How to Sous Vide Frozen Steak: Perfectly Cooked Flavorful Steaks within Hours

If you wonder whether or not we can sous vide frozen steak, the answer is in the affirmative. Using the right method and trick you can cook a frozen steak to perfection and serve it with the side dip sauce along with the vegetables of your choice.

Due to this ongoing situation of the Covid 19, people have no choice other than shopping for grocery items, meats, food, and essential household items in bulk. As much as some people hate hoarding items they are forced to bulk buy accessories including meat, beef, and chicken products for the entire month. 

When you buy meat and beef products in bulk you need to make sure to seal them property for preserving them for quite a long time. Or if you forget to do it, they would turn out to be terrible, not just visually but also taste-wise. You would never be able to make a perfect burrito using the grounded beef mince if you failed to freeze it in a vacuum-sealed bag. 

So let’s cut the chase out now and discuss how you can sous vide frozen steak and cook it without losing its tenderness and soft texture. 

Thaw the meat

When preserving the meat steaks in sous vide bags you can simply use garlic, black pepper, onion powder, and barbecue seasoning beforehand.  Seasoning the meat before freezing allows the spices to penetrate within the deep layers. However, if you have not done it before, it’s not a big problem.

Take off the meat from the freezer and let it sit aside for 30 to 40 minutes. Sometimes it takes longer than this time to thaw the meat. Usually, the ice from the vacuum seal bags in which you pack the meat starts melting within the first 20 minutes provided that the temperature in the kitchen is not too cold. If you have chosen extra thick meat, you need to give it enough time to thaw and defrost. 

What do you need to sous Vide frozen steak?

In order to sous vide frozen meat steak, you may need the following items. Vacuum sealer, vacuum sealing bags,  Anova Precision cooker ( sous vide), and sous vide bath container with the lid. For seasoning, you need garlic powder, onion power, salt, BBQ seasoning, lemon juice, and a pinch of freshly grounded black pepper. You may also need to use bbq sauce either smoked or simple with chili flakes. 

If you have little to no idea how to make sous vide steaks, recipes, and vegetables, you should try reading the best sous vide cookbook.

Sous vide température

Remember that you need to sous vide your steak at a different temperature so it can taste delicious, flavorful, and tender. For a rare steak, the ideal sous vide temperature would be 120 to 128 Fahrenheit. For medium-rare sous vide steak it should be between 130 to 143 Fehreinheit and for well done steak you need to sous vide the frozen steak at 155 to 165 Fahrenheit.  Allow enough time for frozen steak to be tender in a sous vide immersion cooker or container because if it won’t get tender at this point you won’t be ready to cook it perfectly to serve with the side dish at any point. Don’t rush because cooking sous vide style steak really does take some time. 

Step by step procedure

Side dish:

You can serve potatoes of all kinds with sous vide style steaks. If you have no idea what to serve as the side dish, simply grill sweet potatoes to serve with the steak along with asparagus and almonds.  Make a combo of potatoes, green beans, and corn with lemon and brown butter dressing.  Another option is to roast the potatoes and serve them with a cilantro pesto with your sous vide steak.

John Smith