What To Do With Tortilla Warmer – 2020 Trends

Have you ever enjoyed cold tacos or fridges tortillas? If your answer is no then you should better buy a tortilla warmer. Mexican foods taste the best when served hot. So it is essential to buy a tortilla warmer, that will keep your meal warm and you will be able to enjoy eating till the end!




Dexas Microwavable Tortilla Warmer, Granite Pattern - 503-55

Made in the UK, Dexan Microwaveable warmers are the best choice for any family.


MicroWavable: The Tortilla warmers are unique in a way that they can be used in microwave ovens for warming. They are also safe to be used from a dishwashing point of view. 

Useful For Breads: The tortilla warmer is an ideal kitchen companion in a way that it can be used to heat any type of bread like tacos, biscuits, tortillas , pita breads etc. The Dexas Tortilla warmers are made in the United States.

Durability: These Tortilla warmers provide better insulation because they are made up of heavy walls. They do not break easily. In order to save your hands from getting heated up, their handles are made up of silicon to keep your hands cool.

Stackable: Dexas Tortilla Warmers are stackable and can be used with other Tortilla warmers for heating purpose and for the purpose of storage.

Size: The Tortilla warmer has an ideal size to be used by any family. It is 8.5 inches wide and 2,5 inches tall.


Tortillas can be warmed within 30 seconds and can be kept warm throughout the meal.


  • The only thing that customers felt bad about is that its height is less and can store a lesser number of tortillas at a time.


The Dexas Tortilla Warmers are excellent for heating tortillas and for keeoing them warm during meals.

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Nordic Ware Microwave Tortilla Warmer, 10-Inch

The Nordic ware Tortilla warmers are large in size and have an attractive brown color.


Size: They are good for keeping large sized tortillas

MicroWave Safe: These Tortilla warmers are safe to be kept and heated inside the microwave.

PanCakes and Waffles are no exception and can be easily heated inside these Tortilla warmers.

BPA – And Melamine Free: A good news for health conscious people is that these warmers are free of BPA and Melamine.

Maker: These warmers are made in the USA.


The advantage of using Nordic Ware Tortilla warmers is that they are large in size and are easy to use.



Sometime need to turn it off when used for a while


The Nordic Tortilla warmers are lightweight and they look attractive when placed on table. It is a good choice for all families

ENdeas TWO SIDED Tortilla Warmer, 12"

These beautiful and useful Tortilla warmers cannot be ignored for sure as they can keep the tortillas warm for longer.


Mexicans Inspired Design: These Tortilla warmers are of great use for health conscious people as they are free of BPA. The users can safely use them as they are made by an American Company.

Double Sided: These tortilla warmers are double sided with a different design on every side. So they can be used from either side, giving a pleasant look every time.

Large in Size: The size of these warmer is big enough to store fifteen tortillas. It is almost 12 inches wide. It is made up of an Internal Polyester Insulator which controls heat in a proper way. All types of tortillas can be saved inside the tortilla warmer like the tortillas that are made up of corn or flour, pita breads, waffles, nans, toasts, wraps, arepas, chapatis, parathas, or even flat bread etc.

As Decoration Piece: These Tortilla Warmers are beautiful to be placed on the table. They have a soft cloth and an insulating material. It should be kept in mind that they can only be placed inside a microwave and not to be used inside an oven.

Money Back Guarantee: Fabric Tortilla Warmer is such a perfect option to be used that the manufacturers have provided a money-back guarantee.


The designs that are made on it are inspired from the Mexican origin and these are the only Tortilla warmers that are available in the market who have such two sided designs. The size that is available is the best size for the whole family.


Many users pointed they are experiencing uneven heating issue. 


The Fabric Tortilla Warmers are the best way to heat tortillas and keep them warm all the time.

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