The Ultimate Review of the Inkbird Bluetooth thermometer IBT-4X

Bluetooth thermometers have proven to be a game-changer and have completely revolutionized the cooking industry. It offers you more easy and convenient ways of monitoring and controlling the cooking process. Being able to keep a track of your delicious short ribs and steak temperature via this cool kitchen gadget sounds great.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a ban on an outing and dining in hotels. Meanwhile, the household Barbeque gadgets industry has seen a boom in its sales.  Most of these products are related to the grilling section. One of these products is the Bluetooth thermometer. These amazing Bluetooth thermometers are a great example of such devices that have got you covered for your grills and microwave oven temperature issues.

While there are hundreds of Bluetooth thermometers out there, one finds it difficult to choose the best one. That’s where we play our part. Our team of experts has tested a few of the available Bluetooth thermometers and has come up with one of the best Bluetooth thermometers.

The Inkbird Bluetooth thermometer IBT-4X-B4 is our top choice. It is one of the best-selling meat and Barbeque thermometers currently available on the market. This wireless, Bluetooth-enabled thermometer allows you to grill your meats to absolute perfection by controlling the temperature of your meat. 

This thermometer has an answer for all your cooking problems and will fit all of your cooking needs and allows you to track temperatures from anywhere in your home on your phone. The advanced and state-of-the-art Bluetooth communication makes cooking easier than ever for cooks of all experience levels.

What is Inkbird?

The Inkbird company is well known for manufacturing and selling home automation and innovative products. A few of those products include Barbeque thermometers, Bluetooth thermometers, temperature controllers, and humidity controllers. The Inkbird Bluetooth thermometer  IBT-4X is possibly their best entry into the cooking industry.

Inkbird Bluetooth thermometer IBT-4X review

Following is the ultimate and detailed review of Inkbird Bluetooth thermometer 4X:

What’s inside the Box?

The remote thermometer comes in a small, simple but heavy-duty box. The box comes very well packaged. The very first thing which you see when opening the box is the simplicity and beauty of the main unit.

Accessories that come within this box are as follow:

  • The Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer IBT-4X Transmitter
  • 4x Stainless steel 4.9 feet longer temperature probes
  • A USB charging cable
  • 4.9 feet probe wire
  • 2x Grate clips
  • An optional case
  • A user manual
  • Warranty Card

The Inkbird takes special care in designing all its accessories and guarantees that all of its products are manufactured with high-quality material. Your cellphone/ tablet serves as a receiver, thus no separate receiver is provided by the company.

The Inkbird’s Bluetooth thermometer has a built-in battery that can be charged via USB cable. The provided user manual can be used to download the app and connect the unit with your cell phone/ tablet. Moreover, it also contains instructions about charging the thermometer and installing the probes.

How to Set up Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer IBT-4X:

The setup and pairing of the IBT-4X are really simple and easier even if you are not a technology geek. Use the following instructions to set up and pair IBT-4X with your cellphone/ tablet:

The screen is rotatable and the unit has a magnet on the back that can be used to attach it to any cool surface. The app will alert you when the food is done. Though IBT-4X and BBQ Go app is easy to use  It is always suggested that users must read user manuals. 

Key Features of Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer IBT-4X:

The Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer IBT-4X is a lightweight, streamlined user-friendly Bluetooth thermometer. IBT-4X is economically affordable and very impressive. A complete list of its numerous features is given below:

Temperature Range: The Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer IBT-4X provides a perfect temperature range of 32℉~572℉ (0℃~300℃) to monitor and control the heat of your food and grill. This is a superb choice for any indoor or outdoor cooking, grilling, baking, and brewing.

Large LCD & Rotatable Display: A magnificent, large, bright LCD measuring 2.2” x 1 in diameter makes it simple and easy to read the temperature from just about every angle.  Another plus point is that it does not fade in bright sunlight like many other thermometer displays. Thus making it a perfect Bluetooth thermometer for any outdoor cooking.

The Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer IBT-4X has a very useful and interesting display feature. The screen is rotatable and the unit has a magnet on the back that can be used to attach it to any cool surface. You just need to double-tap the bottom of the display and the readout will instantly flip over allowing you to see your readouts from an angle of your choice. choice 

Bluetooth Connection: One of the main and amazing features of this thermometer that makes it unique from other thermometers is its ability to connect through Bluetooth wirelessly to your cellphone/ tablet.  It has a range of up to 50 meters. It automatically sends a signal to your phone if you go out of range and lose connection.

BBQ-GO Mobile App: Pairing or un-pairing the Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer IBT-4X is an easier, and simple task.  This app is completely customizable and super easy to use.  BBQ-GO app allows you to scroll and choose from a list of endless meat options like poultry, beef, pork, fish, and lamb.  You can even customize settings for each of the four available probes independently.

With amazing graphic features, you can track your cooking. The displayed temperatures are real-time temperatures on your smartphone.

4 x Food Probes: The Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer IBT-4X comes with 4x Stainless steel 4.9 feet longer temperature probes.

2 x Probe Clip: The Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer IBT-4X  comes with two probe clips that are used for attaching your probe to the grates of the grill.

USB Charging: Another amazing, innovative, and interestingly unique feature added to this gadget is a built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery.  The battery is non-removable and is charged by using the included 1.64 feet USB charging cable. This means there is no need to buy any additional batteries which are ultimately going to save you a lot of money.

The battery gives a long-lasting time of 60 hours when charged fully. The current status of the battery can also be viewed via the BBQ-GO app, thus providing you ease to know that where you stand on battery life. 

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The all-new Inkbird Bluetooth thermometer IBT-4X is a well-built, easy-to-use wireless grilling thermometer.  It is simple to use and has many helpful features, and for the price is a great thermometer.  It would make an excellent addition to everybody’s grilling toolbox. Sure, there are more expensive, more technologically advanced wireless thermometers out there, but if you want one that is accurate and doesn’t break the bank, you will do well with this one. 

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