Automate Your Cooking With ANOVA culinary Sous Vide [Review 2020]

Sous vide cooking might look difficult, but it is a simple process that can make your cooking job really easy to prepare meals perfectly. Thanks to its unique controlling feature – onboard control and wifi controls – that will take your cooking experience to another level. Now you can control the whole cooking process with ANOVA itself using your smartphone. It is considered to be the smart cooking appliance that guarantees perfect results with ease of use. Here we are going to introduce you Anova culinary sous vide precision cooker – that every chef loves to have for cooking.

We tested the device with our expertise and brought to you the details we noticed for ANOVA culinary wifi precision cooker. the amazing control with the wifi connectivity – made the cooking really simpler and easier even for beginners.

Design Considerations

The design is unique and arranged to be more user friendly than its previous models. It comes up with smaller in size, sleeker version of immersion circulators, and ounces off the original design. The material of construction is a mixture of plastic and metal cylinders with side clamp. Anova Culinary sous vide precision cooker is markedly shorter and lighter with 12.8 inches of length and 1.6 pounds of weight than previous models.

The original precision cooker had a physical dial that is now replaced with plus and minus buttons. Yes! It relatively takes more time to set temperature by pressing buttons than spinning a dial. The front of the dial now has an indicator light only.

App Control

The ANOVA culinary comes up with wifi connectivity features that allow you to control it with Anova App. This app is available for both platforms IOS and android. You might face some difficulty in connecting this ANOVA culinary to your home network through Google pixel. You will really miss the Bluetooth feature that its previous version came up with.

This app installed with guidelines and some recipes for you for cooking dishes professionally. You just need to open the recipe file and tap on This Guide. This will automatically set the temperature and time for cooking. The app allows you to have cooking conditions like 124-degree farrenhite or 150 degrees for a medium steak. This ANOVA culinary app is good for automatic cooking settings, but if you are trying some new recipes online then you might have to go for manual controls.

Performance it offers

Before you begin the recipe cooking, you got to achieve the required temperature of the water. The immersion circulator will decide the time required to achieve this temperature. While we were testing this ANOVA culinary wifi precision cooker we notice that it can heat a 12-quart water bath in 30 to 45 minutes. The smaller container is more likely to achieve the temperature more quickly.

I have tried boiling eggs with the precision cooker. I set the temperature to 165 degrees and left it for 1 hour. After that, the eggs were boiled and ready to serve. The white portion of the boiled eggs was a little softer and the yolks were harder. Then finally I tried cooking tough London broil steak to medium at 135 degrees. The finish was required, so I did it in the oven. I could not give the steak proper sear, the results were good with perfect medium, pink from the side without being bloody.

Sous Vide Staple

Anova culinary sous vide is an amazing immersion circulator for everyone looking for the best sous vide cooking. You can have a perfect cooking experience with its app and without the app. The installed control on it allows you to set cooking conditions manually and the app lets you control and monitor the cooking process.

Anova culinary wifi when connected with your home network you can then monitor the current status of the device. The app allows you to set the target temperature, set a timer and also let you know the current temperature of the water bath. Also, you can have different guides from the app for cooking delicious famous dishes.


  • Its automatic and manual control both allow you to cook food perfectly.
  • It very user friendly and comes up with beginner guides for new users
  • The app really makes cooking simpler and gives you full control over ANOVA culinary to monitor and automate the cooking process


  • The wifi connectivity sometimes gives a hard time when connecting to the home network, you have to try more than one time to make the connection
  • When adjusting the temperature from smart device, you will feel touch controls are slower

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