Best Lemon Squeezer- The Trick to Ultimate Lemonades

We all are aware of the saying that when life gives you lemons make lemonade especially if it’s summer. Making drinks and using citrus fruits and different dishes is the essence of summer we all want to enjoy. Not just lemons that limes also take a part in our daily kitchen routine. They are the best vitamin C source and bring a subtle hint of acidity to your food. To get all the goodness of your lemons and lime out into your food you will need the best lemon squeezers. 

This is a very simple item in your kitchen that is used on a daily basis but the problem is that they don’t last long. To solve that you must get the best lemon squeezer that will last longer and work efficiently in your busy routine. Just like having a KitchenAid Blender is important, this lemon squeezer is also essential. 

The most common way of squeezing the juice out of the lemon is to cut it with a pair of knives into 2 halves and use your hands to get the juice out. This is an effective method but we can’t efficiently take all the juice out. To make sure that you’re getting most of it you will need a smith and Wesson lemon squeezer. You can keep it along your vegetable chopper

How To Use a Lemon Squeezer?

This is the ultimate question: how to use a lemon squeezer. People are not a velvet side of the lemon that goes down into the squeezer and the whole mechanism that makes it work. Delivery will be telling you how to use the lemon squeezer so that you are not in awkward silence next time use the tool. 

  • First, you will have to cut the Lemon into the half with a paring  knife from the Wusthof Classic Knife set. If you found long ends of the lemon, remove them too. Make sure to use the Senzu knife sharpner before cutting so it cuts sharply. 
  • Put the lemon upside down into the hollow part of the lemon squeezer. Make sure the side of the lemon with the cut will be facing downwards. 
  • No press the apple part of your lemon squeezer and grab both of them together to join them. The more force you put into it the more juice will be extracted.

This is the simple Answer to your question of how to use a lemon squeezer. Now the next important part is where to get the best lemon squeezer. Here we have listed the top products in the market so take a look at them. When you use your hands it gets all messy and doesn’t take out all the goodness. 

This tool will help you to extract the juice from the last bit. This lemon squeezer tool is very efficient and helpful in your kitchen and the bar for making drinks. Having a tequila shot with the right amount of lemon juice can be delicious but you need to get a lemon squeezer gun to get things started.

Nuvantee Lemon Squeezer

This product has a great build because of the stainless steel. Other products are usually aluminum with the coating that chips off easily but this one shows the quality. If you compare it to the other products we think this is the best lemon squeezer that can be used manually. We can call it a heavy-duty lemon squeezer gun because it will make the process convenient and quick. 

There is a loop on top of the juicer to help you hang it. It squeezes out extra juice as compared to other products. That is the reason why it is a favorite and popular lemon squeezer gun.


  • The constitution of this is solid and sturdy.
  • It will strain the pulp and seeds of your lemon.
  • You can juice any citrus fruit with this tool.
  • You can easily clean it and store it.
  • It won’t chip off.


  • It takes an effort to press the lemon squeezer gun.
  • Won’t take all the juice out.

Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer

You will not have to deal with sticky hands after use any manual lemon squeezer gun. This Chef’n FreshForce juicer is the best lemon squeezer because it will not get your hands dirty. There is a small bowl made up of stainless steel and a durable cover of nylon that makes it a very long-lasting product. 

There is a dual gear mechanism that allows you to extract the juice without putting much effort. The look of this lemon squeezer gun is also very unique and cool. It will sueeze all the vitamin C from the lemon. 


  • There are ridges to hold the lemon.
  • A hinge is present so you don’t have to put extra pressure.
  • It has a sturdy body and extracts a lot of extra juice.
  • You can easily clean it.
  • It will last you forever because it doesn’t chip.


  • It is a bit pricey.

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