Best Iron Board Reviews: Compatible with Heavy Irons and Steamers

Let’s discuss the best iron boards that provide the good value for your money. We are going to round up the best of the bunches. These are the ones with the most positive reviews.

An ironing board makes the task of ironing your clothes and garments really easier. It is just a comfortable platform for you to iron the garments at a comfortable height. Moreover, it ensures that you iron more pieces of clothes in the shortest period of time.  However, the real challenge is to find the best iron board, you should consider reading the features of the ironing board before you buy one for use. Today we will discuss some of the best ones that are being praised the most by the reviewers.




Brabantia Steam Iron Board

More than 200 reviewers vouch for the quality, durability and performance of Brabantia steam ironing board. Let’s check out why the ergonomic design of this ironing board is so being loved by the reviewers.

Multiple Colors: The availability of different colors makes this ironing board a perfect choice for women and men alike. If you love floral pink there is one for you, if you crave for a vintage print then you can find it available. Brabantia ironing comes in 7 attractive design options to choose from. Moreover, the variations are not limited to the colors only, you have different patterns at your disposal too.

Sturdy frame:  This  Brabantia ironing board has a 0.98-inch ivory frame to create a balance between the board as well as the structure itself. Brabantia iron board is suitable for heavier iron steam options. For instance, any iron by Black and Decker and Rowental would be suitable for use on this board. If you usually use quilting iron for your garments,this board will work best with its weight as well as for your height.  You won’t have to choose an iron specifically of a small size because this board works with every size.

Resting Place: Brabantia ironing board has a built-in resting place. As soon as you start working on the board with either garment steamer or cordless iron, the resting place attaches itself to the surface. Moreover, this place ensures that you feel comfortable with any type or size of the iron appliance that you are using on the clothes.  You can also store the vacant linen in the board just when you want to

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  • This iron board is 18 inches wide to hold any type of fabric, linen and clothing.
  • Works best with the heavy steamers and irons.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and portable.
  • Adjustable height
  • Anti-slip board design
  • Easy to fold for storage
  • Comes with child safety lock
  • Attached resting place for comfortable ironing experience.


  • The packaging of this iron board is not very impressive.

Mabel Extra Wide Ironing Board

Mabel manufactures extra wide, comfortable and best iron boards for its customers. This one exceeds all the expectations that you have from a sturdy and portable board. Let’s review some of the best features that people love to discuss about this ironing board.

Shoulder wings: One of the most incredible features of this iron board is its retractable shoulder wings, they are unique and patented.  These folding wings make the ironing experience a whole lot easier for you.

Adjustable height: Whereas most ironing boards are not adjustable according to the height of the individual, this one is. You can pre-set the height to up to six different between minimum of 27.5″ to the maximum of 36″. So it means you won’t ever have to lean over the board as you are ironing the garments for long hours. Instead you can simply adjust the height according to your desire. It will help you maintain a comfortable posture as you are busy doing ironing for hours.

Safety locks: A praise-worthy feature of this best iron board is that it comes with a safety lock that can be set up easily. Set the lock up and put the appliance away from the reach of children.

Compact design: The design of Mabel Ironing board is really impressive; coated with metal frame on the both sides, easy to handle, and highly portable. This board is suitable for commercial, industrial and household use. Speed is another edgy feature you will enjoy once you buy this ironing board.  It takes half the time to iron a dress shirt on this board compared to any conventional ironing surface.

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  • Beautiful patented retractable wings.
  • Suitable for all types of fabrics such as cotton, polyester and linen of all sort.
  • Heavily padded with a 100% pure cotton and cushioned with extra cover.
  • Moreover, Heat resistance padding and additional tray for holding the cords
  • Easy to set-up child-safety locks.
  • Adjustable height options.
  • Extra wide to hold long and wide pieces of garments.


  • This iron board is a bit expensive.

Minky Ergo Plus Ironing Board

Minky Ergo Plus Iron board is the best one available on the market. If you are anything like me, spending hours and hours ironing de-wrinkling the clothes, you need to pick the right board.  There might have been some days when you have suffered from arm or back strains after ironing the garments. Sometimes, it takes more than a day when you have a pile of kid’s clothes to iron for the school days. 

When you work on the iron boards, you move your body around.  Sometimes you end up causing your body repetitive strain injury that keeps you sore for weeks.  For your personal well-being, you need to choose the best iron board, Minky Ergo Plus ironing board is the one that you need for your home. In fact, you need it badly if you use heavy irons or garment steamers more often at home.

Bold Design: The first noticeable feature of Minky Ergo plus iron board is its futuristic, bold and ergonomic appearance. You cannot resist noticing that this iron board is really different from the conventional style boards that you see.  The design  of this Minky iron  board itself helps the individual in many ways. For example, wielding the iron on the board would be easier than ever. Even if you use heavy or large sized hand-held iron, this board would never slip an inch from its place.  It protects you from back and muscle strains thereby helping you maintain your ideal body posture.

Ironing rest place:

The manufacture of this iron board has clearly mentioned in the description that this iron offers the best comfort along with great performance. This statement is so true. There’s a great resting place attached with the board to help you put your arms and forearms at rest. Moreover, the flex guides allow you to clip the iron cord with the board itself, ensuring a fuss-free ironing experience. The cord attachment also keeps the board from snagging around so you could be more comfortable with your body movement around the ironing board.

Furthermore, this design is really suitable for both left handed and right handed people. Surprisingly, the company is trying to improve their service for the customers by adding more features to their ironing products. Of all the features, the best one is that its ergonomic design prevents your body, muscle, and arms from any unnecessary strain when you move in a natural way during ironing.

Heat Resistant Cover

Another best feature to adore and love about this best iron board is its cover. It is designed with Prozone heat resistance cover, it contains 100% pure cotton and helps you speed up the ironing process. Additionally, the coating itself is really reflective, designed to speedy cease removal since the surface of coating is purely metallic.

Thick padded iron board underlay makes it easy for you to work on the smooth surface without having to worry about anything. You will never feel tired while using it.


  • Adjustable height option. According to the viewers, you can adjust it between the minimum height of 18″ to the maximum height of 36″.
  • Flex cord to attach the iron cord with the board.
  • Anti-slip design.
  • Heat resistant cover with thick padding.
  • Study loop legs for great performance, speed and strength.
  • Additional low level rack to keep the extra stuff away.
  • Compatible with all sorts of heavy ironing appliances.
  • Suitable for garment steamers.
  • Highly portable for being lightweight.


  • No extra or additional steam generator


Though there are tons of iron boards available on the market, make sure to choose the one that can make you feel comfortable. It is more important that how you feel as you are ironing the garments. If you tend to iron for a long period of time, the height of the ironing board should at least be adjustable to prevent repetitive physical injury and strains.  Fortunately, all these ironing boards are designed in such a way to support you with your arm and repetitive body movements. to keep the muscle strains at bay.  All the iron boards that we have reviewed above are the best ones with more than 75% positive ratings by the consumers. It means you can trust your opinion and purchase one of the aforementioned to get the best deal for your money.

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