Motion Activated Sprinkler: Safeguard your Garden, Plants and property from Invasion

A motion activated sprinkler is a cutting edge modern device that can kill two birds with one stone. When you activate the device, it works magically in different ways. It shoots water whenever it senses somebody invading your property, throwing thrusts of water on the person and generating a large noise. Moreover, it waters the gardens on time without you having to spray the tree, grass and plants yourself. 

Maintaining a garden or a yard is a tedious job consuming a lot of energy. If you find your vegetation destroyed by unwanted animals such as deer, raccoons, and other creatures, it might not be effortless to digest.

When it comes to a problem, a solution is always created or under creation somewhere. In this situation, we know what could be the exact solution to this problem. If you are also one of those going through this problem happening in your backyard, you will undoubtedly relate to the issue here.

Continue reading to find out all about the solution to this problem in your garden. 

Motion-activated sprinklers are the remedy for this problem.

These sprinklers will drive these animals away from your lovely backyard, and all your month’s long hard work will be saved.

But the question is, which Motion-activated sprinklers should you buy?

Don’t worry! Here you will find a list of possible options to make the right choice while buying these sprinklers.

When buying the motions sensors, few things to consider, such as the source of power, run on battery or solar-powered, a water source, and their range to spread water spray. 

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This sprinkler is the best solution because it will not waste energy or water as it will be activated when it senses the Motion. Thank the highly efficient motion sensing technology.


Day and night mode:

While it has day and night modes as well, ORBIT 62100 can work around the clock and comes with a 120º infrared sensor to detect the presence of animals and birds at a distance of 40 feet. Isn’t it great?


ORBIT 62100 YARD ENFORCER MOTION-ACTIVATED SPRINKLER is powered by four AA batteries. You can tinker with the angel of the sprinkler according to the size of the animals. 

It is an intelligent sprinkler, so you don’t need to worry about it, mistaking leaves’ rustling and moving branches from animals. 

Accurate sensor:

This motion sensor is very accurate in its service, so it is highly liked and recommended. Its diameter is 70 feet, so it can cover an area of 3,800 sq.ft.

What are you waiting for????

Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

If you are looking for a sprinkler, but your area is not that big, this is another variation of the motion-activated sensors mentioned above sprinklers. This one covers an area of 1600 sq.ft. This device has many features similar to the ORBIT 62100 discussed before, such as intelligent and advanced motion-sensing technology, a 120º infrared sensor, and different timing modes for water sprinkling.


Metal tripod

The highlighting difference is that this sprinkler comes with a 54 inches metal tripod. You can install this device to cover an area where the grass is relatively tall, or the appliance can not be inserted into the soil.

Tripod extendable 

The tripod has the settings to extend the height from 28 to 54 inches. Due to this added feature, you will pay 20$ extra; however, looking at the tripod’s build and balance seems justifiable.

Battery power

A 35 feet modifiable sprinkler runs over four AA alkaline batteries and can power more than activation cycles, which is massive on this battery.

Adjustable sprinkler

The Motion-activated sprinkler’s extended height with the tripod will allow you to adjust the settings according to the plants’ and animals’ size.

Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent 2.0

If you are looking for a device packed with features and are not working with the constricted pocket, you should consider this device for your yard. 


adjustable design

You can make the adjustments according to the animals’ height with nine adjustable settings, from deer to squirrels.

Choose the range

With this sprinkler, you can choose the sprinkler’s range and the angle of the water sprinkle. No other sprinkler can provide you with such a variety of settings.

Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler can cover an area of 1900 square feet exceeding many similar devices.

Jet of water

This sprinkler will repel the animals with a sudden jet of water and a startling noise to frighten them away. It can detect a motion as far away as 35 feet.

Charging alert

As the device detects a low battery power, it gives an alert for the next charge. Being more massive, it is heavier than the one introduced. 

Abaco Tech Motion Activated water sprinkler

The Abaco tech motion sensor sprinkler is suggested for the area where wildlife animals are in plenty, surrounding the area of landscapes.If you reside on a property, littered by forests and deep jungles, you are likely to have more encounters with the animals.

Sometimes, you simply live in an urban style home located near vast landscapes, where animals reside in abundance due to farm style lifestyle. If so, there is a chance that your vegetable gardens and flower plants are the risk of getting destroyed. 

Abaco Tech motion sensor sprinkler is capable of detecting animals wandering around your property when in the radius of 120 degrees. The sensor comes into action by shooting the water promptly as soon as any animals are 30 feet away from the property or the area where you have installed it. Most people install the sensor in the garden.

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Low consumption:

The Abaco tech motion sensor consumes very little water to deter the animals away from your property or garden. Therefore it is really safe to use anywhere around the home. 

Waterproof build:

The structure of this motion sensor water sprinkler is somewhat impressive with the metal exterior, which is also waterproof, strong and sturdy. It features a special jet style nozzle to sprinkle the water around. Therefore, it does not shoot too much or too little of water, just the right amount to scare the animals away. 

Covers a large area:

Whereas most sprinklers are designed to cover a small area or garden, this one is an exception. It is an outclass water sprinkler designed to cover a wider area around the property, including front yard or backyard. 

Safe to use:

The Abaco tech  water sprinkler is safe and friendly, it only scares away the animals from your property without causing any harm. Generating a low beep or noise, it issues an alert for you to make you aware of someone’s presence in the yard. This feature is really awesome.

Perfect animal repellent:

When activated, this motion sensor water sprinkler sprouts a jet of water on the animals to scare them away. Moreover, it produces a really gentle clicking noise in the distribution valve, frightening the pests or birds that try to eat away the crops.  The positioning of the jet is also really appropriate for the design of the sprinkler itself. It shoots water every five seconds and then stops for a break.

Orbit Animal Repellent Water Sprinkler

Among many famous motion sensor sprinklers, one known for its best functionality, is Orbit’s 62120 yard enforcer motion sensor sprinkler and animal repellent.  This sensor only works when it is necessary, making it one of the most energy-efficient devices for the homeowners. 


Humanly repels animals and pests:

The first feature is that it scares away the animals, pests, birds and humans very humanly from your property without causing any physical harm. The spray squirts just a little amount of water onto the invaders to keep them away from your yards, plants and gardens. 

Detection sensing: 

It features an advanced detecting sensor, allowing you to set it to work for night only or day only.  So, you can save some energy on the operation as the motion water sprinkler works only whenever it senses it is important and shuts down automatically. 


The design of this motion sensor sprinkler is somewhat impressive as setting it up is easy. All you need to do is press the spike into the soil of the garden to set it up in a place without hassle. 

Intelligent sensors:

The sensors of this water sprinkler are completely different from what you see on its counterparts.It can detect and differentiate between the rustle of the tree, winds and the movements of the animals. Therefore, it does not waste water by sprinkling water unnecessarily, it only starts squirting it whenever it senses there’s a need for it.  The water and energy saving has a range of 70 feet, it means it can cover the area of 3, 830 square meter.

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With these Motion Activated Sprinklers, you are good to go without worrying about unnecessary intruders. With one unit covering a large area, it will not be a very pricy investment, but the results are fantastic.

Motion-activated technology will not use the extra power of the battery, so it is a sustainable option. While you can always use them as regular sprinklers with the timing options, the added benefits are a security source for your hard work months. By going through all of these, you can easily make a wise choice.

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