Top 3 Camping Coffee Maker Review in 2020

If you are an adventure lover and love early morning cold, then what would be better than having a hot cup of tasty coffee in cold nature. Here we have brought to best camping coffee maker available in the market that is specifically designed to make your adventure more fruitful. Starting the day after camping might become easier if you know you will be having your favorite caffeinated beverage.

True coffee lovers don’t care whether it is homemade or at the campsite, they just need to fix their morning with tasty hot coffee. There are some that are also ready to travel long distances to have one cup of it. Here you will be reading about best camping coffee maker that will not only help you in making coffee but also when you are camping somewhere.




AeroPress Coffee Maker

If you are just focusing on having the best coffee possible while going camping, the AeroPress Coffee Maker is exactly what you need. In terms of strength and durability, this coffee maker can make perform the required task conveniently way. If you want to change your style, then you must know this best coffee maker can make Espresso for you too.

This machine is fast and effective, it will brew a cup of coffee in the matter of a minute – just make sure the water is already hot. This is fairly quick for having a cup of coffee with good taste. It has its own filter that will be needed for brewing coffee. With the precise adjustment, you will have its weight near 6 ounces.

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  • This coffee maker is fast and consistent
  • You can make tasty coffee in the matter of minute without any trouble to face
  • Its highly portable and you can take it anywhere with you like in campsite


  • You definitely need some practice to get used to it before brewing coffee
  • It needs its own proprietary filter.

GSI Outdoor Coffee Rocket

In past, hikers and campers had to compromise for a good cup of coffee. That also explains that if somehow they carried something lightweight, they were compromising the good taste of the coffee. Fortunately, GSI outdoors introduced the coffee rocket that has eliminated all those fusses forever.

It weighs only 3.5 ounces – that seems very lightweight off course. Also, you can collapse its length down to 3.8 inches that allow you to put it in a small side bag-pocket to carry with you. Its coffee cup is designed to nest within snorkel, drip con, and filter screen.

GSI made the coffee maker affordable and user-friendly. But still, when it comes to cleaning it, you might need some extra water – more than usual – to clean it up effectively. What hurts the most about it is that, if you are sharing the campsite with someone, you both might need to bring your own!

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  • It comes up in small size and have very light weight relatively
  • Its quick in its work and is extremely affordable
  • You will find it very user friendly and will make coffee for you conveniently


  • It only allows you to make one cup of coffee at one time.
  • It also requires a relatively larger filter

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

As the car camper drives straight to their point of the campsite, they might not be that much worry about the weight they bring with them. This allows them to bring all those things that their bag-pack might not allow them. Coleman Camping Coffee Maker is best-suited to everything that helps you make car camping marvelous.

This coffee machine allows you to brew fresh coffee as you might make at home. The only difference is you need to sit beside the burner – otherwise, the rest of the functionalities are the same. This coffee machine has to get rid of the filter basket and replaces 12 cups of filter cup there.

The pause and serve feature allow you to take out one cup of coffee when ready with the pause and serve button and then continue cooking the rest of it. The very obvious draw that has been observed is the weight that doesn’t allow you to take it with you in a bag-pack. You might cover small distances with it – but its almost impossible when need to cover long distances.


  • No doubt it is fast in brewing coffee and very convenient to use
  • It will serve large group gathering like parties or some function
  • It will cook the same taste of coffee for you as in the home


  • It’s big in size and is very bulky.
  • That might not be a good idea to carry it with you in the faraway campsite

John Smith