Best Vegetable Steamer to Prepare Your Healthy Meals

Steaming is not the same as boiling. Instead of submerging your food in water and losing all the essence to it, steaming vegetables is way more effective and healthy for you. For that purpose, you will need a good quality vegetable steamer that makes sure that your food is moist and tender instead of being dry from the result of boiling.

Why Steaming is Better than Boiling? 

When the water vapors rise from below the container and cook your vegetables, fish, and fruits. The food doesn’t get mushy and soggy if cooked in a steamer because the moisture will retain it when cooked in steam. Just make sure that you don’t overdo your vegetables because that can result in extra dry and soggy food. Just like a rice cooker will perfectly cook your rice, a vegetable steamer does the job properly. 

Is Vegetable Steamer Healthy?

Using a vegetable steamer is so healthy because you will not have to use any kind of fat. Any oil or butter is not required in a recipe of a vegetable steamer and this way the calories count is reduced. Also, the essence of your vegetables is not lost when added in water. You can add freshly ground spices to them and enjoy healthy and tasty dishes. All of the goodness will stay in because you are not submerging your vegetables in water. If you need a quick salad, a vegetable steamer is the ultimate option that you need. It will not reduce any minerals, nutrients and vitamins of your food and keep it healthy. 

Other kitchen techniques like stewing, roasting, or baking can be unhealthy because of the added fats. You can cook delicious Asian cuisine like dumplings, rice, sorts, and delicious spring rolls.

Best Vegetable Steamer 

These vegetable steamers are selected to help you choose the best one.

Aroma Housewares Digital Vegetable Steamer

This multi cooker and vegetable steamer is a digital device to perfectly cook your healthy meals. There is a special function to deal with brown rice as well as white ones. As both of them have different textures and need different settings. 

Multipurpose Cooker

The best part is that it allows you to steam your meat or vegetables at the same time when cooking your rice so it works as a rice cooker and a vegetable steamer simultaneously. If you want slow cooking, it can even delay it to 15 hours. 

This way it is a great device for people who have jobs and need something that will be cooked after they are home. You can add your food and when you get home, a whole freshly prepared meal will be waiting for you. 

Aesthetic Design

The color of this vegetable steamer is very neutral and cool-toned so it compliments your kitchen aesthetics. It will not take more than 20 minutes to cook 2 cups of rice so a great device for fast meals too. 


  • You can easily clean it after cooking your food.
  • The usage is very simple and self-explanatory.
  • This is a fast and convenient cooker to use without making any mess.
  • The warm mode will keep your food warm. 
  • A tight lid avoids any hot water splashes.


  • It has a loud beep sound.

Oster 5712 Electronic Vegetable Steamer

We are totally certain of the fact that vegetable steamers are not only convenient for usage but also totally safe. It applies the North America Safety Standards in the making of this Oster 5713 Vegetable Steamer. It comes with an egg holder so you can easily make eggs in it as well using the food steamer. 

Easy to Use Container

The steaming trays available can be collapsed to easily store and use the device as a cooking pot. The container is see-through so you can look at the eater system and ensure if the food is cooked right or not. You can also ensure how much water is added to the steamer. 

Blending Design

No matter what kind of decor you have, the aesthetic color will blend into it. You will not feel it to be a stranger in your kitchen. So you need not to worry about your color scheme because the basic white goes with everything. 

LCD Display

There is also an LCD timer that turns red when cooking and green when you are just keeping your food to warm. 


  • It has an LCD timer so you know if the food is cooking or just keeping warm. 
  • You can conveniently use the device.
  • It can be stored easily in a small kitchen.


  • Cleaning it can be difficult. 

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