Halogen Heater That Offers Safety & Value To Your Money – [Top 3]

The heaters usually energy transporting devices using radiation – mainly in the infrared spectrum. A halogen heater is categorized in the same spectrum and had the ability to convert about 86% of the input energy into heat. They are compactly designed still very effective

Here we will be giving you our review about Halogen heater – you should expect this review as quality over price. We are listing here the top 3 halogen home heating devices that are electrically operated.

Why Buy Halogen Heater?

As I have told you before, three things efficiency, size, and value are the foremost qualities they offer. Other traditional home heater is bigger in size and occupy larger space that can be hectic for some.

Also, they are not safe when kids are around. Some of the gas heaters, if not properly maintained can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. These bad habits are not the thing of halogen heater. Instead, they offer quality and safety assurance like none other.

Warmlite WL42005N Halogen Heater

What else anyone would want rather than the safety and value of money. Its nicely designed heater in such a modest price range. It will not give you stress when it comes to replacing its bulb. You will be enjoying its three heating presets of 400W, 800W, and 1200W.

The power usage is not that high, 1.2KW should work for many of you. We will highly suggest this halogen heater if you are very well oriented about safety. Unlike most of the space heater, that has the danger to fall over, they have stable and topple resistance base.

To enhance the safety mechanism, Warmlite features a safety tip-over switch and thermal cut off mechanism. Now you and your family can enjoy heating in cozy without worrying about accidents.


  • It offers you good value in every respects
  • You can rely on that in term of safety and durability
  • You will be having three heat settings: 400W, 800W, 1200W
  • The design is stable that help you in avoiding accidents


  • Relatively lower power output than other non-halogen heater

Fine Elements Oscillating Heater 1200 W

What we like most about this halogen heater, is its life span. Fine Element offers 8000 hours of the continuous heating period. In other words, if you run this heater 8 hours a day, you can benefit yourself from it for 3 years.

Yes, most people won’t be using it for that long period that will also increase their time off benefits for you. It’s very lightweight with top-notch safety. Along with durability, Fine Element has really perfected the experience of making low priced heaters

It is really amazing and surprising that it offers at such a cheap price. Whatever the company has planned it’s already working perfectly. While this unit has a more stable base. To add a safety layer cut-off switch has been added to ensure there is no accident that might hurt you.


  • You will enjoy the great value of your time and money with this economical heater.
  • You don’t have to wait for long to get heat. It will start its warming function instantly
  • To have enhanced safety, it is featured with a cut-off fuse
  • It comes up with three heating modes: 400W, 800W, 1200W


  • This one also offer low power output relative to non-halogen heaters

Belaco Upgraded Halogen Electric Heater

Belaco is another 1200W halogen heater with some important and useful upgrades. Like other halogen heaters, we have 3 heating options: 400W, 800W, and 1200W. It’s relatively very light and features 3 halogen tubes

The design of this heater is nice and we have to say that it is the most palatable heating device in terms of appearance. However, looks and appearances won’t heat up your hands when things get colder.

The construction is robust and will last longer with you. The company has upgraded this device material that has significantly improved its life. This device is equally useful in the bedroom, bathroom, and even in your kitchen


  • The design is very attractive with durable material
  • This halogen heater comes up with a stable base that increases its safety
  • You will have three heating modes: 400W, 800W, and 1200W
  • There are safety features like cut-off and tip-over protection.


  • There is the option for tube replacement
  • There is no mention of a warranty
  • Relatively low output device.

John Smith