Anova Precision Cooker Pro Review

Anova Precision Cooker Pro review: Powerful, Durable and Precise

Anova is a world brand sous vide cooker company. It has top quality sous vide machine.  The Anova company has so far released three sous vide cookers in the amazon market. These machines rank well in the best-selling list. 

The three machines are Anova Precision Cooker, Anova Precision Cooker Nano and Last update Anova Precision Cooker Pro. So Today we see the anvoa pro review 

AT a Glance Anova Precision Cooker Pro review

Uses Ability

  1. Temperature and time manually controls
  2. Best capacities touch screen
  3. High trusted speaker tones
  4. Adjustable & Detachable clamp
  5. Removable skirt


  1. Wi-Fi 802.11 build in
  2. iOS and Android app Coming Soon..

Pot Size

  1. Minimum Water Level: 2.4″/62mm
  2. Maximum Water Level: 6.7″/170mm


  1. Pump: 12 Liters per minute
  2. Dirctional Pump: 360° 


  1. It’s weight: 2.85 lbs / 1.29 kg
  2. It’s height: 13.8″ (350 mm)
  3. Diameter: 2.40″(60 mm)


  1. Maximum Cook Size: 100 Liters
  2. High heating power-120v / 200W
  3. Flow Rate: 12 Liters/min


  1.   Temperature Range: 0° C to 99° C
  2. Temperature Accuracy; +/- 0.05°C
  3. Cook Time up to 99 hours
  4. LED Display & backlit scroll wheel


  1. Aluminum – Teflon coated & stainless steel
  2. IPX7 water and splash resistant

Design and usability

The Anova Pro is professional-grade sous vide cooker that’s connected Wi-Fi. It is the best slow cooker for serious work and the long-haul. Anova precision cooker pro is designed for the home and professional chef. It is made by metal for ultimate durability.  


Anova Pro is the water-resistant sous vide. Most important parts of ANOVA pro made by stainless steel. If for some reason, it goes down in the water. if, It drowns underwater for 30 minutes. However, its any parts will not damage and the performance will be the same. It’s designed to provide maximum benefit to customers.  

It has included waterproof led touch screen display. The display of pro is fully clear and attractive. ANOVA pro has an adjustable and detachable clamp. It can be easily attached to any type of sous vide container. Can be raised or lowered depending on the size of the container for sous vide. So Anova  Pro is ready for your home and professional kitchens.  


Anova sous vide cooker pros performance is extremely unbelievable. It’s heating power 120v  and1200 watts.  Anova pro flow rate of 12 liters per minutes. And Its ability to precisely heat 100 liters of water. Which is not possible with any other type of sous vide machine.    

Anova Pro has the world best double core insulated heaters and powerfull dual bearing brushless DC motor for best engineered. Without shutting down, It is possible to run up to 10000 hours. So Anova Pro is the most powerful sous vide. Anova precision cooker supported bath size up to 100 litters and temperature range up to 92 ̊ C/198 ̊ F.  

Like any other great sous vide cooker, it can be used with temperature precision. The temperature is 100% matched with the display. Therefore, cooking is done by maintaining the taste and smell. Anova Pro is dorp tested and IPX-7 rated. So if the machine drops to water or floor, It won’t any type of damage.  


Anova sous vide cooker pro is the most compacted. It is lightweight that 2 years old child can take it from one place to another.  It is a great size sous vide machine. You can place on any corner of table drawers. As a result, It is the save of your kitchen space. Then the cooking room is more open, clean and looks very nice. Anova Pro is only 1.29 kg weight. So it is easily portable.  


Without a hand, you can cook a favorite dish. Anova pro has powerfull WiFi 802.11. Any time you can easily manage your cooking from anywhere with mobile or any smart device. And every cook will healthy and delicious.


You can control time, temperature. If the delicious food is cooked, it will alert you via mobile notification or beep sound. As a result, there is no possibility of cooking overcooked.  


Anova pro’s cooking food is 100 safe. Which is healthy for everyone- child to adult. The food tastes like full restaurant quality. It does not change the smell and nutrition.   

Anova company are confident about Anova precision cooker pro. So for the better safety of customers, Anova gives 2 years warranty without any question. Always keep in mind that any warranty does not apply to any electronic product that is burned and hand out. So no warranty can be found in this case. 



Anova Precision Cooker Pro is the high powerful, durable and professional sous vide machine. It’s a great design, intuitive and coming soon app. It is the best use for personal, home, restaurant, party, and much more cooking.

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