Kitchenboss Sous Vide Immersion Circulator for making Sous Vide Recipes

Choosing an immersion circulator may be a tough job you can choose anything from. Also on how you can decide what you pick it from. People being so selective about choosing a product some may want a Bluetooth and wifi model some may not. Because the devices having Bluetooth and wifi may feel connectivity issues most of the time. This one model has about 1100 watt power. Also, it contains a metallic water blade which is not made of any kind of plastic. To my surprise it was so affordable that you can purchase it without wasting much money on it. Lets review Kitchenboss sous vide immersion circulator.

Kitchenboss Sous Vide Immersion circulator is  perfect for someone who is a big meat lover and does not have much time as this is reliable, easy, straightforward and can work right for you. You must be pleased with the purchase. Also, you need a reliable and very straightforward purchase that is very quiet and accurate. The temperature varies for about 0.2 degrees and can run over the time. Not just this but it was very quiet and accurate. This will give you some spicy and awesome results.

Special features of KitchenBoss Sous vide circulator

Help in cooking the recipe: The cooking help of the kitchenboss sous vide machine which has an ultra-clear LCD displays about 15 of the original recipes that are created by many famous chefs, not just this but almost five custom recipes have customised and have your preferences.

 Not just this but this recipe set has almost perfect settings of temperature and the timing for hot spring eggs, lamb chops and many other ingredients like steaks, and so on. Because of this, you can easily cook what you like which has the perfect taste of many chefs at home. 

The very accurate thermostat control: This machine’s thermostat control is unbelievable as it is set to the accurate degrees of about 0.1F, this helps you prevent your food from overcooking or maybe undercooking the food. Not just this but you can keep the temperature and cook food at a preferred time. This way you can get the taste and the food you need at your desire. You can also use various preset functions for perfect food results. This will save your time and the temperature control which ranges from 104 degrees fahrenheit to 194 degrees of fahrenheit.

The UVA power a class material: This sous vide adopts a brushless DC motor having the same quality as any other high-end UAV. As this has the uniform rotation of about 3800r/m. This is ultra quiet and much more durable. It gives much better performance and much better performance than previous generations.

The water flow and heating: Kitchen Boss sous vide circulator  is about 20L/min design which on immersion will increase the internal circulation and also this ensures the stability of the high temperature of the water in each of these places. Not just this but it allows you to put much more ingredients in the same pot at the same time. Not only this kind but also you don’t have to worry about putting many more ingredients which you are gonna put at the same time. No worries about the food as well because when you feel like uneven temperatures can influence the food from getting the proper heat. 

Safe and no extra noise: The part of the sous vide touching water is made up of sus304 stainless steel. This will not cause the material to turn yellow due to using it for a long time. Not just this but it is very safe and durable. This wave wheel has the adoption of about 135 degrees of inclination angled design. Not just this but it has an elliptical hole of the sleeve that will reduce the noise.

Very easy to clean and it is waterproof: This is the touch panel of the server cooker, which is IPX7. It has this certified waterproof which will allow you to wash the entire boy in the water. You need to work and have to clean these greases very deeply from the crevice. 

The second issue I or any other person feels about this is that of cleaning. These sous vide machines has this cleaning issue which can be built over time. But this is a very common issue and with any brand you purchase. Not just this but you may feel this issue with any kind of brand you are planning to purchase. As it may be a little tricky to get them out of the probes and coils.



Recipe for Sous vide potatoes

The sous vide potatoes made with this machine are perfectly creamy and smooth. They are buttery and have a garlic flavour. This helps you finish them quickly as you don’t have to boil potatoes in water and all.

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These sous vide mashed potatoes are the most loved and devoured side dish. They are creamy, buttery and made with a hint of garlic. The secret to this mash is that no water is introduced to the potatoes, and all the seasonings are cooked in the sous vide bag with the potatoes, so they are perfectly dense and creamy. 

This machine helps you cook mashed potatoes as this will avoid getting water in the middle so at the end you will get the richer, flavoured and creamier mashed potatoes than boiling.

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This machine helps you cook potatoes with butter, garlic, spices and milk. With this, the flavors are completely embedded in the potatoes.

You don’t have to be around the machine all the time while cooking. Just set it and go to your work so you don’t have to worry about over boiling. 

Ingredients for mashed potatoes

There are few ingredients you need for making mashed potatoes 

Butter: in this, you have to use unsalted butter so that you can control the salt saturation in your mashed potatoes.

Garlic: one should prefer using fresh garlic for much-improved garlic flavour.

Milk: for mashed potatoes, one should use whole milk. But you may add low-fat mil or maybe heavy cream.

Salt: season the potatoes with salt at different points during the whole cooking process.

Topping: well you can use any kind of toppings you like. The most likely are chopped green onions, black pepper and butter.

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Cutting and peeling: First of all peel potatoes and cut them, you can even leave the skin for extra added flavour.

Seasoning and sealing: Now put all the potato slices in the zip-top bag, after that season them with salt, butter and garlic. Now add milk after that vacuum and seal the bag with water displacement techniques. 

Cook them all: Now place the sealed bag in the sous vide water bath after that cook them (potatoes at about 194 degrees of Fahrenheit for an hour. 

Mash them all: Now once cooked, transfer them to the large bowl. Add half the amount of liquid from the bag. Mash these potatoes with the masher until you get smooth. Continuously add the liquid in case you need it for desired consistency.

Taste it and season it: Now you can add extras like salts or your favourite seasonings. Garnish them with different veggies etc.

Kitchenboss sous vide immersion circulator

Frequently asked question

Q1: How can we set the thermostat at our required time?

Ans: as we have defined in the above article that this machine gives you some perfect kind of temperature for avoiding undercooked or overcooked food. So, for you to set it at about 0.1 degrees of Fahrenheit as this is the optimum temperature.

Q2: Do we need to monitor our food the whole time?

Ans: no not really, when you use this for cooking your food you don’t have to continuously monitor it. Just set the parameters and can do some other work. It will remind you when your food is ready. That’s the reason we prefer this machine over others.

Q3: Does Kitchenboss sous vide circulator work better for mashed potatoes? Or is cooking them manually still better?

Ans: no this device works perfectly for mashed potatoes and even cooks delicious potatoes so creamy and yummy. You don’t have to wait for boiling them as all the hard work is done by this sous vide machine. Also, you don’t lose the natural taste as they will give you this smooth texture in no time.


In this article, we have explained to you everything from choosing a machine to what parts are needed for that and what things you should consider. Not just this but also one important recipe for you to cook the mashed potatoes. Just give it a read and you will be more than happy.  

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