Anova Precision Cooker Nano – A Super Star Review

Continuing its legacy Anova has always wonder the world with its technology in cooking category. Now the Anova has put forward its new helping technology Anova Precision Cooker Nano for home chefs. This Anova new machine shows exactly why the company keep its top position. Its user friendly and has precise cooking ability with its app control. If you have been looking for an excellent sous vide machine then the Anova Precision cooker Nano is the one for you.

Anova Precision Cooker Nano - Overall Review

Design 92%
Effectiveness in cooking 89%
Feature Enriched 94%
Durability 88%

Do you Know What Sous Vide Is?

Cooking with sous vide involves air tightening the uncooked food and the submerging it in heated water for relatively long period of time. There are two benefits as a whole with Anova Precision cooker Nano that you will get. First: As you can control precisely the temperature of water and there is no chance for over cooking the food. Second: If you are cooking meat at low temperature then the slow cooking will break down the muscle fiber giving you very tender cut.

Anova Precision Cooker Nano: Design & Configuration

Talking about Anova precision cooker Nano design it did not include display screen and has 12.8 inches tall and 2.2 inches in diameter. It considered to be smaller than its other Anova family members.

Anova Precision Cooker Nano

You will find that the temperature display is integrated on its top that might be useful in many way. You don’t have to open up the device app to see its temperature and time left for coking food. The Anova precision cooker nano display screen comes up with three touchable icon. One for current temperature and other two for target temperature and time left in cooking. The center of the screen shows the temperature and time left in cooking at bottom.

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Anova Precision Cooker Nano: Bottom Line

If you are looking for better cooking with customized control then Anova Precision cooker nano should be your choice. It’s easy in use and have very friendly handling and control. You can even pair your smart phone with the device to experience more precise and accurate control. Its app also integrated with many recipes and guideline for beginners.

Premium Features


1 x 2.2 x 12.8 inches – Weight: 2.94 pounds – 1 Battery required

2.Precise Results

Its precise configuration allows to cook perfectly. Its perfect circulation with precise temperature allows you to control temperature and time of cooking. You can even use its app that lets you have thousands of free recipes and see progress of cooking via Bluetooth.

3. Interchangeable clip system

Our standard clip will fit nearly any pot while accessory clips fit cambros and coolers for unmatched versatility.

4. Cooking Menu:

you just need to choose what to cook. Anova precision cooker nano allow you to cook almost anything like fish – chicken – vegetable – lambs – eggs – beef and many more. It also allow you to lock flavor and moisture content for better texture of food and its taste.


this cooking machine is smaller than original Anova precision cooker. It can fit in your small kitchen and can be handled easily. It can even cook food for four people in one turn. You can even use it alongside any stock pot or container. Its plastic structure allows you to clean it easily.

6.Friendly Use

you just need to attach Anova precision cooker nano with your pot or container that is cooking food for you. And rest of the operation can be controlled with your smart phone to maintain the food quality and taste.

7.Customer Service:

This anova precision cooker nano can provide thousands of free recipes list in anova is equally liked by both home cookers and professional chefs. The company have already sold millions of units and have made all of them happy through its service. They also offer 100 days of money back guarantee.


  • Small in size
  •  Touch Screen
  • high Quality Speaker alarm
  • Not expensive Relative to others
  • 2 years warranty


  • Only Bluetooth connectivity
  • small capacity
  • Relatively small battery timing

Must Watch


What we recommend is the quality and precision. Like our other products we also brought this Anova precision cooker nano for you. It’s the best small sized taste maker for your food. Its multi-dimensional character in cooking makes it best in its own category. Yes! We do recommend this product. It already has millions of customer across the globe and all are happy with this machine. Its mobile friendliness and d cooking guide line never let you down when trying new recipes.

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