Best Electric Lunch Box With Durable Food Grade Material

Electric lunch box comes in handy when you need to carry your home-cooked food to the office, school, or when traveling. These electric boxes can do much for you as they can cook small food for you and also make the already cooked food warm. They come in different volume, you can choose the one that suits you best. The food-grade material keeps the food safer and serve for a longer period.

With its compact and portable design, you can conveniently take them with you anywhere. We are going to give our reviews on electric lunch boxes with some key features like capacity, power output, ease of cleaning, and colors, etc. you can choose the one with suitable features. Here we are presenting you with amazing lunch boxes to buy.




Lomejor Self Cooking Electric Lunch Box

This Lomejor Self Cooking Electric Lunch Box allows you to cook or carry food anywhere you are going. You can even use it in your home for different purposes. This lunch box has 110V 350W output and a rice cooker that will help you in making simple food cooking. This electric lunch box will heat the food for 30 minutes and wallah! Your food is ready.

This lunch box comes up with a long power cable which is very safe to use. The waterproof construction will allow you to get more benefits out of it. This unit has food-grade stainless steel material that makes it safer in use.

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  • You will be having 3 stainless steel bowls with it that you can use it for different purposes.
  • Its 110V – 350W power output is amazing that will make sure you cook food effectively
  • You will also have a bowl lid with it that comes in handy while delivering food
  • The waterproof compact design will make it safer from moisture and other water-related contents

Janolia Electric Lunch Box Food Heater

Featuring stainless steel bowls, that makes it a very long-lasting but also efficient food heater. When you need to clean it, you can also detach its parts easily. The body of this electric lunch box is constructed from high-quality food-grade polypropylene material, which makes it safer for food storage.

The capacity of 1L makes it suitable to carry and heat a large amounts of food. It is also designed to be high temperature resistant with a sleek and compact size. You can carry it anywhere easily and store it when not in use. The waterproof design makes it secure from water and it does not even overheat.

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  • The material of its construction is food grade polypropylene that increases the safety feature and will not contaminate the food enclosed
  • It comes up with a stainless steel bowl that comes in handy when having dinner in the office or in school
  • The 1L capacity makes it ideal to carry large amount of food you want
  • The waterproof design adds an extra layer of food safety that repels the moisture and increase the food life
  • It is high-temperature resistance that allows you to hold it when food is heated.

Yosoo 3-Tier Electric Lunch Box

The capacity of the electric lunch box is one of the required factors to consider before buying. This 3-tier lunch box can be an excellent choice for warming and carrying more food. It is the best choice for a small family. Besides, the 220V food warmer is very safe t use because it is featured with anti-dry-auto-off protection.

Also, the material of its construction is durable food-grade stainless steel for bowls and plastic outer shell. The thick texture means that it doesn’t allow scratches also.


  • This electric lunch box is a 220V thermal food container that have an auto shut off feature for safety
  • It is classified in the 3-tier electric lunch container that lasts even longer
  • The outer shell is of plastic with a thicker texture that increases its life span
  • The material of its construction is non-sticky even at high temperature and very safe to use
  • You will have extra layer of safety with anti-dry-auto-shut-off feature

John Smith