Time to have fun with Drone Flight

Time to have fun with Drone Flight:

When it involves drones, there are many machines to settle on from. The last item we would like to try to with our drones is crash, but it’s getting to happen. Beginner pilots have tons to learn; flying a quadcopter or similar drone flight is fairly easy, but mastering it can take a while.

But choosing the simplest drone are often tricky – and particularly so for the beginner. There tons of options now, and every one at varying price ranges. So how does one choose the simplest beginner drone for you?

Here are some best drones mentioned having best functions.

Potensic Upgraded A20

Drone flight

Here comes an excellent Potensic Upgraded A20 remote mini drone with 2 extra batteries, an honest toy for teenagers as a birthday or holiday gift.

Potensic A20 portable drone is with detachable battery. It’s Equipped with four round propeller guards, all around direction to guard your drone from damage when meeting collision, very durable for teenagers playing.

When some emergency happens, just press Emergency Button to land your aircraft in time.


  • Having Fun for More Time : 2 detachable batteries and 3 adjustable speed levels deliver exciting flight experience for amateurs and advanced pilots alike.
  • Fast & Agile: You could control the drone fly toward any directions by Remote Controller. Once expert, you could adjust it to the high speed and fly through the obstacle course hoops by Eagle Pro.
  • Easy to Fly: With Altitude Hold, Headless Mode and One Key Taking-off / Landing, you could fly it without worrying about the direction and control it easier.
  • Portable: It’s the width of an iPhone 5”. Besides, it’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Worry-saving & Convenient: It covers 12 months warranty and does not have to register FAA in the USA.


  • Drone long time battery
  • Alarm Alerts
  • Altitude hold-mode
  • Controls efficiently
  • Safe touch


  • Simple
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Great Training Drone
  • Nimble and Agile


  • Not Rich in features
  • Lacks auto return to home function
  • Cannot perform good in windy condition

Holy Stone HS100

Holy Stone HS100 2K GPS Drone is an optimized 1080p Wi-Fi camera with 120-degree field of view and 90-degree adjustable angle, ensuring you’ll capture quality footage or stills and experiment with shots from multiple perspectives.

The drone is additionally suitable to be used with VR or first-person view goggles.

It comes equipped with GPS precise positioning, ensuring smooth flight and therefore the ability to return to the take-off point at the touch of a button, or as a security measure if the battery or signal drops.

Headless Mode and Altitude Hold take the strain out of flying so pilots can specialise in getting their shots within the bag.


  •  2K Optimized 120° FOV FPV Wi-Fi Camera: 90° Adjustable angle, captures high-quality video and aerial photos.
  • You can enjoy the Real-Time Viewing right from your remote control. Ideal selfie done, catching every moment of your vacation from a birds-eye perspective.
  • GPS Assisted Flight: Provides you with accurate positioning details of your drone. Built in Return-to-Home (RTH) function for safer fly, the drone will automatically return to home precisely when its battery is low or the signal is weak when flying out of range, never worrying about losing the drone. Follow Me Mode: The drone will automatically follows and captures you wherever you move. Keeping you in the frame at all times, easier to get complex shots, provides hands-free flying and selfie
  • Easy to Assemble & Carry: The foldable propellers are pre-assembled. Just insert camera, landing gears and battery. Then, get it take off. Besides, the foldable propellers makes it easy to keep the drone or take it out.
  • Flying Time Up to 36 Mins / Longer Control Distance: Capacity of 3500mAh high performance battery and reaching up to 1968FT control distance giving you a more extensive flight experience. BLADES ARE UNDER THE FOAM BOX
  • Wind-Resistant & Easy to Use: Bigger body and powerful motors keep drone hovering stably in wind. Headless Mode, Altitude Hold and One Key Takeoff and Landing for easier operation, you will not have to worry about orientation and with the simple press of a button your drone will rise to a height or land, perfect for beginners.


The Holy Stone HS100 GPS FPV features mode that basically puts this well above what you’d expect for the worth.

Flight is kept smooth and stable with precision smarts and therefore the video is additionally enhanced with smoothing of the doubtless judder shots.

