Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites Recipe

I think you are quite familiar with this dish! Who doesn’t like to eat these vide egg bites? We have ordered this dish several times from Starbucks as they offer them in the perfect fluffy texture that you always adore. They use Sous vide (pronounced as sue veed) method for the superior taste. Yet, eating this cuisine several times from the same restaurant makes you sick to the stomach.

On the internet, there are numerous ways by which you can make instant pot sous vide egg bites. As people always try to make them, yet they keep failing every time. So, how to perfectly duplicate this dish! Doing in-depth research for a perfect recipe; at last, we succeeded in obtaining the perfect one.

This recipe gives the replica of this high protein snack. You don’t need to worry, as making these egg bites is not as difficult as it looks. As a newbie, you can also use the best instant pressure cooker for keeping a close eye.

At the end of this blog, you will know how to cook these egg bites. Besides that, we will also inform you about the right ingredients. After that, you can make this dish whenever you want to make it. Even you will know the exact life span of this dish since the food lost its optimal condition when it doesn’t consume for a longer time.

So, without wasting any time, let’s begin our journey. 

Ingredients you Need

As you are quite aware that to make delicious food, it is vital to have all the right ingredients. Even the slightest herbs make a difference in a dish. Especially when we talk about sous vide egg bites instant pot! 

Buy all the ingredients we mention below, as they are easily available from any market place.

Eggs: You can get any eggs for the dish. However, we suggest you buy the bigger one’s as they will make the cup fuller.

Olive oil: To pre-cook the veggies, use this in your recipe. You can also select other oils for cooking.

Minced Garlic: As garlic gives an enduring essence, use it while cooking. If you don’t have minced garlic, you can also use powdered garlic as there is no restriction.

Minced Onion- For the perfect flavour, chop the onion in small bits. Make sure to saute the onion before putting them together with the eggs.

Fresh Spinach: You can use fresh spinach in your egg bites. Make sure to saute the veggies before adding them with the other ingredients. You can also consider using frozen spinach. Just be sure to remove the moisture from the cups in every possible case. 

Cheddar Cheese: You must know cheese is one of the key ingredients in making these bites. When infused with other flavours, it gives the OMG! Goodness to your mouth. Use white cheddar cheese as this is the best one. But you can substitute it with other cheese as each one has its own unique and vibrant taste.

In the end, you can sprinkle it with different spices and herbs as it is totally up to your taste. Consider these elements while making. Avoid using too many ingredients as it will disturb the right balance in the dish. 

The Perfect Recipe to make Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites:

Now we are halfway through. When you get all of the fresh ingredients, making this dish is not a big deal. Carefully reads all our instructions so that you can master this dish in your first go.

First of all, clean your hands, as maintaining hygiene is essential to avoid complications like food poisoning. Make sure you have all the right set of tools to make this cuisine. Among other means, the central part contributes to a cooker. If you don’t have one, you can check the best electric pressure cookers. They perform superbly and doesn’t cost a hefty sum. Also, consider buying a wire rack for holding the silicone moulds.

After cleaning the silicone moulds, spray them with olive oil. As you know, these moulds are non-sticky. For that purpose, use a sticky version of the oil. Otherwise, the eggs will completely stick with the moulds when you try to remove them.

Once done, sauté the minced spinach, garlic and onions as this is a dish developed in small moulds. It is necessary to put them through this process. Otherwise, your egg bites will overflow from the mould surface. When you follow this procedure, they will settle at the bottom when you pour egg paste on it. Trust me; this will give the perfect shape to your egg bites.

Now whisk the eggs properly. As the veggies get settled, pour the mixture on it. Try to use a beaker while putting eggs. This will help a lot in pouring eggs with proper saturation and balance. Cover the opening of the silicone moulds with aluminum foil or with the moulds cap. Put the moulds in the cooker. Let me tell you; it only takes 5 minutes to build pressure inside the machine. In the next 5 minutes, your egg bites will be adequately cooked. However, don’t be in a rush for opening the lid. Let the steam get cleared in few next minutes.

Get the egg bites out of the cooker. At room temperature, with care, remove each ball smoothly from the mould. As this dish is customizable, sprinkle it with your favourite flavours to give it an extra delight. By only following these simple and effective steps, you will replicate this dish perfectly. Follow each statement precisely, to get the results you are looking for in this cuisine. 

Egg Bites Combinations:

There is no limit in infusing this dish with other ingredients. You can use it as a side platter. Whenever you feel ravenous, put some of these bites in the microwave. Among different combinations, we’re presenting you will the most adored by people.

We will not mention the ratio’s proportion, as you can adjust them according to your requirement.

If you like to eat spicy food, we have the perfect combo for you. Use diced green chilli with pepper jack cheese. Use the shredded version for better taste. In the end, also add cotton cheese and eggs to complete the mixture for egg bites.

People love this another dual infusion very much. To get the finger-licking taste:

Last but not least, this combination is rarely used, yet we consider this the top dawg of this cuisine. To make this:

As you can see, this duple might take a few minutes, yet this mixture is worth the time spending.

As a beginner, try to make these combinations; they will help you improve your skillset for other related dishes. People with busy life highly prefer these combo’s as they are less time consuming and easy to make.


You can stack a large number of eggs in the pot. Mainly, this technique is applied to restaurants. However, we will recommend you not to do this! As it takes only a few minutes to get cooked. Try making them in small quantities, not more than eight. Yet, if you have a more oversized kitchen utensil, you can increase the volume.

As eggs do explode when moved into a high-pressure area. That same goes for the egg bites. When you are making them, adjust the temperature precisely. The mixture doesn’t get too overcooked to eat or remains raw when left unchecked.

These egg bites can also be frozen. However, as we know, cheese is obtained from dairy products. Therefore, don’t store them for too long. You can keep it for a week. Yet, try to consuming them in a few days so that you can attain the vital nutrients from them. As food lose its optimal condition after a few days.

In the microwave, don’t heat them for too long. It only takes 30 seconds to get warm when we consider them at room temperature. However, you can heat them for 1-2 minutes if they are more freeze.

Final Thoughts

Now, without any doubt, you know how to make Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites. Making them is not a big deal. You can use utensil like; Wancle sous Vide to speed up the process. This will increase the shredding process and lessen the workload from your hands. The dish that takes 25 minutes before now will take 15 minutes. Isn’t it great! You can serve this dish as a platter or in the main course. Now it’s up to you. 

By adopting this method, you will save the five bucks that you give to Starbucks weekly. Now feel confident whenever you face this dish.

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