Best Ozeri Scales Digital Kitchen Food Scale Reviews

Ozeri Pronto Digital Scale

Ozeri pronto digital Scale is an amazing multi functional digital Kitchen Scale. It is built with the latest technology to provide the best scale for personal and kitchen use. It is the perfect combination of technology with security. It is very elegantly designed. It can also be used as a measuring scale for your child’s school science project. The features of this digital Scale are mentioned below.


  • It can weigh up to 11.24 lbs with additional graduation of 0.05 oz.
  • The LCD screen is perfect for describing the weight digitally.
  • It allows you to measure five different units. It has an automatic button for this purpose. For example, it can covert the 539 grams to pounds and to ounces too with great ease.
  • It has a precision Tare button that calculates the weight of your ingredients by subtracting the weight of any bowl or shopping bag precisely.
  • A large weighing area allows us to weight more substances together.
  • The two large buttons generate audible click after weighing for confirmation that all the substances are measured accurately
  • The batteries used in this machine are 2 AAA that automatically power off after two minutes to save the battery time.
  • It is available in multiple colors.
  • Moreover, It also comes with bonus batteries apart from the actual machine.
It can be used for professional work.Some people complain about the conversion of units
It is light in weight 
It is very easy to clean 
It has a battery compartment that you can easily access without using any tool. 
It is elegant and stylish. 
Removable camera 
One year warranty. 

Ozeri kitchen precision weighing Scale

It is the latest weighing technology that will help you in achieving the precision you want for the diet plan you are following. The sensor used in this device detects the weight of the smallest leaves precisely. You should definitely want to have a look at the features of this precision machine. Let’s discuss its features one by one.


  • It can weight precisely up to 13.2 lbs
  • It can weight precisely 0.01 oz and it is perfect for weighting garden herbs and leaves.
  • Automatic button for converting the units of measurement.
  • LCD screen which displays the weight.
  • It also has precession Tear button that deducts the weight of bowls and shopping bags from the actual weight of substance.
  • It requires 3 AAA batteries to work properly.
  • Automatic audible click built-in system for the confirmation.
  • It has an easy-access battery compartment to change the batteries.
Very suitable for measuring the weight of small leaves In case of measuring things in grams the scale will round off the actual value to nearest half gram but works accurately with other units of measurement.
Easy to clean
One Year warranty
Automatic power off to save battery life
Indispensable partner for measuring the weight of different products.

Ozeri digital  Bathroom Scale

This new Ozeri Precision weighing scale is the latest technology scale for measuring weight. It is very easy to use and the automatic system incorporated in this provides you with accurate results. Features of this machine are mentioned below


  • It features a widescreen LCD to read the results.
  • 4 high precision sensors will help you to accurately measure weight.
  • It has a special feature of step on an activation system that will measure the weight immediately after you step on the machine.
  • It also has a tempered glass screen.
  • It can measure in kg, lbs, and British St.
  • It comes in different colors

Convenient button for converting the units.

As it works on a single battery so you need to charge the battery time to time

Measures the weight immediately

It runs on only one lithium battery.


Have automatic system to save battery life.


One year warranty


Ozeri Precision Scale

 It is the first digital Bathroom weighing scale with electro mechanical weigh dial. It is simply the best weighing machine so far. The features of this machine are mentioned below.


  • Synchronized electromechanical dial for accurate measurement.
  • LCD to illuminate the results.
  • It can measure in lbs and kg.
  • It has a 5.5-inch dial for showing the results.
  • It can weight up to 400lbs or 180 kg
  • The surface of the machine is slip-resistant to avoid any accident.
  • It has a high precision sensor that measures the weight accurately.
  • It runs on 3AAA batteries with the help of a low battery indicator.
  • It has a visually perfect design for showing the results
It is a professional weighing scale It is much heavier than other spaces
Built-in alarm that reminds you to measure weight daily.
Resistant tempered glass screen
Illuminating LCD Helps to read results even in dim light
100% customer satisfaction Warranty.
Auto calibrated and turn off automatically to save the battery life.

Ozeri kitchen Capacity digital Scale

Ozeri Pro digital Kitchen Scale is designed for the professionals who demand accuracy in function. It contains all the features that makes it the best weighing scale for your kitchen. Let’s discuss the features of this machine in detail.


  • It can measure weight with the capacity limit of 1g – 5.4grams accurately.
  • The buttons used in this machine are over sized for proper use.
  • It features a large LCD display that can display weight in grams, lbs, and ounces.
  • It also features a three-minute automatic shut off system that saves the battery.
  • Tare button precisely measures the weight of ingredients only
  • It is available in different colors
  • The weighting platform of this machine is chrome finished.
  • It contains 2AAA batteries.
It is very lightweight You have to change the batteries after six months. This is not a very big issue and if you use the machine properly the battery time lasts longer.
It is very easy to clean because of its chrome surface
Easy to convert the units
Immediately show the results

Ozeri ZK19 touch Scale

The Ozeri touch digital Scale counter is calorie counter scale. It has a stylish and modern design that is a perfect fit for your kitchen. The booklet present with this machine has all the instructions for working. You have to follow those instructions for proper working of this machine. The unique features of this machine are mentioned below.


  • This weighing machine has a built-in calorie counter that helps you to keep a track of your calories intake for at least seven food items.
  • It features a touch button that measures the food items immediately. It indicates the results in kcal for example butter, cheese etc.
  • It also has a high precision sensors
  • It also has an ultra large platform for measuring the weight of ingredients.
  • It features a large LCD display that shows the result in ounces, pounds, grams and millimeters.
  • It runs on 4AAA batteries.
  • Ultra Tare button with touch system for effortless working of the system.
  • It has a weighing capacity of 1g – 10 g.
  • It user friendly machine
It is a touch screen system As it has touch systems for measuring the ingredients it will take 5-10 seconds to show the results properly.
Effortless working Some people want immediate response and that’s why they complain about this feature. It doesn’t show the results immediately but it show accurate results and that is the best thing about this machine.
Built in Calorie counter
It provides both low battery and overloaded indicators
It features automatic turn off system after two minutes to save battery.
It provides 100% customer satisfaction and warranty

Ozeri Waterproof Digital Scale

Ozeri touch waterproof digital Kitchen Scale is one of the best digital scale for measuring ingredients. It is the first scale that is washable and you can put it underwater easily. It helps you to measure the weight of vegetables or fruits immediately after washing them as this is a waterproof machine. Bacteria can appear on the weighing scale every twenty minutes so washing the machine will prevent health hazards. The features of this machine are given below.


  • It is a waterproof weighing machine.
  • It can measure accurately up to 11 lbs.
  • It features an infinite contrast LED Screen for viewing the results from all sides possible.
  • It has a built-in touch sensor
  • The touch-sensitive button will convert the units in a very convenient way.
  • It can show results in different units including grams, lbs, oz, millimeters.
  • The Tear button is used to measure the ingredients only.
  • It is designed with a patterned finish.
  • It runs on 3AAA batteries. That is very effective and works for a longer period of time.
It is a washable measuring scaleIt is the best digital Scale for the kitchen but sometimes people complain about the battery life of this machine. As it has a built-in touch and measuring sensors it consumes more battery.
Best for measuring ingredients in a personal kitchen 
Enhances the beauty of your kitchen by its elegant design and finish 
Easy to clean 
User friendly 
Can work for hours 
Light in weight 

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