The battery is that the weakness on all drones and intrinsically will only last you 15-minutes. So buying a spare is usually an advisable move if you propose to urge many footage using this drone.

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  • FPV video streaming
  • Easy controls
  • Travel-friendly casing
  • Return home mode
  • 2K camera drone for under $300
  • Quiet sound profile


  • Long charging time
  • You need a replacement battery

Eachine E511S

Eachine E511S delivers good budget aerial photography performance during a compact package. This is mainly thanks to the drone’s aerial stability, because of a 6-axis gyro and Altitude-Hold Mode which help maintain a gentle hover.

But this isn’t just a photography drone.

Within the Eachine Fly app you’ll also find 3D flip and stunt modes to explore, while three speed modes can assist you learn the ropes or put your piloting skills to the test.


  • Dimensions: AS show, Material: Plastic, Controller Mode: MODE1, Age Range:8-11 Years, Motor: Brush Motor
  • Power Source: Electric, Model Number: E511S, Package Includes: Other, Feature: Remote Control, Flight Time: AS show
  • Aerial Photography: Yes, Charging Voltage: AS show, Charging Time: 120-150mins, State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go, Remote Distance: About200-300m
  • Type: Helicopter, Plugs type: AS show, Controller Battery: 7.4V 1200mAh Lipo  (Included),Control Channels:4 Channels


  • Foldable arms, small size, easy to carry;
  • Removable blade protectors;
  • GPS positioning system;
  • 1020 coreless motors;
  • Optional 720P / 1080P / 5G WiFi 1080P HD camera;
  • Remote camera angle adjustment;
  • Intelligent flight modes (surround, follow me and way-point);
  • Altitude-hold and headless flight mode;
  • Precise one key return to home;
  • 3-level flight speed rates;
  • Up to 16 minutes flying time


  • Professionally crafted with durable ABS material, providing it impressive resilience against impacts.
  • Outfitted with 1080P HD camera which beautifully delivers aerial footage with great details.
  • Foldable propellers and motor arms that encompasses portability and compact design for ease of traveling.
  • Installed with GPS module, providing the drone incredible stability and precise flight controls.


  • The remote control distance goes up to 300 meters, although that comes at cost of amazing long flight time.


Drone flight

The Simrex X900 may be a beginner-friendly drone that comes with an HD camera and a few decent features. It’s a little foldable drone. It’s very lightweight and straightforward to fly and comes with features like one-button take-off and return.

To get the simplest video resolution you’ll got to record the video footage on a micro SD card, there’s none given the package, so you’ll got to purchase one separately.

Although it’s an overall decent camera. The casing is robust and sturdy, matte-finished in white color. It holds up well to crashes and it’ll stay intact just in case a crash happened or the drone falls with the spares providing extra confidence.


  • Phone direct control with transmission OR transmitter contorl with Smart phone. Apple IOS / Android phones compatible.
  • Altitude Hold. You can release the throttle stick and the drone will keep the current height. One key take off and landing, super easy to fly & easy to shoot quality images or videos with WIFI Real-Time HD carmera.
  • Headless Security Mode. The pilot can fly the drone to any location without worrying about which diretion the drone is facing. Help beginner to prevent from losing the direction.
  • Foldable Design. Bring it anywhere, saves the space with folding size: 130×90×45mm.
  • Range: About 80-120 Meters. Flight Time: About 12-15 Minutes. Charging Time: About 90 Minutes.


  • Foldable Design
  • Altitude Hold
  • Headless Mode
  • Range: 80-120 Meters


  • The camera captures good footage
  • Dual remote control so you can fly the drone using the controller or the smartphone
  • The remote controller has a built-in gravity sensor
  • Built-in 1080P Full HD FPV wide-angle camera.
  • Durable, impact-resistant.
  • Many features.
  • It is cheap
  • You get an extra set of blades


  • Short controller range
  • Lights need to be brighter
  • It is unstable when is windy
  • Stationary camera
  • The app is difficult to pair
  • Hard to find an extra battery

Potensic T25 D58

Potensic are often seen as a homage or an immediate copy, but what it does bring back the table is sweet build quality and many of flight features. It is available in reasonable price.

