Best Spice Grinders Review: Energy-efficient Grinders for Spices and Coffee

Looking to upgrade your spice grinder and wondering which one is the best one to use for coffee and spices? I would say that a grinder that comes with different milling bowls is the best solution. Because it does not meld the flavor of the spices with one another to create a mess. Therefore, you can use it for chopping as well as grinding without having to fear transmission of flavor from spice to another.

Let’s compare the features of some of the most famous coffee and spice grinders that have garnered extensive positive reviews. These machines are a must-have for any kitchen, in addition, they are highly budget-friendly. Being compact in design, most of these machines would never take a lot of counter or cabinet space during the storage process.




# 01

Secura Electric Coffee Grinder and Spice Grinder

Secura Electric spice grinder is one of its own when it comes to offer comfort to the users. The design is simple like any other chopper or grinder , however, it comes with two supportive bowls. Moreover, two stainless steel blades in the package make chopping of vegetables along with the spices a fairly easy task.

Two milling bowls would make the job easy for you. For grinding, you can attach the grinder bowl along with the blade of your choice to grind the beans in the morning time for coffee. Whereas, attach the chopper bowl for chopping down the vegetables, spices and nuts whenever you have. Having two separate removable bowls means no melding of flavor when grinding the spices or coffee beans. In addition, there are measuring marks on both bowls so you don’t have to use the measuring spoon when adding the materials.

Secura Electric coffee and spice grinder is less noisy compared to the competitors machine. Furthermore, it has a built-in protection system to keep it from overheating during the grinding process. It ultimately extends the life of the motor naturally, plus it comes with a 2-years warranty.  The machine requires only 120V for the operation and it has a safety on/off switch option over the lid.

# 02

Cuisinart Spice and Nut Grinder

Cuisinart Spice and Nut grinder are for grinding a lot of spices in one go. If you are a chef or regular cook who does spice grinding in batches for daily meals then this grinder is the right solution for you. Although it has a standard 200-watt motor yet the bowl has the capacity to hold and grind 90 grams of spice.

Since Cuisinart Spice and Nut grinder is a heavy-duty machine, it even is suitable for grinding the raw coffee beans. That’d be perfect for those who make coffee out of fresh beans instead of using the power for morning breakfast.  Moreover, you can grind the nuts and all kinds of hard spices in the grinder, it will never stop working smoothly because the motor is powerful enough to do hard grindings.

The design of this spice grinder is also compact and simple. There are no whistles, timers, or bells, however, the design is certainly the best in terms of performance. All you have to do from a grinding machine is finely grounded spices, beans, and nuts. And this is what this machine can do with the utmost precision and perfection.

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# 03

KitchenAid Spice and Coffee Grinder

Almost everyone knows how popular KitchenAid is, the company is the leader in making multi-function kitchen gadgets and accessories. Moreover, it has won the trust of many customers by offering dual-purpose KitchenAid spice and coffee grinders. There are too many models to choose from, the best ones come with different bowls.

This spice grinder is really different from other grinders that you might have used already. Although it is multi-functional in design yet it does not require any kind of extensive cleaning. No complex assembly or disassembly is required at all. You just have to choose the right bowl for the grinding procedure.

KitchenAid spice and coffee grinder with three removable and dish-washer safe stainless steel bowls. Therefore, it would be easy for you to switch from the coffee grinding to spice grinding to nut grinding. Since you have three bowls to use, there would never be any transfer of the flavor from ingredients to ingredients.

The best feature yet is that you also get two additional storage lids. Suppose you want to store the black pepper for the week after grinding, cover the bowl and store it.  Or you can cover it until you are ready to put it in the storage pantry among spice jars.  No other company ever offers this type of comfort to the customers other than KitchenAid. You will love to have this machine because it can grind almost every spice that other grinders can’t.

The design features 140-watt powerful motors, it means the machine is sure to last for a long time around. In addition, it only requires 120 Voltage of power for operation, which is standard power for a grinder to use. There is a detailed manual that has been included in the package to guide you as how to use the machine efficiently.

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John Smith