Getting Smart With “Kenmore Smart Refrigerator”

Kenmore 73115 French Door Smart Refrigerator

Kenmore 73115 Smart Refrigerator

Kenmore 73115 Smart French door refrigerator Resists Fingerprints for Quick & Easy Cleaning Bring home the bacon and keep it fresh.

The Grab-N-Go door makes grabbing fresh foods and keeping household staples at hand a breeze.

Pairing modern conveniences with smart technology, this French door fridge has both the space and therefore the smarts to stay your household running on time and well-stocked with fresh foods.


  • Item includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up and free optional haul-away at checkout
  • Connect with the Kenmore Smart App and Amazon Alexa voice commands to activate Accela Ice rapid ice making system, monitor and adjust temperature, receive open door alert, set up automatic filter replacement through Amazon Dash Replenishment, remote support, and more.
  • 27.7 cu. ft. capacity with dual freezer drawers is designed for large families, weekend parties, and life’s celebrations with loads of premium, flexible storage making loading and unloading groceries a breeze.
  • Cool Edge direct door cooling keeps a steady supply of cold air circulating throughout your fridge, including bins and pantry drawers, to keep your foods at the ideal temperature
  • CleanFlow Air Filtration actively circulates air through its charcoal filter to keep the fridge smelling fresh.
  • The Slim In-Door Icemaker’s innovative design gives extra storage space on the top shelf and in-door bins, and through-door ice and water dispenser easily fills large pitchers, coffee pots, and water bottles.
  • Exterior dimension in inches: 35.75W x 33.75D x 68.375H. Measure the available space to ensure the item will fit.


With added advantages like delivery to the space of your choice, unboxing, item hook-up and free haul-away at checkout, you furthermore may get remote capabilities with the Kenmore

Smart technology once you choose this smart refrigerator. The app allows you to regulate the functions of the refrigerator remotely with Amazon’s Alexa voice commands, receive reminders and open-door alerts and adjust temperatures.


  • LED lighting makes it easier to view the foods inside
  • Genius Cool technology maintains optimum temperature
  • Design is compact, so it fits in smaller rooms


  • Drawers don’t pull out far enough
  • Height adjustments for the shelves are of awkward design, meaning you can’t accommodate tall containers easily

Plenty of space:

This Kenmore Smart fridge has 27.7 cu. ft. of interior space, many room to refill favorite snacks, leftovers and household staples. Adjustable interior storage makes putting the groceries away hassle-free while the twin freezer drawers make it easy to stash and organize frozen foods.

Humidity-controlled crispers and a gourmet full-width pantry drawer keep fresh foods and deli favorites close at hand and at ideal temperatures. A Slide Away shelf gives you additional space once you need it for taller items.

Keeps cool:

Cool Edge™ direct door cooling keeps a gentle supply of cold air circulating throughout your fridge, including bins and pantry drawers, to stay your foods at the perfect temperature.

 Multi air flow technology works with the CleanFlow air cleaner to circulate fresh air through a charcoal filter, removing food odors and keeping your fridge interior nice and fresh for your fresh foods.

Smart Kitchen Technology:

It is the most smart technology refrigerator that may works according to the climate range. It cools down and lows down the temperature as its storage needs.

Its sensors works efficiently and make it sure the cooling is up to the temperature.

Ice & Water At Your Fingertips:

Grab fresh clear riparian right from the in-door dispenser. A deluxe filter helps remove contaminates and provides you fresh-tasting water and ice.

Accela Ice gives you the choice to hurry up ice production, perfect for once you have guests over, while the slim in-door kitchen appliance won’t hog fridge space.


This kenmore refrigerator side by side 73115 French door Refrigerator is a particularly durable machine. You won’t need to worry regarding repairs or performance problems for a minimum of a couple of years.

The creators of this Kenmore Smart 73115. French door Refrigerator has decided to use only the foremost durable materials and styles. You’ll got to program the house automation system before you’ll use it.

This a part of managing your refrigerator should be easy enough even for those with little technical knowledge. The instructions will lead you thru every little step of the method.


Kenmore 73115 side by side refrigerator reviews 73115 Refrigerator is so fabulous. It provides you the potential to wash up after yourself as you see fit. Store your food within the temperatures you wish, and you’ve got many space for nearly everything you’ll consider.

It’s difficult to ascertain why you shouldn’t buy this refrigerator. This Kenmore Smart 73115 Refrigerator may be a really welcome addition in your household if you would like a sleek, attractive spacious beast.


A smart refrigerator is quite just a tool. Several of the tasks you’d perform by hand are often done fast and simply by machine. This is an excellent feature for power savers and people who want to stay their home power effective.

John Smith