Make Fun meals with Uncanny Brands Star Wars Darth Vader Empire Toaster

Darth Vader toaster is that the Dark Lord of the Star Wars universe, one among the foremost beloved and recognized brands on this planet (and possibly others).

Why not welcome him into your kitchen? Molded-in sturdy black plastic and meticulously detailed, the Darth Vader Toaster may be a striking addition to any countertop.

Enter 2 slices of bread, frozen waffles, English muffins, or toaster pastries and in minutes they’ll begin with the Star Wars logo toasted right them! Like your toast on the darker side?

A handy dial provides temperature adjustment.

Along with this toaster, you must need the knife for your toasts, to cut them or decorate them according to your meal, you can have the best kitchen knife set for your kitchen.


  • Bring the dark lord into your kitchen: the iconic full-color Vader chest plaque on the front.
  • Toast Lord Vader’s Head on Your Bread: When the toast appears, Vader’s head appears on each slice, completing his look. Adjustable dial that allows you to enjoy your toast on the dark side.
  • Get on your post – a great conversation starter, and it’s sure to get noticed.
  • Official Star Wars product. Get one for the Star Wars and Darth Vader enthusiasts in your life.
  • Lightweight and durable: polypropylene plastic shell and chest plate, stamped aluminum interior.


  • Two-slice toaster with cool-touch housing
  • Reheat, Defrost, and Quick Stop functions
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Temperature adjustment dial
  • UL Listed and ETL Certified
  • Officially licensed by Disney
  • Darth Vader’s character design adds a cool, iconic touch.
  • Toaster imprints an image of the Star Wars logo on every bread slice.
  • Extra-wide slots accommodate artisan bread, bagels, and more.
  • Reheat, defrost and quick stop settings add convenience.
  • Automatic shut-off provides peace of mind.
  • The removable crumb tray makes cleanup a breeze.


  • The plastic build is a strong yet lightweight material that will withstand daily use
  • The black design makes it ideal for industrial and modern style kitchens
  • Made with a cancel button to stop toasting whenever you’d like


  • Plastic construction might contain harmful chemicals
  • Black hue might make your kitchen look dark and dull
  • Two-slice capacity might take more time to toast your bread

Easy of Use:

Darth Vader toaster received one among our worst simple use scores. Its shade knob is really on the rear of the body, so you’ve got to flip it around to ascertain what shade setting you’re currently using.

Otherwise, you could just display the rear of Darth’s helmet on your countertop. But c’mon, if you purchase Darth Toaster it’s clearly so Vader can wield his imposing gaze over your kitchen.

Also, the shade knob only has two labels, light side, and a dark side, and doesn’t click into any settings in between. Get best sous vide machine reviews for your easy kitchen uses.

The crumb tray may be a bit flimsy and somewhat difficult to get rid of.

We’re sure anyone who buys Darth goes to use the force to beat these obstacles, so we probably didn’t actually need to say them. Do try the best electric pressure cooker reviews for your cuisine.


Darth actually produces amazing evenness in toasting across the face of the bread, as if it were sliced with a hotdog lightsaber.

This is often not the results of Darth Vader toaster being as clumsy or random as a blaster, however, it is a deliberate choice.

Darth features a metal plate on one side of every slot that burns the Star Wars logo onto one side of every slice of toast, leading to very different toasting levels on all sides of the bread.

Additionally to elevating the whimsy of your breakfast routine, Star Wars Darth Vader Empire Toaster is incredibly fitting that Darth’s toast would have a light-weight side and a dark side.

Speaking of, that’s exactly what Darth’s shade knob is labeled; dark side and lightweight side.

Now we all know that throughout this review we’ve been railing about how evenness of toasting across each side of the bread is a sign of quality, but during this case, the difference is merely in your mind.

To enjoy toast from this toaster you want to unlearn what you’ve got learned.


Enjoy saying this and other Darth Vader Toaster amazon every morning with this Darth Vader Toaster.

Its casing is an accurate replica of Darth Vader’s chest plate, and when the toast pops up, it’s his helmet toasted into the middle.

Housing and Vader chest plate made from polypropylene plastic.

Dishwasher safe:

The dishwasher-safe, stoneware insert lifts out for straightforward serving and cleaning while the adjustable temperature control offers multiple heat settings.

Wipe housing with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. It is Cleanout crumb tray regularly.


Best buy Darth Vader toaster’s performance is as good as it looks, it is Disney brand toaster that makes star wars mark on the bread. It is the most durable product and has no faults for years when used properly.

Housing and chest plate made of polypropylene plastic, interior made of stamped aluminum. When the toast pops up, Vader’s head appears on each slice, completing his look.

The adjustable dial lets you enjoy your toast on the Dark Side.

John Smith