It has a good control range of 300m and a flight time of up to fifteen minutes. Battery charge time for a full charge is stated at an hour and with just one battery coming within the package.


  • Drone with camera of T25 & D58 is the powerful combo from Potensic]: You could bring it outdoor conveniently. Headless mode, altitude mode and one key to take-off/ land function make easier access to kids or beginners.
  • GPS Drone with Follow Me Mode, Orbit Flight & Draw the Dots]: Best for travelling, following your step no matter where you go; shooting for a cool surround video and fly the drone as your designed route.
  • Auto-Return Home for Safe Flight]: Both T25 & D58 has safe assured function, when it is lost of signal or in low voltage or flying over the limited distance, the drone can auto fly back.
  • Suit for Drivers with Different Operational Proficiency]: There are 3 speed modes for choose, low speed for kids and beginners, medium speed for adults and high speed for person good at flying.
  • Real-time Transmission with 1080P 120° Wide Angle HD Camera]: See clearly what’s your drone shooting, and record memorable experience and beautiful scenery. And adjustable lens for more types of photographs


  • The drone comes during a white color with four propellers at all sides. It’s a really useful undercarriage to guard the drone and therefore the camera also from damaging at landings.
  • The drone itself is extremely small, light and compact. It weighs only a kilogram.
  • The battery is provided with an energy-optimized system to offer you extended flight time than the standard.


  • Nice to find a few spares parts in the package as it looks like they are more probably to be wanted.
  • The propeller protectors did what these were intended to do.
  • The 1080p camera addition is excellent.


  • Compact and small without being bulky.
  • It will keep most if not all smartphones plus the application works well while in use.

Holy Stone HS700D

Holy Stone may be a big producer within the drone market. It even have a reasonable price and decent video quality.

The camera of the Holy Stone HS700D is mounted on a gimbal which may keep the video footage stable and smooth.

The gimbal on this drone isn’t the simplest but it’s pretty decent, it features a 1-axis gimbal stabilizer which helps get good aerial shots.


  • 2K FHD 90°Adjustable Camera with 5G Transmission: The upgraded camera (2048*1152P) with 110°FOV (field of view) lens gives a panoramic view for recording your unforgettable moment. 5G transmission ensures fast and high-quality FPV real time video from 1640-2600FT away- ideals for selfie. Edit and share your new creations to social media with your drone app directly.
  • GPS Assisted Flight: With GPS location, the drone can hover stably and automatically return to Home precisely when its battery is low or the signal is lost. Shot with ease when the drone can follow you or fly in a circle along the path you set.
  • 22 Mins Max Flight Time: The High-capacity 2800mAh intelligent battery yields up to 22mins flight time. It also has low-power alert. You can immerse yourself in a substantial flight.
  • Brushless Motor: It is so quiet but very powerful when running. Working life is much more longer than brushed motors. Maintenance-free, which makes your flight more enjoyable. The upgraded quick-release propellers run with higher efficiency.
  • Simple Control: Quick launch by pressing one key; quick-Release propellers can be set up with no screws; stable flight while keeping its altitude locked; easy direction control with headless mode. Please read the Instruction Manual before operation. Most of concerns can be settled down.


  • The drone will stay in the wind and automatically return home when under power or weak or lost signal.
  • The stabilization isn’t the best in this drone if you want smoother videos you will have to fly slower and gently and try not to fly in windy conditions.
  • The battery is situated at the bottom inside, where there is a cover that gives access to the battery. You can also always buy separate batteries for it and change them whenever the first two run out.
  • The Holy Stone HS700D has an elegant modern design, it is well built with good quality plastics and it has a nice dark color.
  • The drone has a classic quadcopter look without any protection to the propellor blades.
  • It comes with a custom flight path, with the custom flight we can program the drone to fly around a path, you only need to set the waypoint on the Holy Stone APP.


  • 2K Camera
  • GPS Connection
  • Good for beginners and experienced users
  • Good budget drone
  • Decent battery time
  • WiFi connection and FPV support


  • In windy times the batteries is reduced
  • Could have better stabilization
  • Long battery-charge
  • Can’t adjust camera angle midflight