How to sous vide shrimp: Recipe, Temperature & Useful tips for sous vide cooking.

It’s a weekend and you are sitting in the world’s most beautiful beach restaurant. What would you love to eat on this romantic evening?  If you want to get a moderate amount of protein with relatively low amounts of fat then eating tasty shrimps is the only healthy and available way to leave you satisfied and your tummy full for hours.

But there is a narrow difference between well-cooked, crunchy shrimps and inedible, rubbery, and plain bad cooked shrimp. In reality, there is nothing like ok are just fine shrimps. Shrimps are either cooked to their perfection or these are ill-cooked. There is no in-between these two extremes. In traditional cooking, this is just a matter of time. In a few minutes, a shrimp can be a good one or a bad one.

Well, If we talk about the sous vide shrimp cooking procedure then sous vide cooking is all about timing and temperature. In sous vide cooking, raw food along with other ingredients is packed in sous vide bags by using sous vacuum sealer machines. Though having shrimps at home like the ones you had while dining in a beach restaurant is not truly possible via traditional cooking. 

But you can enjoy many better-cooked shrimps by using the sous vide cooking procedure. With great precision and accuracy of sous vide cooking, cooking tasty shrimps is now incredibly easy and full of fun. 

Shrimps prepared by the traditional method are amazing but acquiring the perfect temperature and texture needs true expertise. If shrimps are cooked for more than the required time and at a more or less temperature then cooked shrimp can be drastic and tasteless. But with the sous vide precision power cookers and sous vide shrimp cooking procedure, you don’t have to worry about the short window of time between perfect and overcooked shrimp.


We have researched and found the best and most suitable recipe for sous vide shrimp cooking, so that you may not have to waste your time and expenses in looking for the best recipe.

Ingredients for 4:

Sous Vide Shrimp Temperature

You need to keep in mind that cooking shrimp at different temperatures will give you differently cooked shrimps. Following are the ideal and tried temperatures. The textures and quality which will be produced after sous vide cooking shrimps at these temperatures is as follow


Before going in-depth about this interesting recipe, let’s talk about Sous vide precision cooker pro.

Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro:

Sous vide precision cooker pro with special wifi feature is perfect sous vide cooker machine. With its perfect results, there is no need to worry about overcooking or undercooking your food.  It circulates water at the perfect temperature which is required for the recipe. With its app, you can even access thousands of sous vide food recipes.

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Pros & Cons

Let’s get back to our recipe now.

Directions for Cooking

Use the following instructions to cook the shrimps

Now, your delicious, juicy, tender, and flavorful sous vide shrimps are ready to serve. Try out this recipe with your friends at any barbeque party and enter into a new world of great taste.

What about adding extra flavors:

One of the most amazing things about sous vide shrimps is that any extra flavor, ingredient, or herb can be added to it. If you want to add any additional olive oil or butter to it, you are free to add it.  You can also add other ingredients such as olive oil, paprika, sherry, garlic, and any other ingredient.

Tips to Remember:

Following tips should be kept in mind for effective and better sous vide cooking.


Can we use frozen shrimps?

Answer: Yes, you can use frozen shrimps. This recipe also works with frozen shrimps. Just add an additional thirty minutes to sous vide shrimp cooking time.

Can we use the shell-on shrimps?

Answer: Yes, this recipe also works with shells on shrimps. You just have to add an additional five minutes to the sous vide shrimp cooking process.

Can we refrigerate the shrimps after the sous vide process?

Answer: Yes, sous vide shrimps can be refrigerated after the sous vide process. One thing about sous vide shrimps is that they can be eaten both hot or cold.

Can we use our homemade spices while doing sous vide cooking?

Answer: Yes, you can use any homemade spices in sous vide cooking. Just make sure you are using the right spices for the right recipes.

How often can we use sous vide cooking?

Answer: Once you start, you will get indulged in this process and we are sure you will keep trying this unique way of cooking regularly.


Sous vide cooking is becoming a trendy way of cooking food nowadays.  if you want to try sous vide cooking for the first time or even if you are an expert, this is the best and easiest recipe for you all to try and enjoy a scrumptious meal. Just try to keep the tips in mind while doing sous vide cooking. We assure you that you will surely love this. Sous vide shrimps recipe is the best recipe to enjoy delicious and flavorful shrimps. You can even try different ingredients with it.

John Smith