Best Stair Climbing Dolly To Carry Around Heavy Objects

If you have seen the stair climbing push cart also called as stair climbing dolly, it has handles on sides to push the luggage. Most of the time it is used to push the heavy loads up and down from the stairs. It is constructed from lightweight but strong metal and comes up with plastic handles to transport it to other places easily. If you always have to lift the heavy luggage in your restaurant or home to move around then this stair climbing dolly might help you a lot.

If you are reading this article, then you must have been searching for one dolly that might be helpful in your regular transportation tasks. To help you get one, we did the hard part of the research and brought to you the best available stair climbing dolly that you choose.




COSCO Shifter Multi-Position Heavy Duty

Cosco shifter stair climbing dolly is one of the best and famous dolly all the time. You can make it a stair dolly and hand truck all in one. The material is strong and durable steel and has the ability to hold the weight up to 300 pounds. The manufacturer gives it an ability that allows you to use it as a four-wheel truck or two-wheel dolly. The four-wheel configuration will provide you larger space to carry more objects around.

This stair dolly weighs only 15 pounds and very easy to handle in every situation. The stair climbing dolly allows you to fold it flat when it is not in use. You can even fold it and carry it in your car trunk. Speaking of its material, the sturdy steel frame is lightweight and powder coated all around. The robust construction allows it to hold and carry almost 300 pounds easily.

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  • It’s a multi-functional dolly allowing you to use it with either 4 wheels or 2 wheels
  • The weight is light but still can lift heavy weight easily
  • Very simple in design and very user friendly
  • You can fold it flat to store it almost anywhere you want


  • You might get hurt when collapsing the cart. Don pull your finger near the larger wheel.

BestEquip 330 Lbs Stair Climber Dolly

BestEquip stair climbing dolly is also available in the market that can hold and carry more weight than discussed above. You will be able to transport 330 pounds at a time with a stair dolly. Also, it is designed to be multi-functional and you can even use it as a shopping trolley to bring groceries home. Speaking of its construction, this dolly is made from stainless steel that gives it strength and durability in handling heavy objects

 Either you are in-home or at work, this stair dolly will make your job a lot easier. You can even transport heavy machinery from one place to other far places without any worry. The handles it comes up with are adjustable providing you perfect holding grip.  This trolley is also foldable. You can fold it store it when not in use

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  • This stair climbing dolly is featured with tripod thickened wheels to lift heavy materials
  • You can also use it for shopping purpose and bring your groceries home easily
  • The material is durable and strong stainless steel
  • You can fold this dolly and store it almost anywhere you want


  • This dolly is built to deal with relatively heavier objects that is why it has to be little bit heavier.

UpCart with Bag Bundle Stair Climbing Cart

It is a three-wheeled designed stair climbing dolly that makes carrying things up and down relatively easier. The extreme folding ability it comes up with allows you to store it in very compact places easily. You will amaze how well it can deal with uneven places. You will be able to hold and carry weight up to 125 pounds.

It is a light weight lifter with three medium-sized wheels on the sides. The 3rd wheel enables the footing of the stair climbing dolly, while the two side wheels follow the motion sequence. It folds flat to occupy minimum space and the stability while strolling over sporadic territory is matchless.

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  • This stair climbing dolly can move over curbs, stairs and uneven surface easily
  • You can attach it bags and carry 20 gallons effectively
  • This dolly is highly functional, stable, and flexible
  • Lightweight and fold flat for storing in compact places


  • You might lose stability when try to lift weight more than 100 pounds.

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