Best Induction Stove to Buy Right Now

Do you know you can cook food and boil water even not using fire elements at all? Technologist invented new method of cooking using magnetic field and electromagnetic radiations. These radiations transfer magnetic field towards cooking element and through induction the heating process takes place. Now you can cook food with ease using these induction stove with electricity.

Here we will be reviewing best instant induction stove that might help you in kitchen a lot. This invention also makes less pollution and will make an easy to cook environment for you. Using this instant induction stove you can even heat to the extent of boiling water.  You may want to continue reading to know more about this new food cooking technology.

NutriChef - Double Induction stove Cook top

This NutriChef double induction stove cook top can provide instant cooking and will be your good companion when cooking food. This induction stove top is manufactured with tempered ceramic glass and comes up with easy to plugin arrangements that will allow you to place it on table or countertop while cooking.

This induction stove top comes up with high powered heating element that will allow you to cook food. Also it has temperature controller so you can cook your favorite food at specified temperature. It has a premium feature after cooking that will keep your food warm and then ready to serve. You may want to read more about its detailed feature below

Premium Features

MULTI-COOKING MODE – with just one button press you can switch from one cooking mood to another easily. It has 3 major cooking mode: Fry Mode – Steam Mode – Water Boiling Mode and many others. It also have automatic warm function that will keep your food warm when it comes to latter servings.

LOCKING FEATURE – This feature is for child safety purpose and play its role perfectly. When safety lock is turned on it will lock all the functioning button to protect your little loved ones from serious injuries.

COMPACT & VERSATILE – This is a double burner and its versatility allows you to use it along with enameled iron, steel, cast iron, flat bottom pan with diameter of 12 to 26 cm. it is light weight and compact best for home utilization. Also very user friendly and easy to clean.

HEATING ZONES – This induction stove top can be your professional digital counter top by NutriChef. This Induction cooking top is equipped with 2 round-shaped heating zones with separate heating elements. It also comes up with high quality LCD screen for timer and cooking alarms.

ENERGY SAVINGS – when it comes to energy utilization and lost then this NutriCheff Induction stove food cooker plays the effective role. It uses electromagnets in eating process and transfer heat to the pot with minimum energy lost. That’s make it excellent energy efficient and also make cooking very easy and quick.

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  • Can boil water instantly
  • Quick cooling and easy to clean and wash
  • Instantly reduce temperature when turned Off
  • Instantly achieve cooking temperature without very less energy loss.


  • A louder fan
  • Very specific in compatible cooking wares
  • Don’t display temperature in degrees. Instead show energy or power being used

Duxtop - Portable Induction Stove Cook top

Duxtop Portable Induction stove cook top comes up with many premium sensors for touch control system and LCD display. The LCD will allow you to view count down timer when customizing cooking. Cooking timer can be prolonger as 10 hours depending upon requirement and will provide you very effective control over it. When it comes to setting up temperature and timer you can control 20 power levels, 100 to 1800 Watts, 20 temperature configurations form 100F to 460F.

When having in your kitchen, you will see it is very easy to handle and very light weight. Its compact design allow you to have very easy control over it. You may want to continue reading for more premium for Duxtop Induction Stove cook top.

Premium Features

LCD SENSOR – Its high quality LCD touch sensor comes up with all controlling features. When it comes to safety you can switch to lock for safety. It will save your little ones from very serious injuries. Also this locking feature will be useful for accidental change in timer once it is set. Its LCD sensor also configured with keep warm button and fast boil button.

MAGNETIC COOKWARE – when you are using this induction stove you need to use magnetic cookware with metallic bottom. This induction stove cooktop will automatically switch off after 60 seconds when not pot is detected. Cookware should have 5 inches diameter that provide a large and uniform heating surface.

ENERGY EFFICIENT – you can choose from 20 presets of power 100Watts to 1800Watts and 20 temperature options from 100F to 460F. it is very energy efficient with minimum energy loss because of radiations. This Duxtop Induction stove cooktop is perfect for quick boiling of water and is all in need cooking utility.

COMPLETE SATISFACTION – Duxtop portable induction stove is noiseless cooking element for kitchen and sometime produce little noise because of metallic layers in its operation. When there in need of cleaning you need to cool it down first. You can even contact customer support if you need any guidance.


  • Quick and Instant Heating
  • Fast cooling is helpful for cleaning and washing
  • Very Energy effective
  • Very Good cooking element for motor homes
  • Very smart Tech and parts


  • Uneven cooking
  • Whines while heating grows

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