploc bag doesn’t concentrate all the seasoning on the meat and instead, it releases all the juices. 

No More Freezer Burn

It was in the past when you had to face the problem of the freezer burn. When the food is sealed in a vacuum lock plastic bag it never gets freezer burn.

Saves Space

Storing your food in glass containers might look really cool but it takes a lot of space. When you live with kids and have a lot of people in the household there isn’t much space. 

Using the vacuum-sealed bags means that they will only start on each other in a neat manner and provide a lot of space in your refrigerator as well as a freezer to use for other purposes. Get your sous vide cookbook ready and try a lot of recipes to save your food. 

Easy Storage

The complete body of the vacuum cleaner allows you to store it in a very small space. If you are a little controller and want everything to be neat this is the best choice for you. It has a slender shape and vacuum-sealed without using many accessories.

Seal, Vacuum Seal, and Reseal

It does not just allow you to seal it once but also reseal and reuse the packets

Things That Need Improvement 

A vacuum sealer really helps you a lot in terms of food wastage but there is a problem related to it.

Plastic Waste

As compared to the time before you started using a vacuum sealer you will be wasting a lot more plastic bags. This is not the best choice for the planet but you can save it by using reusable bags and avoid the adverse effects of plastic

You can also go for some alternative options and reusable bags and also good. Make sure to clean them to avoid cross-contamination. 

Level of Convenience 

If a machine brings ease to your life, that is what wins our hearts. We really appreciate it when a product is convenient to use and actually reduces the workload. You will be amazed how easy your food storage solutions will be with the easy to use Nutrichef vacuum food sealer. 

Not just in terms of sealing, it also brings ease in other ways. This is a very easy to clean device and the compact design allows you to store it in a small space. It will cut the bags for different sizes and your work will be a lot easier. 

The additional vacuum pumps awards this product some bonus points and helps it get to the top. The accessory ports allow it to seal your drinks and food perfectly. The Nutrichef works great and delivers a solid performance in terms of convenience.

Sealing Speed of Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer 

The speed at which the sealer works also matters. How many bags it can seal at a time and the pressure it puts when using it manually can make a difference and that way you get to know about the quality and grading of the NutriChef Vacuum sealing Machine. 

We can say that this product is actually on the faster side of performance as it can deliver a pretty good result when it comes to sealing a lot of bags at a time as compared to the Geryon vacuum sealer. The melted area of the sealed bag is also less so that it saves you space and you can add more food in one bag. 

It also gives a pretty good performance when it comes to sealing a lot of bags in a row. You will also not notice a lot of changed pressure when using the machine manually. In fact, even when everything is going automatically, the results are great. 

Why Do We Love It?

This product is something that really pays for itself because you will not have any leftover food waste in the kitchen. You can also save a lot of money at restaurants and see your help but eating only fresh and healthy home-made food. Here are the best features:

  • This is easy to clean the device.
  • It comes with an automatic sealing option.
  • You can reuse your plastic bags and save the planet.
  • The product is really easy to use.
  • There are two sealing modes.
  • You get a resealing option to save liquids from spoiling.

How can you clean the Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer?

Cleaning the vacuum sealer is a really easy process. You will have to follow the following steps:

  • Make sure you switch off the machine and unplug it from the power before you start cleaning it to control any electrical hazards.
  • Now push the two green buttons present on the machine so that it can bend backward and allow you to clean the area.
  • Now the cleaning area will be exposed and you use a damp cloth or a sponge to clean it. 

How to use the Nutrichef vacuum cleaner?

What are the steps that you will have to follow in order to vacuum seal using the Nutrichef machine?

  • Add the food to your plastic bag and place it in the machine.
  • Press the button to see the food.
  • Wait for it to automatically vacuum the air out and your package will be ready.

Can You Use the Nutrichef Vacuum Cleaner with One Hand?

Yes, you can use on the one hand to operate the Nutrichef Vacuum cleaner. You will not have to use both of your hands so that you can multi-task and enjoy an automatically working vacuum sealer that performs the job. 

Works Best for Delicate Foods

This is a very common question about the best vacuum sealer, whether it deals with delicate food in a good way or not. Some foods are easily smashed and it is a problem to seal them in a proper way. 

For that purpose, we have to evacuate the air without putting much pressure to ensure that the food stays intact and fresh over time. Cooking boneless sous vide chicken will be a lot easier with it. 

You can take standard white bread or a sandwich for example. The amount of control we get by evacuating the air really makes a difference. You will have to pulse the control by hand in order to make sure that nothing gets smashed or damaged due to too much suction power. 

Instead of using the automatic function, we can go for it manually and keep our food safe. In terms of keeping the delicate food-safe, Nutrichef vacuum sealer does a phenomenal job. We gave it the top score because of the great performance.

The Takeaway 

In case you want a fantastic all-rounder vacuum sealer that will be the best solution to all of your food wastage problems, Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer reviews will be the best choice for you. The best part comes when you save a lot of cash with the NutriChef PKVS18BK.

Overall it delivers an impressive performance. The sleek and smart design will be about the addition to your aesthetic kitchen even though you hesitate to bring in new appliances that take a lot of space. 

John Smith