Which is the best sous vide machine Anova or Wancle

Which is the best sous vide machine Anova or Wancle

I used both. Both of them liked me. Because there are a few different features than the two features. Yet, it feels like a much better one. Therefore, the comparison between the following two is noted:

Anova vs Wancle
  • Price: Anova Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled model price is $139 and Bluetooth model is $127.50 But Wancle is $109. The Wancle price is less than Anova.
  • Package: Anova is packaging in a cylindrical box that looks cool. Wancle is packaging in the box with molded plastic. Most of The People Like cylindrical box.
  • Privacy Concerns: Privacy is the most important for sous vide. To launch the Anova’s App, logging in with Facebook. But Wancle’s app is directly operating in the machine without any third-party logging.
  • Screen: Anova,s screen is usually hot while working. But Wancle is not hot.
  • Containers: Anova has adjustable clips which it's fit more size containers. Wancle is connected directly to the container. So it is fitted with the most common size.
  • Warranty: It is the most important for electric product. Anova has 1-year warranty and Wancle has 2 years warranty. So Wancle is best for warranty.
  • Power: Anova’s heating power 900W and Wancle is 850w. So Anova is most powerful than Wancle.
  • Capacity Level: Both of Anova and Wancle have same water capacity level.
  • User Interface: Wancle monitoring system is very good. But Anova is little awkward.
  • Certificate: Both are ETL approved.

Each has a change of functional. It is impossible to have another function match with the function of one. So you can choose from the above information which is right for you.


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