GreenLife Soft Grip 16pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set Complete Review

GreenLife-Soft-Grip-HealthyThis Green Life soft grip 14pc ceramic non-stick cookware set has everything that you’re going to need for your cooking. No matter if it’s a quick breakfast or a 3-course dinner, the non-stick cookware set has got you covered. If you are moving out to your place and can’t think of all the cooking utensils, this one set will fulfill all your needs. Surprisingly, a steamer is also included in the set so you can even steam your vegetables. 

You can’t think of essential cookware that is not included in the set. But the main item that makes this set stand out from others is the mini pan. If you love baking, frying and stir frying you might love Nutrichef Non stick cookware set as well, it is something to go for.

You might be wondering what this pan is for. Well, if you are a fan of perfect eggs with a sunny side up, you can easily make one in this pan. Although you can make only one egg at a time, we think it’s great for a quick sandwich.

Another great addition in the green life soft grip 16pc ceramic non-stick cookware set is the 4 nylon utensils to cook the food properly. This way it becomes an all in one set so you don’t need to get your cookware separately. They include a big slotted spoon, a ladle, and two turners. Such utensils work great for non-stick pans so they don’t damage the coating. These utensils go perfectly with each other.

Green Life Soft Grip 14pc Ceramic Non-stick Cookware Set Rating
Quality 95%
Value For Price 93%
Design 97%
Average 95%

What is Included in the Green Life Healthy Ceramic Non-stick 14-piece Soft-grip Cookware Set?

This perfect kitchen set comes with the following cookware.

GreenLifeFeatures of the Green Life Soft Grip 14pc Ceramic Non-stick Cookware Set

Construction of the Cookware 

Talking about the construction, a great thing of all the pots and pans is that they are covered in a non-stick paint that allows you to cook in less or no oil. The material of construction is aluminum and that is why these pots and pans are so lightweight and easy to carry. They quickly get heated and cool as well so that makes the whole cooking and cleaning process faster and easier. 


The one problem that we noticed was that aluminum reacts with some of the food materials. But, you don’t need to worry about anything because of the coating on the outer and inner side of the pans to make it non-stick. You can get the green life soft grip 16pc ceramic non-stick cookware set in your favorite color. You can choose from red, turquoise, black, and lavender. It can really help you make a certain color scheme in your kitchen so that all of your utensils and cookware matches with it. Just choose the color that speaks your style.

Non-Stick Coating

There is a white cream color coating on the inside of all the pans and pots that is non-stick and will save your food from getting stuck on the bottom of the pan. You can easily cook a meal without using much oil.

Specifically talking, green life uses the coating called Thermolon that is not just working perfectly but is healthy too. This ceramic coating is nothing like the toxic Teflon coatings that were used previously to make the pans non-stick.

Lids and Handles

Not just useful, this set looks aesthetically pleasing too because of the matching lids that come with all pans and pots. The lids fit perfectly to their respective cookware so if you wanna lock the moisture of your food in, these can be really helpful. All of the flavors and steam will stay inside and you will get the essence of your food. 

There is a matching knob on top of the lid to handle it. And in case the knob is loose, you can always tighten it up with the screw on the bottom. You can comfortably carry the pots even when hot because of the handles covered with rubber. 


When you are choosing a cookware set, you have to keep many things in mind. It’s not something that you buy daily, in fact, you must think and choose the perfect setting so that it lasts long. You must know your needs because that can define what type of cookware set you should have.

If we talk about the green life healthy ceramic non-stick 14-piece soft-grip cookware set, it delivers great performance because of the versatility of cooking utensils. It has everything that you would look for when cooking for yourself and your family. We think this green life cooking set can be a great choice if more than one person has to cook in the kitchen or the people to eat the food are more. You might also love to check this nonstick cookware set with the high ratings.

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